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Democratic Senators Demand Trump Provide Legal Justification to Attack Syria


Perhaps they’ll bomb some Trump Towers around the world.


I must ask, where were these same senators when Obama put the “line in the sand” on Syria, or when HRC proposed similar strikes? Seems like political expediency to me.


Congress abrogated its duty long ago, way before Trump and Obama. That said, Obama did not get a new AUMF for Syria and did not bomb in retaliation for the chemical attack in Ghouta in 2013. He worked with Russia to remove chemical stockpiles though chlorine was left. He was heavily criticized for his non-response too, sadly.


"This conflict is worse than folly. I believe that at the very least: the situation in the Middle East will be much worse and not better; world opinion will solidify against Americans and American policies; terrorist organizations and activities will be strengthened, not weakened; we will be bankrupted into the unforeseeable future. At the worst, this act of aggression will plunge humanity into global conflict the likes of which previous human experience will not have prepared us. "

That is part of what I wrote to every sitting Senator in October, 2002.

The US involvement in Syria is merely a continuation of the neocon assault on the ME that began with the illegal invasion of Iraq. There will be no political reckoning for Trump or the Joint Chiefs from any part of the US government. The mealy-mouthed bullshit reported above amply confirms that.

I don’t know why not more Americans, and indeed more humans worldwide didn’t realize that with the invasion of Iraq that all of this would be set in motion. No matter how many times the party occupying the WH has changed, the trajectory of US imperial ambitions has hardly wavered since the end of WWII.


Seems like the best rule of thumb, is to blow up the Duopoly, find a third party that believes Peaceful Coexistence rather than constant War and Agression, and make your children proud.

Oh, and an added bonus.

By never again supporting Warmongering political parties, you’ll sleep good again knowing “you” are not responsible for some innocent men, women and children dying in a country we have no right to be in.


Sounds like it’s time for you to join the Libertarian Party!


If what you say is true what are you going to do?


LOL and the LOTE Blue Team voters will tell us we absolutely MUST vote for Democrats, because they are so less evil than the Rethugs.

I don’t see any God damned difference worth noting.