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Democratic Primary Makes it Clear: A Populist Revolution is Coming

It is not the first time someone has mentioned that, but of course it is against the US Constitution.

I agree, but it is against the US Constitution . You’re not the first person to comment on this. In some schools in the South, I understand that kids are taught in elmentary school that the South won the civl war. I guess this is really pertinent today!

I don’t see why every divorce has to be so messy perhaps if we shook hands and agreed to disassociate ourselves form them they would go away peacefully,

if you teach stupidity like “the civil war was about aggression and freedom not about slavery” the natural tendency is to redefine history.

you are confusing vastly different systems from many philosophies and points on the political spectrum. And compared to how past presidents have undermined the countries freedoms Obama is mostly neutral . If the second amendment were really under attack its definition wouldn’t have been steadily expanding since 2010.

or it may have been the giant offensive the south launched on the north. Why does everyone forget that?

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The ultimate reason for fighting the South’s 1861 secession was fear that the recently admitted states of California and to a lesser extent Oregon would join the confederacy. “Aggression, freedom and slavery” were secondary considerations.

I’ve never seen so much misinformation cram packed into a single comment before.


Bernie voted against the Iraq War. He does not want endless war with our young people dying or getting maimed. He does not want to “go it alone” and has said so. The US should not be involved in a quagmire, nor should our society be based on fear , lies and deception. Bernie has served on the Veterans Affairs Committee as well. We do want our tax funds to improve our society, while the other side only wants to endlessly fund a military that is large and powerful already. The other side wants to base a campaign on fear and aggressive behavior. We can’t be a police officer of the world, while we have a crumbling infrastructure at home. We certainly do however continue to thank our active duty and combat veterans as well as the reserves. By the way, how many one percenters of Wall Street did serve? By the way, many of the occupiers actually work I heard. They are concerned about student loans as well. What the occupiers needed was to stay the course, and is some ways they still do . Remember, it took over 100 years for everyone to have the right to vote. Also, instead of separate movements, we need to combine, and have a populist movement. Instead of fear of government takeover , think of the government programs where a majority do benefit like medicare and social security, public schools, a US military, fire police, EMTs etc. Many social movements are started by young people backed by older ones. People of all ages who are progressives need to band together , and learn from one another. Come on people let’s get together as the Youngbloods said in so many words. Think about the past, the present and the future, and for all of the older ones- think about more than your own retirement accounts and grandchildren. We are all in this together. Most of all do not let those regressives put women back in the dark ages, and make a campaign all about a women’s right to choose. Notice the other side wants small government, but has no trouble wanting to get into someone’s bedroom. How silly, yet the undereducated continue to fall fro that. If they want a theocracy by the way in the South, perhaps they should look into other societies.


right that would be why the confederates started the war attacking fort Sumter and launching an offensive on the north instead of just defending non-slave states like California which made no real impact on the war at all.

Thank you I had to be reminded about California and Oregon. However, the South did launch the offensive of aggression, but people down there tend to still call yankees carpetbaggers. It hs nothing to do with the present.

I did not forget it, but we were not there. The people in the South seem to believe they were , and even have their own Memorial Day!

The pervasive corporate welfare form of socialism the US has institutionalized during the past half century is not only “running out of other people’s money” (the other people being US taxpayers) but will continue transferring the wealth of those other people until less than 1% of the population owns everything and the 99 plus% own nothing. Its called neofeudalism and when you find yourself there you will give anything to return to the socialism you grew up in.

Although Obama has not tampered with the first and second amendments, he has made corporations more powerful by requiring us to “BUY their stuff” (medical insurance).

Take your pick…1) continue to expand corporate welfare until you have nothing to show for all the taxes you pay, or 2) support Sanders’ social democratic vision and perhaps get something in return for the taxes you pay, without being required to buy insurance from corporations.


Good article from Le Monde, but why so pessimistic about Senator Sanders. This election is not over and we have not seen the primaries. I would not sell Senator Sanders down the river just yet.

The groundswell of support for him and the fact that most people have figured out that the mainstream media is not a source of truth, does bode well for Senator Sanders.

The people in the Washington DC Bubble, the top 10% and the politicians are way out of touch with Real America.
And we have not yet heard from Real America yet!


Losing California would have stopped the US’s highest priority of the era…MANIFEST DESTINY, a force that has driven the US more than any other force and continues to do so.

The first transcontinental railroad was going to be routed through Montana to end up in Oregon until the Civil War broke out and it was rerouted to California.

No impact ?

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What would have been the California incentive to join the confederacy? And again the war didn’t begin in oregon or montana so as the war pretty much ignored the frontier yes they were basically irrelevant.

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If you are still angry about something none of us were there to see, you must have a problem. Stop getting so defensive, and by the way, we wouldn’t mind if the South were able to elect their own leader. I can;t speak for everybody, and certainly not for laws that were put into effect many decades ago. However, if the South had its own leader, might they want to start another war? Also, why does the South want to be “different?” People are people, but since the South puts a snag into our government, that’s what the hold up is. Perhaps there are some progressive, modern thinking people there, but the South in general has not caught up to the rest of us. People in general in the North and West do not run around defensively trying to act like they are still fighting something. What are you fighting? Perhaps if this country or its extremist right wing politicians were not so divided we would be sronger and fairer in general. Perhaps if the South did not want to be “different” fly the confererate flag etc, and stopped being so defensive , others would have more respect. We’ve had a number of young people relocate up North for better wages, insurance etc. We did not make fun of them or tell them to go home. Instead we welcomed them Perhaps if people in general were more civil, or stopped telling people to go home, or say that the confederate flag for instance was still the flag of the US. we would be a better society period. That’s what I am saying. You are not in a foreign country- you are in the US by the way. BTW , this is not a South North argument - it is about progressivism, something I support, but which the South in general does not. That is where the comments came from . If you do not support a populist for the people by the people movement, what are you doing here? It’s no secret that the South is much more conservative in general than the rest of the country. Even members of congress from the South who are democrats tend to be much more conservative than their Northern and perhaps Western counterparts. What I am saying is that a lot of the rest of the country is ready to and has moved socially forward, but the South and even parts of the Midwest seem to put headwinds on that. This is not a personal statement against you, but it is factual. There are other liberals who would very much like to move ahead, but also know about those headwinds.

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Piketty’s allegation that “1986 fiscal reform” was a GOP feat “not challenged by Democrats” is 100% revisionist history.

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formed in 1985 and the Democrat controlled Congress zealously promoted and passed 1986 fiscal reform and continue to this day bragging about it being bipartisan action. Why would Democrats ever challenge something they crafted ?

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