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Democratic Socialist Rashida Tlaib Poised to Become First Palestinian-American Congresswoman


Democratic Socialist Rashida Tlaib Poised to Become First Palestinian-American Congresswoman

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With 96 percent of votes counted following Tuesday's primary election in Michigan, Rashida Tlaib—who has been described as "a dynamic, minority, young progressive" and part of "the new breed of politician grabbing attention in the Democratic Party"—is slated to become the first Muslim and Palestinian-American Congresswoman.


Rashida Tlaib, like most progressive Dems, has a really impressive personal history. However, like most progressive Dems (other than citing banning of Muslims and other immigration issues) she refuses to say anything at all about the rest of the world, the U.S. global empire and the massive military budget that makes domestic austerity inevitable.

Her website is couched in vague generalities and fails to take specific stands on most issues. Also, she is going to face the wrath of the powerful Zionist lobby in the Dem Party to prover her “loyalty” because she is Palestinian-American. Look at what the Zionist lobby is doing to Jeremy Corbyn for details:



I doubt israel lobbyist will be inviting her to join their club and that’s OK with me.

I hope she wins


It is beginning to feel like there really is a “movement” starting to happen and, although I have issues with him: THANK YOU, BERNIE SANDERS!


Bernie may have lost the battle against the Vichy/Clintonite democrats in the last election but he started the war to take it back from these corrupt Millionaires and their Billionaire donors.
The more real democrats there are talking about Labor vs. Capital rather than the self defeating liberal vs. conservative Bullshit, the more foolish the Wall St. democrats sound.
Occupy the democratic party


Thank You to the Occupy Movements that made Bernie Sanders aborted run possible. Those anonymous folks, like most populist activists, paid (and pay) dearly for their courageous and intelligent actions.


From the article:
" In terms of foreign policy, Tlaib told The New Republic ahead of Tuesday’s vote that her positions “will be guided by the same values that drive my approach to domestic policy: Empathy, understanding, and respect.” She added:

“I’m firmly anti-war, and I think that’s in large part influenced by my perspective as a Palestinian-American and having family and friends throughout the Middle East. I’ve seen firsthand how devastating military conflict is, and I think if more members of Congress actually knew the realities of war and regime change, they wouldn’t be so callous about dropping bombs in distant countries. We should be solving our problems with diplomacy, not by increasing our military spending budget.”


Like many of the rest of her “priorities” these passages consist of good sentiments, but offer nothing concrete in terms of positive progressive alternatives. I did err when I said she did not recognize the rest of the world at al and I do apologize to Tlaib for that error. Thanks for catching it.


Although a few progressives are actually winning, their numbers are really small.

Thus, Brand D remains dominated by centrists.


Correction: Please see sierra’s comment for a correction.


Wow. Double Identity Politics! A Palestinian! Who is also a Woman! You just keep it coming, DNC!

(Why are we in this hand basket and where are we going?)


SkepticTank, don’t be so skeptical. Progressives are just getting their hands on the rug. They’ll pull the rug right out from under many of the centrists come November. People are fed up. Or… maybe I’m wrong in being the eternal optimist and I’m giving the voters too much credit, especially the ones that whine and whine but never vote.


Pardon my noticing that your party has moved steadily rightward for more than 30 years.

Pardon my doubts about that changing anytime soon.

But I won’t ask you to pardon my no longer blindly supporting them. Judging by their having lost 1,000 seats in a decade, I’m not alone.


I would like to see her view on Fatah versus Hamas. Does she regard Hamas as a terrorist organization? Does she support the two-state solution?


So as a Congress Woman would she support HR676 or Bernie’s flawed bill?


No argument, Tom. Now it’s time for a more updated and STRONGER “Occupy” movement.


Exactly. And the unspecific language used in nearly all of her priorities leaves an awful lot of room for waffling, which will then be characterized as pragmatic compromise “first steps.” The script gets awfully boring.


The waffling bait-and-switch script isn’t nearly as boring as the excuse making by the D-Party dead enders.

Their party can never fail us. Only we can fail them.

As for Rashida Tlaib, the Zionists have been attacking. That worked on Keith Ellison, just ask Tom Perez.



No surprise here on this hit job. Benedek is a blogger for The Times of Israel. Now the shit storm is really going to hit the fan.


Excuse me for asking, but does she holds dual citizenship? If she does then she has no business holding political office in the US. So… is she PALESTINIAN or is she AMERICAN?