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Democratic Leaders Have Blocked Real Healthcare Reform for Decades. Time to Give ‘Em Hell.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/democratic-leaders-have-blocked-real-healthcare-reform-decades-time-give-em-hell


“In 1965, when President Lyndon Johnson secured passage of Medicare (and Medicaid), he traveled to Missouri to formally sign it into law [in Truman’s presence]—declaring that “the real daddy of Medicare” was Truman.”

Yet the idea goes back at least as far as Henry Wallace, who the Democratic Party bosses tossed overboard in 1944, putting Truman on the ticket.

Until big money is removed from politics, people will remain commodities and corporations monarchs. At this point in time a Progressive revolution would be patriotic and Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty is very thirsty.


There always seem to be just the right number of sellout Democrats to vote with Republicons or against Dem progressive legislation and reforms (even as rare as that is) to screw the American people - the 99% and Common Good. - those sellouts serve not the public, but themselves via campaign contributor bribery and big-money.

That fact of big-money bribes controlling elected reps votes is inescapable. The power of big money dominating and controlling our electoral charade and both political parties, serves wealth and power, NOT the public or the Common Good, and that truth is a crime - conspiracy by corrupt politicians and those who bribe them, paid to do the bidding and serve the interests of the bribers rather than their constituents!

Whether it’s California, Texas or new York, the public interest is sabotaged by Democrats serving the interests of Big-Health-Care Insurance and pharma parasites!


Haven’t we the people had enough of that rot and corruption YET to vote them OUT!?


Hi, Emphyrio
Apparently not, to answer your question. The Bible, although fiction, is not bereft of wisdom. The 10 plagues of the Egyptians is a metaphor for the tendency of humans not to do the right thing until absolutely forced to. We all will have to face great suffering collectively for us to overcome our inertia. I wish it were otherwise.


While the teachings of Christ and the Bible are both virtuous, they have both been co-opted by organized religion, and political parties, most of which function as a command and control culture, outright cults, or organized crime syndicates that enrich those at the top of the pyramid at the expense of “the faithful”.

1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation marked the biggest sell out in the history of the Democratic Party, at which point “bipartisan” was redefined to mean capitulating to the GOP agenda. The Democrats’ first DLC travesty that they continue to call “bipartisan 1986 tax reform” was the most regressive US tax code revision in history until Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.


This message brought to you by the “Well it did not work for the past 40 years but lets Hold their feet to the fire this time” campaign Committee.


'And the seventh angel poured his bowl into the air, and a voice cried out from heaven, saying: “It is done.” ’

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Shouldn’t have to give them a damn thing.

IN April 2020
New Poll Shows Nearly 90 Percent of Democratic Voters Support Medicare for All

Then This
’History Will Not Judge This Kindly’: DNC Platform Committee Votes Down Medicare for All Amendment
“It’s like opposing the New Deal during the Great Depression. Unforgivable.”

As Biden said: 'Nothing will fundamentally change"
What’s the point?

I don’t vote the lesser of two evils any longer.


Even if you did, the choice that seems clear is not necessarily the lesser evil. Maintaining the political duopoly is an evil in itself, so, in an ironic twist, voting on the basis of the lesser evil, precludes achieving the lesser evil as a goal.

Only by breaking the duopoly will something other than evil be garnered. In the meantime, it’s a long and likely unproductive slog to overthrow the Party Leadership with fresh faces like AOC.

Meanwhile lives are lost and ruined from our criminal healthcare system and our future is slipping away to the chaos and eco-degradation of climate change. We’re running out of time—in fact, we may have already.


"Give 'em hell"? So what were we giving 'em before, lunch? (sounds a lot like Obama’s “make me,” we saw how far that got anyone)


Convincing people that change can be made by ‘taking over’ the Party from with in, is a Delay Tactic. It will never be allowed to happen and is a waste of time


It was a typo. He meant to say "given 'em Heil ! "
Which is coming soom


Big Pharma couldn’t have handpicked a more amenable candidate than Joe Dough, don’t you think?


Yes Sir! Give 'em hell and be sure to vote Blue No Matter Who. That’ll show 'em.

The corrupt democrats keep pushing separate, but equal healthcare, because we have nowhere else to go.


Maybe we should hold their feet to the fire starting at the head.

There is a simple way to give everyone healthcare AND a basic income of $2K/month, without going into debt, without taxing money away from anyone, and without causing inflation. It simply requires political will. Please watch and share the video about a Solution - How We Can Pay for a Better World. Search for it on You Tube.

there are NO Democratic leaders–only the shills and pawns for the corporate masters calling the tunes–just follow the money–see how cheaply they can be bought and how hard they work screwing over the working class for their bribes-the choices they have given us --deeply and cruelly evil and velvet gloved evil–relief??not even in the picture

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“giving 'em hell.”

Is Bernie, AOC and other so-called “progressives” giving Pelosi, Schumer and Perez hell on this?

Oh that’s right, now is not the time. We have to band together and defeat Trump at all costs, blah, blah, blah.Once Biden gets elected, we’ll push him to change, blah, blah, blah.

Yogi said it best - “It’s Deja Vu, all over again.”


All you have to do is look at Biden’s list of corporate donors to understand
that he will honor his word:

“no one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.” - if Biden is elected (search Bloomberg with this quote)