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Democratic Party's Last Chance: Fight Trump or Die


Democratic Party's Last Chance: Fight Trump or Die

Ted Rall

Democrats need to stop grasping at straws.


Dems have been weak since the 1960s. They are WEAK WEAK WEAK


Oh did I say they are WEAK WEAK and pathetic


Once again, Ted comes thru sober. This is pretty much all Democrats need to do right now if they're actually interested in helping anyone besides themselves. Prove it. Block anything and everything crappy.

Problem is, and I'm sure Ted's aware of this, is that they're going to vote with the GOP on a ton of stuff they both agree on. And it'll mostly be bad stuff. Possibly war, certainly arms sales, domestic nightmare policy, austerity, etc.
That was off the table for change the day Sanders submitted to his Queen.

So stop embracing the CIA, or kick starting the Cold War, or hunting down purveyors of fine fake news, and start acting like frigging grownups who got beat. Do what you've been failing to do for years. Be an opposition.

Or let another party do the job.


How many last chances has the Democratic party blown? Anyone care to count? Face it. The horse called the Democratic party is dead. Stop kicking it. The only thing the Democrats have left to offer voters is that they are not Republicans and on many issues, such as foreign policy, they can't even claim that. The party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the same power elite that owns the Republican party. Expect the party to put up a token resistance to Trump for the sake of appearances, but they'll follow the money, same as the opposition. Nothing has changed, there. Red or blue, a turd is still a turd.


Alright now, there's a real answer people don't think about, because like you said, Mr. Rall, Democrats haven't been the opposing party in 50 years.
It's mystifying that when Republicans are in power they do what they like. When Democrats are in power the Republicans come up with all these old rules and tactics that stop them in their tracks. Why is that?
If they ever want to be elected again they better get very creative and aggressive and go after every little tactic and law they can use to stop this fascist pig, if not we can just be assured they condone it.
I don't believe Trump would be where he is if the Democrats weren't so weak.


Democratic Party's last chance: Stop taking Wall Street bribes (disarm unilaterally) and end the revolving doors, or die.


There is still the "real" filibuster as far as I know. Please tell me it still exists. We don't have phone books any more, so senators can read every cookbook ever published, for starters. At the same time, Dems need to watch movies and practice some facial expressions. Start with Danny Trejo and work your way up from there. If you don't feel the part, you don't belong in a serious role in politics or anything else.


Will Obama even make a recess SCOTUS appointment next month to replace Scalia and at least put one finger in the dike until January 2018 ?


Bernie Sanders said he would work with the Mango Mussolini when they have common ground. Even Bernie was sold out. Who has the guts to lead the Progressive Caucus in using every obscure procedural rule to say NO to every Republican bill? Can someone step up? Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Tammy Duckworth, Kamela Harris, Tulsi Gabbard? If anyone has plans to run in 2020 now would be the time to step up and make a name for yourself. The progressives in the party will kick Bernie and Elizabeth to the curb to follow someone showing real cajones, even if it means starting a new Progressive Democratic Party.


They are weak because they WANT to be weak.


They really don't care. They are still getting PAID.


No he won't.


They are not serious.


No such thing nb or it wouldn't have happened in the first place.


The Dems are trying to demonize Russia for messing with our elections, but if they truly cared about our elections (or keeping themselves in power and/or opposition) they'd fall in behind Jill and get some honest recounts or at least audits to prove that our computerized voting machines have been stealing elections for quite some time.


If anyone doesn't believe that the power elite are not extremely happy with how things are going since the election, take a look at the stock market. It has been going up since the day after Trump won. It goes up a little bit each time one of his cabinet members are chosen. It's one big happy party for the powerful of this country who are looking to burst their coffers with the money they'll be raking in.


DNC: Stop defending Banksters ... or die!


Interesting advice to a party that has shown itself to be increasingly corrupt and worthless. Further evidence? It was reported just the other day that the Demo higher ups are thinking that it might be good in future elections to run Demo candidates who are millionaires and billionaires! If you can't beat em, join em, heh, you pathetic sellouts? For every Keith Ellison in this withered party there are 20 Chuck Schumers and Steny Hoyers who want to "work with" the incoming regime. Know that that means? It means that retired people like me are going to have to worry about whether our Social Security and Medicare will survive. Also, our corporate whore media is on board with trying to normalize the appalling reality of the Orange Anus as president. The next 4 years are going to be a nightmare. I'm reminded of that line from the late, great Leonard Cohen - "I've seen the future, brother, it is murder."
I completely give up on the national Demo party and will concentrate whatever efforts I can on local politics and the results of the Sanders movement. To really change our country, which tragically, has been moving closer and closer to the reality of a Trump or other near-demagogue for many years, will require some kind of widespread revolution of a non-violent type as advocated by Chris Hedges. However, I just don't see it happening because of a combination of increasingly brutal crackdowns likely under the new regime and the general lack of conviction of the American people.
Truth is, we lost our real spirit along the way and we became "fat, dumb and happy" and we just sold what was left of our soul down the river. Trump will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 and his term in office will be what he used to describe Clinton's actions as being in those debates - a "disaster".


They always run it up right before they crash it (that happens every seven years, and it's been over eight.)

Bush showed obummer how it's done your last 30 days in office.:

"The economy is strong"
"The economy is strong"
"The economy is strong"
"Oh my god! Bail out the banks or you all will lose your jobs!!!" - GWB