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Democratic Lawmakers Raise Alarm Over Esper's Refusal to Rule Out Deploying Troops During Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/democratic-lawmakers-raise-alarm-over-espers-refusal-rule-out-deploying-troops

Sounds as though Secretary Esper would reject the Schneider Doctrine, if given the chance.


In Chile, there was a Chief of the Armed Forces who rejected the Schneider Doctrine. His name was Augusto Pinochet.

General Schneider was assassinated on the street, in broad daylight, together with the doctrine that bore his name.

General Pinochet outlawed all political parties and tortured 40,000 people in concentration camps.

Esper is stepping into some very dangerous territory.


The military has already gone on the record as saying that they will NOT play a role in removing Trump from office if and when he refuses to accept the results of the election. So they had damn well better not try to play a role when ‘We the People’ exercise our right to physically drag his fat ass out.


“We don’t police American streets,” insisted Gen. James McConville, commander of the Army.

Let me finish that sentence for you…General: UNLESS TRUMP LOSES!


The military are nothing but a bunch of lackeys who only follow orders and are incapable of moral and individual decisions. This is why they take pride in raping and killing civilians and children in half the countries around the world with great regularity. There is absolutely no chance that we, the citizens of this country can rely on the military for anything except to act as mercenaries and kill anyone the government asks without question. In all their wisdom, half of the voters want Trump to be the military’s master, and the other half of the voters don’t want to do anything in the way of changing the status quo, by which Trump was selected as our soon-to-be dictator. The time for national pride, and stories of human rights and freedoms ends here. America has made its bed…this time it may well be the death bed.


Very, very, true. To corroborate your post, I was told by an older friend that when he was drafted to Nam at age 18 and a couple of days after he arrived there he was ordered to go on patrol and was ordered to burn a village to the ground but when he noticed mostly women and children were in the village he hesitated and told his superior: : " There are innocent women and children here" and was told: " they are not innocent, they are Viet Cong sympathizers!"


Haven’t finished it yet. A hard book to read without frequent breaks to throw up.
“Kill anything that moves”.

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All the so called leaders in the dump mafioso are a bunch of childhood bullies, who are, at their core, just a bunch of cowards. They are talking up (or not talking in some cases) a big game, but when push comes to shove, they will sit the game out. They don’t want to upset the apple cart. After all, the cart has been very good for them, and any massive upheaval will put the whole country into a pit so deep that even Joe (nothing fundamentally will change) Biden won’t be able to set it back on course.

Unless of course they are all as dumb as they are corrupt. That it one explanation for why the repub ‘leaders’ don’t see that the gravy train they are all reliant on ALL GOES AWAY under a single authoritarian ruler. It would start with martial law, jailing of all dissidents and end with the disbanding of congress. Donnie Dump has said as much, that he can do it all, so he won’t need no stinkin’ congress. The repubs better wake up before what’s left of (if there ever was any to begin with) democracy is gone. Of course the other explanation is that they are fine with trashing any semblance of a truly democratic nation once and for all.

We THINK we have one party rule now? Just get a load of what the political landscape will look like with dumbo in charge.

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I am not alarmed at all.
Protecting in person voters, poll workers and election officials is important.
Bobby Kennedy used regular U.S. Army soldiers to protect little old black grandmothers who protested for their right to vote. I am absolutely certain he would have used soldiers to protect polling places if the local sheriff would not.

This administration refuses to tell us that NO junta will be attempted with this election.
That is irresponsible on it’s face and scary as hell.

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The “military” by whatever name(militia, rangers, squatter-settlers, paterollers) have been killing civilians and burning Indigenous villages from the first day a European stepped foot on Turtle Island with the intent of conquering it. The people already here were used to conflict, but more as a way to learn how to “defend the camp”, not to kill. When they were forced to fight people who wanted to kill them all and then scorch the earth, it literally took centuries before they could train themselves to kill without mercy. And, alas, they never did want to learn that the invaders always lie, because lying, in their culture, was an offense punished by banishment. A lie erodes trust to the point there is no longer a society. And you sure can’t point to a better example of this than the good old USA, where trusting others will only bring you a great deal of hurt.


Tell me about it. And don’t forget the part where people either “change” or pretend to be what they are not.

“We have established a very long 240-year tradition of an apolitical military that does not get involved in domestic politics,”: too bad this policy doesn’t apply to other countries’ politics as well. The US military has never had a problem meddling in other countries’ elections and trying to overthrow other governments our leaders decide to.

Well done! Nice reply…thanks, Shanti.

the Democrats are about 4 decades too slow in recognizing the problem and their pandering inaction has left us at the mercy of a criminal fascist party