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Democratic Socialism, Sebastian Gorka Warns CPAC, Wants to "Take Away Your Hamburgers... What Stalin Dreamt About But Never Achieved'

Democratic Socialism, Sebastian Gorka Warns CPAC, Wants to "Take Away Your Hamburgers... What Stalin Dreamt About But Never Achieved'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, told attendees at the right-wing CPAC convention on Thursday that nobody should be fooled about the term "democratic socialism," because that's just the politically-correct term for "communism" being used by people that "want to take away your hamburgers." Also your house and your pick-up truck.

"This is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved," Gorka blustered. "You are on the frontlines on the war against communism."

It's pretty funny. Watch:

As despicable as Gorka, who is a real fascist, is, he is not wrong about the magnitude of the changes that will be necessary if we are really going to try to save the planet, by committing to the implementation of the Green New Deal.

Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben have convinced me. The only chance we have of reducing global carbon emissions by 50% in the next 12 years, which the IPCC says we have to do if we want even a fighting chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change, is to put the whole world on an almost war-like footing to completely restructure society on a global scale.

I got it. And I am ready to commit to it, and to sacrifice for it, because if we don’t, we will be condemning our kids, and our grand kids, to life on a hellish, dying planet.

So, what I really need to know, from the “hive mind” at CommonDreams, is do any of the Democratic Party Presidential candidates truly understand the urgency of the climate crisis, and are any of them truly dedicated to implementing the Green New Deal as quickly, and as completely, as possible?

Naomi Klein is right when she says “we don’t have another 4 years to waste on Republican President, OR a Corporatist Democrat” who doesn’t have the will to fight the fossil fuel industry.

Bill McKibben is right, too, when he says “Scientists have told us what we must do and by when, and so legislators must do all they can to match those targets.”

Are ANY of the Democrats running for President up to task ahead of us? If so, who?

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Children take this as a warning. This is what you turn into if you watch “reefer madness” too many times!


Gorka: " First, they’ll come for your buns…then, when you’re in a real pickle they’ll steal your brains and leave you mind ajar…lettuce pray we’re not sliced and mustered out of God’s Army and forced to run ourselves through the garden of evil, as if on a universal broiler from hell. Don’t fail to heed… Attention! Attention! hurry …try to catchup ".


Totally great! Thank you for the laugh…

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Or maybe this is what happens to your brain in the fry pan - a McD’s scrambled Mc Muffin without the sausage or cheese…just the fried eggs…

I dunno…These ass hats have known about about global warming/climate chaos for over 30 (50?) years. But they kept on drilling, burning, not regulating, etc because the corporate money and power was just too good to turn down. And of course the war empire had to be fed…

The old guard is still in charge and will cut the legs out from under anyone who is serious about actually even trying to get anything done within the 12 year window.

So, in answer to your question, the system is broken, completely dysfunctional, and beyond repair. Our legislators won’t give up their game in the foreseeable future. It’s up to us now - non violent resistance, non-cooperation, and to the streets in massive numbers. Time to shut the whole shebang down. The fall out can’t be any worse than the hell on Earth our kids and future generations will have to deal with.

PS get to know your neighbors. - ALL of them. Organize potlucks and start making plans for mutual aid together. Grow food together. Share. Do a skills inventory. Then spread out into the wider community and get organized in a big way. Together we have a hell of a lot of power. And we can have a lot of fun while we’re at it.


"“want to take away your hamburgers.”

Sounds like a parody of Fox News, but, nope - see their endless grim-faced warnings of the confiscations Booker’s vegan diet would mean for the American people. Too stupid-assed to be believed:

“America will never be a socialist country”

Meanwhile back at the ranch—government bailout (aka Fed) of the failing crooked banks under quantitative easing. At times up to 85 billion a month, printing that money, buying those bonds, banks borrowing money at zero interest, over 6 years. 3 to 4 trillion dollar handout. And more recently a 1.5 trillion tax break for the ultra rich.
Hell no! America will never be a socialist country. The communists have saved capitalism. Thank the Lord and pass the ammunition.


Hello Jon Queally, and Everyone, What an animated piece of excrement excreted from the bowels of Hell! Time to send it back there as it has done so much damage in so littler time that any more time here will dramatically assist in the destruction of humanity!

Hello Steve_I_Am, The global leadershit won’t allow this to happen so what I learned in school many decades ago seems appropriate: “I need to bend over and kiss my ass goodby”! That is the fate of billions around the planet!

A couple weeks ago, thousands of British students skipped school to protest for action on climate change. Someone went and interviewed a bunch of the students on why they chose to skip school to protest for action on climate change. Here’s a link to those interviews: https://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/mbz9m3/no-planet-no-school-we-spoke-to-the-students-behind-the-uks-school-strike

The kids have more stomach for making radical changes in how society functions than the adults bound by vested interests. The kids want to be promised that they will have a future. The adults are only caring about their profit margin now.

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They do it because … they can

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This would be funny if there were not millions of armed Americans more than dumb enough to believe every word of it.


Yep, it is those ‘crowds’ roaring with approval of this claptrap that are the real concern, and more serious threat to our future on this planet.


Gorka’s speech is an example of the electric shock straight to the amygdala of the shallow mind. Why not throw in the deep red sink too.

Don’t forget this fucking clown was actually a part of the Trump admin for like a year,

This is the kind of dumb f*ckery the Vichy democrat party has been losing the argument to for decades. That’s. Why. They. Gotta. Fkin. Go.

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Trump is a mealy mouthed wordsmith wannabe. If he likes comparisons how about, “Capitalism is just a cover word for fascism.”

There needs to be a fix on the watermelon thing, green on the outside, as red as Texas on the inside.