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Democratic Party Platform Committee Undermines Clinton On TPP


Democratic Party Platform Committee Undermines Clinton On TPP

Dave Johnson

The Democratic party’s elites must not think that trade and jobs will be big issues in the coming election. Apparently, they’ve never listened to a Donald Trump speech, and didn’t notice that working-class people in the United Kingdom just voted to “brexit” from the European Union (EU) over these issues.

The Democratic platform writing committee has voted not to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), with the pro-TPP majority saying that doing so would undercut President Obama’s efforts to pass the agreement.


"It appears that the party elite just don’t understand the public’s overwhelming opposition to TPP. The pro-TPP members of the platform committee say they must support a Democratic president. But what about the interests of the public, labor and working people, the environment, the economy and their own nominee?"

Mr. Johnson... did you forget the results of The Page and Gilens Study? It's the one that specifies that the public's actual positions have NO impact on policies put into operation! None!

This is nothing new. Elites write policies behind closed doors in secret meetings and then deliver (and/or enforce) them onto The People.

And it's EXACTLY this type of undemocratic operation that's enriched the rich and put the 99% into various stages of instability that is being opposed in the twin camps that are trying to find a way around American Dynasty and its dictates.


The Lori Wallach flick that Johnson attached to his article explains it all.

If Obama and his Congressional rubber stamps don't weasel a lame duck TPP coup and Clinton is elected she will not even need to make excuses to sign it on January 21, 2017. She just needs to say that she is conforming to the Party's platform.


The article is better than the headline. The headline sounds like he's saying the committee is at odds with Clinton, but he's saying that both Clinton and the committee (and the whole DNC) underestimate public understanding and revulsion at the TPP.

We'll see.

And everyone should watch the Lori Wallach video that Johnson linked. Wallach has been leading opposition to the TPP, (and all such phony "trade" agreements) for 25 years at Public Citizen.


Does Dave Johnson have amnesia? Candidate Obama promised to repeal NAFTA. Why should we believe Clinton's supposed change of heart?


The platform isn't important. What is important is the agenda of the presidential nominee. It comes down to trust. People who trust Clinton will believe she will continue to oppose the TPP as it is written and those that do not trust Clinton will believe that she will go back on her word.


"She just needs to say that she is conforming to the Party's platform."

Or: Following Obama's "most excellent" legacy.

I think you'd appreciate this, if you haven't yet viewed it:

Paul Craig Roberts on how U.K will be punished for BREXIT:


Go Jill Stein!


One of the most naïve articles I read yet. The rational view of the platform committee's decision on TPP is that it is giving Clinton cover for flip-flopping after she is elected. And she will flip-flop. This is a person who supports fracking, Wall Street and war -- does anyone really believe she would oppose a trade deal that her Wall Street backers want? When so-called progressive blog sites publish silliness like this, it just undermines their credibility. Truthdig is worse.


Clintonites better compromise, or Democrats are doomed. The convention is going to explode.


How the hell is doing exactly what she wants them to do "undermining" Clinton? Is this Dave Johnson some kind of raving lunatic or something? I mean WTF? A person would HAVE to be a raving lunatic to think that Americans for one second are going to actually believe that Clinton is, or every has been, against the TTP or any other far right wing corporatist "trade deal".


To call this simply BS is actually being extremely polite. It looks far worse then simple BS from where I'm standing.


Of course Clinton will oppose it as it is written. She has said that clearly (and I do love how you included her little qualification phrase)

You see, they will add a comma in paragraph 2 of the agreement and, viola, her position will again evolve and she will support it because it will NOW be the gold standard of trade agreements again.

This exercise in the platform committee only clarified what most Bernie supporters have known all along. Clinton is not a "progressive who gets things done", she is a "lying neocon who gets things done"


That is the TRUTH!


"It is hard to understand why Clinton supporters are blocking efforts to fight the TPP agreement. This hands the issue to Trump and reinforces his position that Clinton is only “pretending” to oppose the agreement."

Seriously? That's "HARD TO UNDERSTAND?" You think maybe it's because Clinton IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN "only 'pretending' to oppose the agreement?!" Anybody who expects that woman to be honest and genuine lives in Make-believe Land.

Why is such inane, ridiculous drivel being allowed in print here? Good grief.


For Ayn Rand Neoliberals integrity is weakness, they believe any means to a winning end is justifiable and those who are betrayed or hurt will be better for their pains.


Ever notice how many heads turn when the sound of coins hitting the ground happens.


Whic do you believe, what Hillary says or what she does? Vote Hillary for more of the same.


I remember being able to live on minimum wage.


Was this a news release from the Clinton campaign? Anyone who believes Hillary Clinton's appointees went against her orders are delusional.