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Democratic Primary Makes it Clear: A Populist Revolution is Coming

Democratic Primary Makes it Clear: A Populist Revolution is Coming

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The influential economist Thomas Piketty is the most recent trans-Atlantic observer to note that the "incredible success of the 'socialist' Bernie Sanders" is indicative of a deeper, populist movement that's brewing across the United States.


Piketty concedes, “Faced with the Clinton electoral machine and the conservatism of the major media, Bernie will perhaps not win the primary.” But he adds, “it has been demonstrated that another Sanders, possibly younger and less white, could one day soon win the American presidential elections and change the face of the country.”

Also, the impact of Sanders’ issues campaign, creates a big fat opening in all 2016 House and Senate races, for candidates to ramp up their campaign rhetoric addressing the raging structural inequality that has been engineered into the political economy.


you don’t know that for certain, nor can you ensure that it is the best guess. Its to early to pronounce the race hopeless particularly when we have nothing to loose from our advocacy.


Do you remember percance a man named goldwater. He was off the extreme right deepend of the political spectrum at the time and despite winning the republican race he lost to LBJ by a landslide. Reagan was just getting into the conservative movement at the time. When goldwater lost he influenced candidates to fill the house and senate until his protegee was ready to run for president, which he did to his landslide victory.

So what really is the consequence of failure? We have to wait a few more years for political re-alignment in a liberal fashion? We are inevitable going to get what we want and to repair what has been lost to this current political era sop long as we are willing to fight.


Yes but the rewards out way the annoyances.


To reclaim the idealistic spirit of the left and of the nation as a whole we must balance foresight with optimism. Sanders is not Jill Stein but he has experience and can prove he can get people on his side. I’ve even seen people cross party lines to vote for Sanders voting for someone to the left of reagan for the first time in their lives. But i think we can all agree that Sanders is much more honest than Clinton.


The message that the people are saying is, “Enough is enough!” Power to the people not the corporations or the old guard that we were led to believe acted in the peoples interest.


There certainly is a movement, but the main stream media seems to be pooh poohing it. Yes indeed. Also the regressive South is so wrapped up in religion. Remember the constitution Southeners? Separation of church and state? Oh, I guess they “forgot.” The extremist right wingers seem to run down there campaigning for preacher rather than president! Recently, a southener was heard at a camping show in the Northeast. We won the civil war- what’s your problem? That was just a few days ago. So… there is a populist movement going on in the Rest of the Country, but the South seems to have gone to sleep or is wrapped up in conservatism and shoving women back to the dark ages. The social progressivism and music revolution of the 1960s and 1970s seemed to avoid most of the South ( including college campuses. ). Apparently this continues on to this day. Maybe the populists down there are more hidden. So… for the rest of us , there certainly is a movement. The ideas that Bernie is talking about are not radical. Since when is it radical to want health care, living wages, family leave, and jobs that actually stay in the country backed by strong union support? Also, since when is it radical to take on Wall Street which not only got bailed out by the taxpayers, but the top Ceos did not even go on trial! The fact that they did not go on trial is radical. The fact that Bernie, and the 99% want justice is not radical. People, the South in general supoorts right to work ( for less). They feel threatened by unions. Also, there is an anti union supreme court case which started to be heard in January . It is called Freiderichs versus California Teachers Association. Apparently a small group of teachers no longer want to pay their dues. Make sure the supreme court hears or sees written comments saying that you support unions. Without them, there would be no child labor laws, no weekends, no decent pay, no vacations, health care etc. I guess these teachers forgot those who came before them. Without unions they might be making 7.50 an hour with a college degree. But I guess having their “liberty” is more important. Not only that, they would ruin it for the rest of the workers in this country. I guess they are more important than anyone else. If the South wants to live like that and vote against their own interests, the rest of us certainly do not. If a handful of “teachers” want to ruin it for the rest of the country, they can quit their jobs and go to the private sector. Do what is right people, remember FDR, the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, and many others who just lead their lives, and vote to continue progressive ideals. And no, progressivsm is not all about raising taxes. Remember the one percent wants more and more, and does not care if others get services. They do not even care if there are fire fighters or police.


Perhaps Progress counter-intuitively would mean splitting the country into pieces?

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There is no well in hell she’ll do it but its a nice thought.

This “big fat opening” needs to go further than Bernie has. Bernie has great ideas for our domestic programs, but fails to mention the disasters of our foreign affairs.

The people of the United States want these endless wars, based on lies, to end. The people want our tax funds to be used to take care of our problems at home. We don’t want to fund the Israeli illegal occupation of Palestine. We also want to know the truth about the murder of President Kennedy and his brother and the events of 9/11.

We all need to stop and take a deep breath and begin to repair our badly damaged democracy. We need to share the wealth of our nation and care for our environment. There are values that rate over greedy individuals getting richer, while the nation falls into depression.

My best hope is that after these corrupt political parties choose their candidates, an independent can step forward with a way to turn things around so that we can truly be a nation of peace and prosperity.


Clinton’s husband signed into law the Graham Leech Bliley Act which was supported by a majority in congress. Bernie by the way voted against it! Go Bernie go! Bernie has supported equality for all for decades. Clinton;s son in law works on Wall Street. Any questions? By the way, Ed Markey of MA also did not support Graham Leech. People in congress who did not support Graham Leech wanted to keep Glass Steagall the banking law that was put into effect in the 1930s when FDR was in office. It worked for us for decades, and even kept the market from crashing all the way back to the 1980s. The one per centers have been chomping at the bit to get Wall Street deregulated forever. The republicans even fought against social programs that were put into place when FDR was in office. They probably wanted deregulation all the way back then as well. Well, they got it, and now they even want to repeal Dodd Frank I hear even after the recession. Apparently, money is their form of worship which they wrap up in a cloak of some extremist warped “religion”, and the less educated always fall for it. I don’t get it. Now, the same crowd wants Trump.

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You’re using the royal we again which is annoying and projects your own desires onto the american people as a whole. “The People” want a diverse range and sometimes unspecified type of things. its our job to convince not to project.

I already agree with you why send this reply to me.

The tide of black voters to Bernie will probably parallel the tide that went over to obama in 08.

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The US South has wanted its own government for over one hundred and fifty years. Do we need to go any furthur than that? Good gosh, some of the people still fly the confederate flag as if they are fighting in the civil war. Yes, they are still fighting allright.

let them have their third world confederacy it would be better for us and for them.