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Democratic Party Platform Fight on Israel and Palestine



"If our policy says it’s an occupation and settlements are wrong and they inhibit peace, why can’t our politics say it? It doesn’t make sense."

Justice for The People is a very different matter than what Power dictates as an acceptable Status-quo.

However, all over the world people are protesting their chains and organizing to oppose the policies that favor a very small percentage of citizens.


A prime example of why Bernie and Berners need to hang in and use the voice given them by the people.


"All that we are asking you to do is accept the reality of the situation. There’s an Israel; the US accepts it, supports it, wants to do everything for it."

No, there are really two Israels, one composed of that small segment that seeks justice, compassion, and peace, and the other comprising elements embracing exceptionalism, theocratic domination, and territorial conquest. As the book says, there is nothing new under the sun. Israel claims some sort of biblical heritage to justify their actions, in this they remain in error. We submit:

" AFTER Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had carried away captive Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, with the craftsmen and the soldiers, from Jerusalem, and had brought them to Babylon, the LORD showed me, and, behold two baskets of figs were set before the temple of the LORD.
One basket had very good figs, like the figs that are first ripe; and the other basket had very bad figs, so that they could not be eaten, because they were so bad.
Then the LORD said to me, What do you see, Jeremiah? And I said, Figs; the good figs, very good; and the bad figs, very bad, so that they cannot be eaten because they are so bad.
Again the word of the LORD came to me, saying,
Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel: Like these good figs, so will I acknowledge the exiles of Judah, whom I have sent out of this place to the land of the Chaldeans for their good.
For I will set my eyes upon them for good and not for evil, says the LORD, and I will bring them again to this land; and I will build them and not overthrow them; and I will plant them and not pluck them up.
And I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD; and they shall be my people, and I will be their God when they shall return to me with their whole heart.
And like the bad figs which cannot be eaten because they are so bad; thus says the LORD, So will I deliver Zedekiah the king of Judah and his princes and the remnant of the people who are left in this city together with those who dwell in the land of Egypt;
And I will make them a horror, an abomination and an evil thing, a reproach in all the kingdoms of the earth, to be a reproach, a proverb, a taunt, and a curse in all the lands where I have driven them.
And I will send after them the sword, famine, and pestilence, till I shall destroy them off the land which I gave to them and to their fathers."
---Jeremiah 24

It is not difficult to discern the 'bad figs'.
If only our Christian Zionist and other friends of that ilk actually spent time reading their bible instead of flaunting in folks faces, they might see the issue for what it is, and, instead of fanning the flames of war, becomes staunch advocates of peace.
Violence only begets more violence.


Establishment Dems (including Clinton), Republicans, Neocons and neo-liberals all march in lock-step on the issue of Israel.

They don't mind that Israel killed an average of 10 kids a day for each of the 50 days of 'Operation Protective Edge' in 2014. They don't mind that Israel's slaughter of Palestinians has become so common Israelis laughingly call it 'mowing the grass'.

While Israel once tried to negotiate for peace, that ended with the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by a right-winger angered over Begin's role in the Oslo accords, the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Since then Israel has used the 'peace' process as a delaying tactic to hold the international community at bay while it changes the 'facts on the ground' - taking more land though 'legal' (i.e. Israeli government authorized settlements) and 'illegal' settlements that the government hasn't authorized by does nothing about. It has used the time to increase its stranglehold on Palestinian rights and the Palestinian economy.

The U.S. knows this but has held to the polite fiction that there's an actual peace process instead of a sham designed to allow Israel to continue maintaining a status quo where Israel's border creep continues.

When people see the horror inflicted on Palestinians daily, they become outraged and want to do something. That's why BDS is becoming increasingly popular - and why Israeli's puppets in the U.S. are doing everything they can to stop BDS.

Do they do it out of loyalty to Israel? Do they do it because AIPAC and large donors pay them to? Do they do it because they see Israel as a landlocked U.S. battleship? Because they're racists who somehow see Israeli's as 'whiter' than other Semites?

Or some combination of those factors?

Either way, the Democratic party wants to maintain the sham. Their anointed one bowed before AIPAC and said she wanted to take our relationship with them to the 'next level.' She's attacked BDS:

"As Senator and Secretary of State, I saw how crucial it is for America to defend Israel at every turn. I have opposed dozens of anti-Israel resolutions at the UN, the Human Rights Council, and other international organizations. I condemned the biased Goldstone Report, making it clear that Israel must be allowed to defend itself like any other country. And I made sure the United States blocked Palestinian attempts at the UN to unilaterally declare statehood. Time after time, no matter the venue, I have made it clear that America will always stand up for Israel. If I am fortunate enough to be elected president, the United States will reaffirm we have a strong and enduring national interest in Israel’s security.

It is because of my longstanding commitment to the Israeli people and to the security of Israel that I am writing to express my opposition to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement, or “BDS,” the global effort to isolate the State of Israel by ending commercial and academic exchanges. I know you agree that we need to make countering BDS a priority, and that we need to work together—across party lines and with a diverse array of voices—to reverse this trend with information and advocacy, and fight back against further attempts to isolate and delegitimize Israel."

H. Clinton, May 2016

None of that bodes well for the rights and lives of Palestinians.

It's among the many reasons I will never vote for Clinton.

If not Sanders, Stein - or even better, Sanders/Stein

BDS: People Powered Peaceful Economic Diplomacy.


The Clinton position can be explained by two words, Florida and Pennsylvania. She wants to win the election. The American Jewish community is very spit over Israel. But for the Orthodox Jews, who are actually the Jews most likely to care the most about Israel when they vote, a number of things in the Sanders' side position are unacceptable. And then on the most extreme right there are Jews who want a one-state solution, that state being Israel. They don't regard the Palestinians as having a legitimate claim to a state. To understand the wide differences of opinion on this issue among American Jews a good book to read is Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel by Dov Waxman of Northeastern University. Clinton needs a big Jewish vote in south Florida and the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. In a close election it could make the difference between winning and losing.






"Israel is a tolerant democracy because, somehow, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and Christian and righteous when I say that---and if a gay couple aren't beaten to death in Tel Aviv, such is the measure of my measure of human justice. My donors don't give a flying fuck about Arabs or Palestinians, they don't matter any more than American Indians do, and since our party is built to shut out their voices and screams, vote for me." Shillary Clinton.


"The Israelis may be insecure about the Palestinians but they are very secure about America. Palestinians are not secure vis-à-vis Israel, and they are not secure vis-à-vis America either."
This is a key point here!
America can't pretend to be actively sympathetic toward Palestine, when this statement reflects reality. Switch that up, and American policy will have done something effective to be equanimous. As it stands; the U.S. Is biased towards Isreal.


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The Zionist State of Israel is an apartheid state.
There can be no "democracy" for a state that is occupying lands belonging to others within its own "state".
"Two state solution" is like the "peace process"; stolen time to give the the Zionist State more time to entrench itself until they have theoretically slaughtered all the opposition.
One state, equality for all, UNDER THE LAW; restitution for the lands violently stolen from the Palestinian people.
There can be no "peace" without JUSTICE.


And please...save the accusations of "antisemitism" for the cartoons.
Those accusations don't work anymore.


If Bernie gave Isreal the same recognition as Palestine, and related to them as equal states. I wonder if anyone would call him an anti-Semite?

:thinking: Hmmm


What path would you take if an administrative third party gave away your home to a foreign group of people; that group moves into your home, terrorizes your family including outright murders, pushes it into the smallest part of the house and tells you that's the way it's going to be....eventually throws out of your home into the back yard where all the garbage and sewage is let..........how long do you think it would take for you to rebel???? And, all your appeals to that "third party" never gives any sympathy to your claims???
Or, would you just lay down and say, "Oh thank you for enlightening me and my family to a 'better way of life'"?
What you have described above is the old story of "Arab Rejectionism" which has been, among the unenlightened, pushed over the decades.......and has been denounced time and time again, among the more informed.
The Zionist lobby worldwide and particularly here in the US has been enormously successful in proselytizing their version of events. As Harry Truman so crudely stated prior to the 1948 presidential elections: (para) "I have no great Arab constituency here in the US that can 'sway' the election, but I do have the Jewish Lobby."
The old stories are just that, old stories. They no longer hold any water.
As far as "....asking Egypt and Jordan, neither is "occupied" by Israel.


Every one of your claims has a well-recognized "but" to it. Israel is a semi-theocracy that makes better use of its ultraconservative religious powers (with the help of a parliamentary system) than the US has managed of its even in the days of the "Moral Majority." The reason Israel does not simply give the Palestinians citizenship is that Jews would be outnumbered. And the main reason a two-state solution doesn't work (aside from the West Bank and Gaza not being contiguous) is that Israel has continued to not only tolerate, but support the building of settlements in the West Bank, protected from UN scorn by US vetoes in the Security Council.


I don't believe you can document that Israel has ever offered to give up any of Jerusalem. And you say nothing about the settlements. But this is getting off topic, and I'm not going to do any more is so/is not.


What about the rest, deckhughes? The settlements. The occupation of the West Bank, including the annexation of water sources, arable land, access to major roadways etc. The full-on strangulation of Gaza. Do you not believe these things are happening, or you do believe it but don't think they matter that much? I'm genuinely interested, because the picture you paint can be true AND all these horrors can be perpetrated by the Israeli gvt. I'd like to understand why you think only one side of the story matters.