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Democratic Leadership Is Missing In Action on Mass Incarceration


Democratic Leadership Is Missing In Action on Mass Incarceration

Inimai Chettiar, Ames Grawert

Even though it now looks like Americans will be deprived the drama of a contested Republican convention, the gathering in Cleveland could hold at least one surprise.


Neither party will do anything about what is called "mass incarceration."

Both parties are committed to the philosophy of imprisoning and killing the lower classes. They have so much cheap labor to draw on, it really doesn't matter to them.


Let's be cautious of our canonization of the good senator from Vermont.
Bernie voted for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. Make no mistake, it was seen as something of a betrayal then, disappointing a lot of folks who believed Bernie should have known better. William Kunster seems to have accurately sized the situation up shortly after the fact. In an Open Mind interview with Richard Heffner, he offered this assessment:

"HEFFNER: But, look, Lord Acton, said, that “Power tends to corrupt.” I don’t’ think that Lord Acton mean that all power always corrupts. Or is that what you’re saying?
KUNSTLER: I don’t remember the words “tends to corrupt.”
HEFFNER: They’re there.
KUNSTLER: They may be there. He said it in a church in the 1870’s or 80’s I think that, if you look at government today and you see what happens to people like Mike Espy, for example, a man I knew in Mississippi, first Black Congressman since Reconstruction, who gets sucked into the situation of accepting a few, very tiny favors, a little bit of tuition for his girlfriend, for example, a few plane rides, a few motel rooms. All of a sudden, here’s man who has struggled to get into power and suddenly becomes just like all the rest after a while. Bernie Sanders, an old-line Socialist, voting for the crime bill with all its myriad death penalty provisions and war-on-drugs hoopla. And it happens to them. They want to stay there. The only thing that is really a check on them is the people. If the people act, if the people rise up, they can control their Congressmen, their Congresswoman, their Senators, and so on. That was proven in the 1960s. President Kennedy said in his Inauguration address, “I’m going to propose a Civil Rights Act, first one since Reconstruction”. He never did it for two years until Birmingham was up in flames, and then, of course, he had to act."


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To not share your unqualified adoration of Sanders is not to be confused with 'trolling'. Had only a little bit more skepticism been expressed in 2008, we might now have found ourselves in a less perilous condition. There's a very good chance that I was aware of, and supporting, Senator Sanders years before you even knew he existed. I am not trying to say the emperor has no clothes, maybe just trying to point out that his fly is open. Bernie is for the most part a decent fellow and reasonably honest politician. We wish him well with his campaign. By the same token, we fully appreciate that he is, and for quite a long time, has been a politician. Lest you forget.


The Republicrats have been playing this country far too long.


How is it not a violence against women, their children, when families are rent assunder by the kinds of draconian measures contained in that 1994 bill?
And, how is it not a gross societal violence expanding the kind of death penalty provisions contained in that same bill?
Such were my thoughts and concerns then, such are they today.
I find the kind of dissembling offered up by the likes of a Tad Devine or Jeff Weaver less than compelling.


If you put all politicians in one box, why do you bother with politics?


The only mass incarceration I support is an all expense paid tropical vacation to Guantanamo for Wall Street banksters and the politicians they own (which includes most DC politicians).


Chettiar and Grawert, I would submit, present something of a 'dangling chad' version of public opinion on criminal justice reform when isolated from the very seminal issues of very powerful interests attempting to privatize public education, cuts to the same, the OVERWHELMING ACCEPTANCE OF POLICE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS and the resulting school to prison pipeline.

These in turn cannot be isolated from related interests that have been engaging in tax evasion, exporting industries overseas to exploit other populations, impoverishing families and creating societal pressures, all in the name of making profits. Add to this the awareness of students in high school anticipating a future lifetime of debt by considering a college education. Then of course the means for creation of fulfilling work having been shipped overseas, by the time young people reach high school, their future, rather than being able to imagine a possible future, are being subjected to the very real and corrosive environment of an economic system unhinged from little other than power and exploitation.


Your the one putting people in boxes. You need to look in the mirror, to your chagrin.


The nuance, I'm afraid, is lost in your singular circuitry But we all have our illusions..


How can there be Democratic leadership in an oligarchy?


The Dems are boot lickers for the unions in this regard. The " prison and parole " gov't employees see incarceration as a jobs program; for themselves, that is. Really nice pensions and all that. The police and prison guards collective bargaining rights should be dissolved. FDR didn't want them organized in such a manner. He would not be happy.


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For those who cared to look it was no secret, when Obama first ran for the Presidency, where his Campaign Money was coming from.

What followed was a disingenuous, bait and switch, Campaign of Lies.

His slogan "Change You Can Believe In" was in reality aimed at the very same Oligarchs to whom Hillary's "Fighting for Us" is.

Bernie's character, on the other hand is, to me, not only apparent, but also well documented as we have the actual video records of his years of testimonies before Congress at our fingertips to witness and judge .