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Democratic Leaders Failed Their First Big Test on Climate


Democratic Leaders Failed Their First Big Test on Climate

Basav Sen

The science on climate change is clear: All countries desperately need to restructure fossil fuels out of their economies.

Naturally, the Trump administration has recklessly ignored this evidence. In every way, it’s tried to make it easier to extract and burn fossil fuels — and harder to hold polluters of all stripes accountable.

But what about the other side in Washington? Unfortunately, Democratic leaders are also acting like they don’t understand the urgency of the problem.


Its been 10 days since those blue wave men and women took their seats in the US Congress. Are people really hopeful of change before next election or will they come back in 2020 with yet more excuses?

Why people keep falling for the same old scam is beyind me. The Democrat leadership did not fail as much as they acted as they always have acted. Robert Reich claimed Nancy Pelosi as “brave and courageous”. According to his spin if you read between the lines , the Democrats just have to have their feet held to the fire in order for them to “do the right thing”. Even the “brave and Courageous” Nancy Pelosi can not help herself when it come to accepting money from those Corporations to advance their agenda. If the way to “hold their feet to the fire” is during an election, then dont vote for these people and don’t listen to the Reichs of the world that advise you to.


Wow. Democrats are going to lose to Trump again. Who would have thunk it?


Another day, another reason for once enthusiastic liberals to forego the hope of reforming the d-party.

Damn, yo, I’m so happy I don’t have kids. We’re just getting started – this planet is going to burn.


You have it wrong. You do not fire at their feet. It just makes them dance. Aim for the other end.


You can’t sprinkle in a few new progressives and expect any significant change in the Democratic party, especially when the same old party hacks remain in power. The party leadership has a great deal of experience on how to defuse and defang any member who gets too progressive and threatens to derail the party’s corporate money train. Same leadership, same results. Not exactly rocket science.


But Democratic leaders have failed every test, not just on climate.


Same old kabuki show. It’s not going to change folks, not with both parties bought and paid for. Of course there’s no urgency for the selfish fossils that occupy office to address climate change. They are confident that their wealth and power will shield them from the coming environmental catastrophies, and to an extent they are correct. Thus they pocket their campaign contributions, kick the can down the road, and take their cushy positions on corporate boards after they retire from politics. Meanwhile they strengthen laws to increase surveillance, expand police and prisons to contain the rabble, and gut whatever constitutional freedoms the 99% have left.
What these dim witted environmental terrorists in both parties (and they are) fail to understand is that there are smarter nations in the world that are prepared to act, adapt, and cope with the coming climate disasters by developing new green technologies and industries that will consign this nation to the economic backwaters. When TSHTF, and survival becomes the order of the day, which countries will cope and which will fall into chaos? If Trump gets his wall, it’s just as likely to be used for keeping fleeing Americans in. Skeptic tank is absolutely right. This planet is going to burn.