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Democratic Momentum in Georgia Race Signals Shifting Electoral Tide


Change of what, precisely ....


" .... let's continue to enjoy our dilusions just a little bit longer."

Why, time's a wastin' man ....


"The last Green Party national candidate has been incorrectly and shabbily connected by the DNC/MSM, and Wikileaks and hacks, to the Putin/Russia Meddling dustup."

Ah, so instead of correcting the record - let's just fold and get behind Sanders, because .... we need to get rid of "the Clintonista clan" - oh you mean the clan that Sanders endorsed the head of ....


" we can put our efforts into doing what we can that will actually stand a chance of doing some good-- ... "

Ok, like giving more to the Food Bank, or GoFundMe campaigns for medical expenses, of maybe bomb shelters ...


Good post - right on - but what does it mean to "rattle some cages" ...


Fair question in the day and age of "Free Speech Zones" and militarized police forces.

I've been ridiculed in this forum for having said this, but I am in favor of continuous, silent, solumn gatherings-- as befits (or should) the current mood and gravity of the current situation. Every day. Everywhere. Such a show will undoubtedly provoke the powers-that-run things (because they are ultimately guided by their own fears of losing that power, and thus an annihilation of their egos) and it will, in all likelihood, turn violent (because we are dealing with extreme psychopaths, after all), but so has virtually every revolution in the past. If we provoke them by being violent ourselves, we will have lost the upper hand and will give them reason to unleash their military might, which will ultimately be much, much worse.


I agree that violence is pretty much counterproductive - for those gatherings to have any effect however, it seems to me they would have to be large and obtrusive - i.e. cause inconvenience such that they could not simply be easily ignored .....

As you say, they are afraid of losing power ..... They are afraid of losing at the polls, which is why they spend so much time and effort at keeping us from having access whether at the polls or to non-duopoly candidates (as in arresting Stein and handcuffing her to a chair for trying to get into the Pres, debates in '12) and convincing us that we have no choice but to vote for those candidates - we have the power to toss them out, they know it, but they don't want us to know it - and from comments here and elsewhere it seems they have done a pretty good job ...

But they are having to get a bit more blatant in their intimidation tactics - Cheri Honkala's recent campaign for PA state rep from the 197th district is a perfect example - she is fighting it in court - good for her .... there are many ways we can threaten their power base without violence and i think challenging them at the polls and in the courts are two of the better ones ....


This is what Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report has to say about Ossoff: https://www.blackagendareport.com/node/5651. He kind of reminds me of Cory Booker (and look how well that turned out) :smirk:


I grew up in the 6th District and actually lived for a while next door to Charles Weltner our national house representative at the time. As a true Democrat he didn't last long and the reaction to him by my friends parents surprised me. The sixties were heady times and encompassed the second Civil War which fortunately was undeclared and ended with the Dixicrats joining the Republican Party. Truth is stranger then fiction for to be successful fiction demands a grain of reality while reality and politics require neither. Back then the parties actually had publicly endorsed platforms although the Republicans played their cards a bit to close to their chests while they were busy rigging the deal. While the Republican's true platform is slowly being revealed we must work to bring the Democrats back to their original philosophies or the whole concept expressed in the Preamble to the Constitution will be lost to a corporately run oligarchy. They have the strength(money), We still own the votes. While this condition still exists we must take our country back and dispose of those who foment racism, fear and hate as a control of the working classes.


Finally we may be seeing the end of fear racism greed and avarice and are willing to try synergy, patience and understanding. Trump and Sanders had it right about the economy. Their cure was dramatically different, but they understood the rage that the laboring class felt. We tried Trump's version in the thirties and it nearly destroyed the country. We at least got Glass-Steagal. Trump has even threatened to dismantle the timid Dodd-Frank. Health care? There is no free market competition possible for health care. It is a monopoly and I don't mean the game. Sanders has that correct-Single payer


First of all, how do you manage to see into the future and ascertain the performance of Jon Ossoff before he is elected? Sounds as though you are more comfortable with the GOP. If you are never going
to vote for a Democrat again, your only other electable option will most likely be a Republican, until such time as a stronger 3rd party fields a candidate. You may choose not to vote at all until then. That
is certainly your right. Republicans generally thrive on low turnout.


A starting point. Changing the math in the House, of course.


I grew up in Georgia, too, but not the 6th district. I remember Charles Longstreet Weltner. He was the grandson of General James Longstreet, one of the top 3 or 4 Confederate Generals.
Charlie Weltner was VERY Liberal for Georgia in the 1960's, and would be today. I read a book he wrote back then, but don't remember the title. I do, however, remember a famous quote of his during
the Congressional hearings on one of the major Civil Rights Laws, explaining to his fellow Southerners why he supported it. He said: "We must not remain forever bound to another losing cause.".
Those words, in the 1960's South took enormous courage, and probably cost him his seat later. Jimmy Carter, as Governor of Georgia, later appointed Weltner to the state Supreme Court, where he
ultimately became Chief Justice until his retirement. He was a good man, and a good Democrat!


Some of it came from me. I believe the record on his fundraising average is pretty close to Sanders average. By the way, what ever happened to the millions raised by Stein for recounts?


Our Barbara Lee, Democrat, was the sole vote against the AUMF. The Socialist in congress vote for it. And the lone Green Party office holder in California took a run at "unpatriotic" Lee after her vote. If you want a Democrat like Lee you fight for her, and defend her against republicans, greens, whoever. Ossoff may yet have to prove himself, but so do many "progressives" here.


To what ....


Oh that's right - you are an ACA fan - no SP for you ...

She is using them to fight court battles re crooked electoral processes ....


To give the opposition Democrats a fighting chance.


Thanks for the link wolfess!
Maybe just another neoliberal Democrat?


Based on my daily interactions, we may well be there. I'd say a sizable minority sees it (or enough of it anyway) for what it is and has had enough of it. And yet... on it goes. So much for the hundredth monkey theory.

My initial query to you on these things got sidelined by your response to Aquifer:

But then later you offered this:

Which brings us to the great conundrum. If I were unemployed... among those who've 'given up' on the job market, I'd be glad to gather daily in the solumn manner you've described. Ideally in the middle of a busy intersection with enough others to 'shut it down.' It would compliment gardening well as a reason to get up each day and going about living. But I'm not. As long as I can work towards fulfilling my vision of exiting this system, I feel that's a more productive use of my time than blocking traffic. While they capture most of my efforts through their taxes, it seems to remain worthwhile. Am I caught up in the grim reality you've outlined? Possibly. Likely. But from what I understand the act of simply 'walking away' ends in disaster more often than not. While I draw no conclusions on this, I do thank you for your brilliant posts in this thread. Food for thought. It's a rare occasion lately that I'm moved to make a post.