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Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Is a GOP Bankroller

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/14/democratic-presidential-candidate-michael-bloomberg-gop-bankroller


Just do as any rich guy does. Form a monopoly by buying up the competition. A robber baron if there ever was one.


Don’t worry. Should the Dims get away with kneecapping Bernie again, the entire progressive establishment, LOTE “community” and professional non-profit/politco/media complex will be pissing all over anyone who won’t vote for Billionaire Bloomie because he’s “better” than the Orange Feces Specimen.

B-Bloomie is already buying Dim endorsements left-and-right including the erstwhile former “progressive” Mayor Michael Coleman of my current living place, Columbus OH.

Aint U.S. “progressive” LOTE politics wunnerful kids?


Yet the obedient gulls in the Democratic party bristle with offense when lefties suggest this is a one-party state.

the parties are twins when it comes to policy.

very evil twins.


People and organizations that take Bloomberg’s money are no better than he is.


Brace yourself: In four months, plenty of CD commenters will be telling you to get over Bernie being kneecapped so you can jump on the Bloomberg bandwagon. Because Trump.


this entire site will do that, and then the purges will begin afresh.


Anybody that votes for Bloomberg has to have a screw loose.

Ponder the state of our country if the choice for president turns out to be trump vs Bloomberg?

A boorish sexist racist megalomaniacal low vocabulary billionaire with small hands and a Mario-cart mushroom down below…


A small but not so boorish sexist racist megalomaniacal average vocabulary billionaire.

Sigh…I think I will have to sit that one out.


More on this from Blake Zell…


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Bloomberg’s candidacy w/in the Democratic Party, especially entering as he did, is a blatant and overt expression of how right wing the Dems have become.


Connected by their arseholes.

Krystal Ball ran a Twitter poll on a Bloomberg vs. Trump matchup asking progressives to vote.

62% opted for neither/not voting.

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Billionaires should be illegal. We must stop electing fat cats - google, 'Mouseland".


just like 2016. they might as well ask, “how shall we sever your head? axe or sword?”


News-media commentators keep saying that it’s Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg that have the best chance of garnering the general black American vote. How can that be? The black American community significantly disproportionately constitute the low-incomed and below-poverty-line demographic, while (from my understanding) the morbidly wealthy Biden and Bloomberg, unlike Bernie Sanders, are representative of the well-to-do old-school Democratic party corpocratic mindset; why in damnation would those with relatively little or no piece of the American pie wait in lineups (let alone long, bad-weathered ones) to cast a ballot for one of these establishment neo-liberalist candidates with thinly veiled ties to corporate interests—men who (if elected U.S. president) likely won’t adequately improve the poor person’s lot in life any more than the undesirable incumbent president?
(Frank Sterle Jr.)

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Hi Skippystone:
First I googled the 1971 speech of Canadian Tommy Douglas, and then the cartoon story of Mouseland…yes–the cats v the mice—but the moral of the story being–they couldn’t kill a great idea. That was a lovely reminder . Thank you

Of course, the cats were black and white, and it was true the nice kept electing the cats, but ONE GREAT idea can go a long way…like your know, “We the People.” : )

Older black voters will vote for whoever they think has the best chance to beat Trump.

For a lot of them and many others, this is a personality over policy election.

This guy is a republican-----it would be the end of the real democratic party------Check out DN today with a real democrat Rep Rashida Tlaib—they were discussing how people in Detroit of all places are loosing their homes because of property tax-----theft by the government.

Bernie needs to key in on issues just like this one-------


Trump is a criminal who thinks he is above the law! If an ordinary citizen did what Trump had done, they would have been placed in prison. Let’s take this criminal off his throne and give him the consequences he deserves!

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Michael Bloomberg is going to do that? Hell, they probably socialize together.