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Democratic Party's DC Establishment Attacks Progressive Texas Candidate for US House

Democratic Party's DC Establishment Attacks Progressive Texas Candidate for US House

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A progressive Democrat who is running to represent Houston, Texas in the U.S.

We’ll be more than lucky if this turns out as effective as banning books helps boost curiosity and sales.

The back room bans a good candidate and Texans become curious for details. Let’s hope so.


I don’t know anything about these seven potential candidates or this district but the voters will have a chance to decide in the primary. That’s why they have primaries.

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Why would a Progressive live in Texas?

Stupid move by DCCC.


LOL…could your establishment bias be any more obvious!?


No, they have primaries to chase the rif raff out before the general election race can start. Very few poorer populist candidates can afford two campaigns in the same year.
The primary system is there to maintain the status quo, nothing more.


More proof that the establishment Democratic Party is irreversibly corrupted and beholden to it’s insider donors and consultants. Any true progressive who wants to be welcome as a candidate for office at any level should come and join us in the Green Party. Together we can finish off the Democratic Party and leave them to shrivel and die holding onto their corrupt, money-grubbing ways. The Greens reject lobbyist and wealthy donor money, do not have PACs and will work to take the big money out of politics and change the way we run campaigns and elections in this country. We will return the process to The People, and take it away from the powerful. Please come and join us!


And fully in keeping with its character.


Here in western pa we are about to have a special election in the 18th district to replace the philandering Tim Murphy. The race features a well funded republican for the current state house, Rick Saccone, and his corporate, pro life, pro gun, pro tax cut center/right democratic novice Connor Lamb.
Our choice is between a real republican and a fake one. The fake one is of course sponsored by the Democratic Party. If you are a liberal voter you have already lost.


The Clintons and their cadre of yes men still run the Democratic Party. The car they are driving still lists to the right.
Anybody expecting a progressive groundswell in the 2018 midterms is fucking kidding themselves. The current Democratic Party, led by Clintonian acolyte Perez, will never allow it.


As a supporter of Justice Democrats and DFA this backstabbing of candidate Moser is why I don’t give to Emily’s List or the DCCC, currently.
I find it pretty funny ( odd ) that someone from Houston can’t honestly say they wouldn’t live in Amarillo, for instance. You ought to hear what folks in Austin or San Antonio have to say about Lubbock or El Paso. They don’t mince words in their descriptions of where Trump’s " xhitholes " are really located. :grinning:
That Texas is geographically huge and economically diverse is not news. That the Dimocrats keep recruiting candidates that bring possible big donors and center-right policy positions, isn’t either. Oh well…


To quote John Prine, " Always and never are words I seldom use ". Your crystal ball might be lopsided. Which could make it roll right into a corner and get stuck there.

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Actually, Perez is more of an OhBummer yes man. Clinton sychophants are technically called yes women.

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This will only help Moser. Hell, it could be her campaign that was the tip-off for this story.

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Well, there’s a freakin surprise! The DP sabotages progressives running as Dems!

The Dem establishment Clinton/Obama corporate/banker/big-pharma wing still dominate the party apparatus and mechanisms and still refuse to reform to actually represent change rather than their corrupt big-money ass-licking! Those big-money lackeys and scum would rather lose more elections to see the R’Con right win and continue to destroy our nation and world than shift from their entrenched self-interest corruption, “compromise”, collusion, complicity, and capitulation!

Texas once elected Ann Richards as Governor and the demographics may now be ready for similar change.


I did not know these things about Lamb. Living in the Northwest part of the state, I’ve heard little about him. The anti-Lamb ads are so terrible, though!:joy:

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Corporate Democrats are on the move:


How do like your party now, those of you that think the Democratic Party will be our savior?


Yeah, I imagine the strings for NARAL & PP are pulled from pretty high up in the MSM/Corporate puppet show. More airtime and more appearances, etc.
Both these Organizations used to be funded by lots of white professional women who supported many moderate Republicans in the 'burbs. Probably still true