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Democratic Lawmaker Forced to Answer to Constituents for Failing to Resist Trump


Democratic Lawmaker Forced to Answer to Constituents for Failing to Resist Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Angry Rhode Island voters overwhelmed a community dinner hosted by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on Saturday evening, demanding an explanation as to why the Democratic lawmaker was not doing enough to resist U.S. President Donald Trump.


The current crop of Democratic Congressional members are simply no better than their mean spirited and ideologically discredited Republican opposition. They are corrupt to their eyeballs and week kneed to boot. That is why they lost the election.


Good riddance corporate democrats! Hello socialists!


Thank you, Giovanna,

If all of these corpo-Dems are thrown out in primaries, and if the party turns decisively to the Bernie wing, then maybe, just maybe, the US might reclaim a semblance of democracy.

And then we can work on democratic socialism.


From the article: Whitehouse ticked off those he would not be voting for: "Education, no. State, no. Attorney general, no. EPA director, really big no. Treasury, no. Labor, no."

I'll believe it if I see it. (And seeing it is not bloody likely).


Even if the Dums do realize that they are being idiots in supporting Trumps nominees and agenda, it will only because they are covering their asses so as not to lose re-election. As far as I'm concerned, they have already spit in the face of their constituents. They are almost as reprehensible as the Repugs, and the minor differences in their corporate agendas should get them ALL thrown out.


Watching Democrats "grilling" Trump nominees reminds me of the scene in the 1974 movie Godfather II where after the fictitious Nevada Senator applies great theatrics publicly grilling the Corleone mob, Michael Corleone tells the Senator "you know damn well that we are both part of the same hypocrisy".


They're simply voting the $$$, nothing more, nothing less. They'd push FDR down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial if there was a bag of cash under his wheelchair. The DLC DINOS are all trying to have it 3 ways; Upper-Class Democrats, Upper-Class Independents and Corporate lobbyists with access to big bundlers' cash. " Not much is really sacred "; well, a big Amen to that.


Another reason I will never vote Democrat again. Complicit and corrupt. For decades. If we as a people keep making excuses for this, nothing will ever change.


And what will you accomplish? Trump 2? Primary these guys and get involved.


What you say will never happen, but it's a great dream. The Democratic Party Establishment will support the corporate candidate and F the Berniecrat, just like they did to Bernie himself. Don't believe me. Wait, and watch for yourself. The level of corruption that exists in the party is so deeply entrenched that it took decades to get to this point. It would take decades to eradicate it. Lot simpler to vote Green. No corruption there. Only, People, Planet, and Peace over Profit for us Greens!


No Democratic politician with an ounce of self-respect should be voting to confirm any of Don's nominees.


I am involved KC. Attended another Green Party meeting yesterday. Worked on planning some Citizen Commissions to address issues in our county relating to Water. Planning on having 5 or 6 experts on the panel to provide input and answer citizens questions regarding fracking, etc. How about yourself?


Good for you and I take back my comment. I'm not a Green, and couldn't contribute to Trump's win by voting against Clinton in a swing state if I lived in one. But I never knock folks for getting involved locally. It needs to happen more.


It's not " corruption ", per se. It's influence peddling for the minority party members " willing to play ball ". Trading votes for so-called " carve outs " or certain protections from the worst fallout of Trump's, and Republican's, policy initiatives. Do you really think unions involved in the proposed DoD & Homeland Security State build up are crying? Only all the way to the bank!
This is how to curb dissenting opinions in Washington, D.C.; " buy them off " with sweetheart deals and " strand the costs " on those least able to fight back. We'll worry about The Police & Security State later, if we have to, that is.:wink:


The definition of Corruption : Dishonest or Fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. Text book description of Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi...and the list goes on and on. You don't see the inherent criminality in this Ann, however, it is this practice that permeates our entire system of government, and benefits the few at the expense of the many. Sounds to me you need an Ethics class at the local community college soon. :v:


Well, Pony,

As you say, we will see.
I'm a Green also, and don't plan to turn Dem any time soon. But if Democrats really rise up, as in this demo, they MAY be able to make it happen. We'll see.


O.K. we all had a hand in electing this putz. Now what do we do? So far I haven't read or or herd any cogent argument that would undo this mess now or later. Fascist don't respond well to reason or logic. it generally just makes them more violent and double down on stupidity and we apparently have been really stupid. Especially those of us that laughingly said "He doesn't mean it" We have just traded a perfectly good Democracy fort a few gold pieces.


Then they are idiots. Their only chance for re-election in the mid-term elections is to stand up to Trump's worst moves. The worst one so far is not obeying the court orders. That sets up a Constitutional crisis.


Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Anyways, there will be no rest for the corporate democrats. Get in line or we will vote you out. You sad sacks of potatoes are going to be challenged in primaries and we are coming for your heads. Get used to it. We are in no mood for your stupid games and faux popularism. It gets me angry just thinking about it.

What really burns my chaps is that these stupid corporate democrats thought that all they had to do was posture in public and that was enough. Then back to the usual game of patty cake with congressional Republicans. Let me say this loud and clear. Those days are over.

And let me say one more thing to these useless democrats. Don't even think you can use the Muslim ban as banal cover for your neoliberal economic votes that line your pockets. Again, let me be loud and clear. Those days are over. We will come with such fury it will make your head spin. No more HRC, Corey Booker, Chuck Schumer and Tim Kaines.