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Democratic Trade War: Obama Says Warren 'Wrong' on TPP as Reid Says 'Hell No' to Fast Track


Democratic Trade War: Obama Says Warren 'Wrong' on TPP as Reid Says 'Hell No' to Fast Track

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Obama on Tuesday evening said that progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) who have called out the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as a corporate-power grab and have vowed to defeat legislation designed to ram it through are Congress are simply "wrong" when it comes to the pending deal between the U.S. and 11 Asian and Pacific nations.


Article gives reasoning behind Warrens position re: ISDS (among other aspects) but no reasoning as to why Obama says Warren is wrong. The article does not break any ground or uncover anything that hasn’t already been reported. Obviously Obama is in the pocket’s of Wallstreet as motive to endorse the TPP- the article needs to explain why Obama says Warren is wrong- this is more or less fluff with no content


Obama is the exact reason democrats could only field 10% of voting age people in the Massachusetts 2014 primary. The only reason democrats won the governor’s office in California with 18% of the voting age population is the repulsive party could only drum up a 13 or 14% turnout.

Progressives and the majority who boycott fake elections will eventually unite and rewrite the book.

TPP is a corporatist attack on America. Homeland security and endless war are simple schemes to make more money for the corporatists who are destroying American democracy from within. The real traitors who do not like our freedoms and way of life are corporate executives and flunky politicians who help them with smooth talking lies.

Who on Earth believes fast track of TPP will lead to a bigger trickle down from corporate executives and their lacky politicians?


Wow, the president of the US believes that corporations should be able to sue states that exercise democratic process to address the concerns of the residents if a corporation can claim in court that the interests of that state THREATEN ITS PROJECTED PROFITS.

This is just ONE aspect of the process being fomented. And make no mistake, THE VERY SECRECY AND PROCESS ITSELF is a massive Trojan Horse draped with ‘middle class’ interests. What about the poorest amongst us being generated by impoverishment model here and in the nations of the proposed trading partners??? What precisely are the figures in THAT ‘externalized cost’?

Virtually all resources that have not yet been extracted are under the soils of traditional and indigenous communities. WHY IS THIS EXCLUDED FROM ABSOLUTELY EVERY NEWS REPORT ABOUT THE TTIP??
Why? think about it… How convenient for the economists formulating these policies. No major media outlet covers the rights of indigenous peoples. They are treated as though they are already dead!!! Dos anyone actually believe that is is an oversight! Do you want to deny the history of the ‘fast tracking’ of these genocidal practices?

Of course this entire process has been kept secret. It is to use the entire set of “middle class” aspirations as the ‘human shield’ for it being ‘the only option’.

The Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights has been necessary because the economic model is dependent on denying both the history and present practices that institutionalize the measurements that in practices that ‘externalize’ are becoming increasingly narrow in terms of WHO can be considered a ‘human being’. It is hard reading and we fail to do it at our peril.

see:Beyond Human Rights Rituals


Just remember, the Toilet Paper Plan is designed to wipe us all out (except for the 0.001%). They seem quite happy to do this as, to them, We the People do not count except as serfs, or consumers pouring what little we have left into their coffers.

  • The corporate sock puppets that run the government have bought into this almost a hundred percent, as most of them have become millionaires or billionaires through the process.
  • Regime change is needed and it is needed now!


Perhaps Obama didn’t say why, because TPP is already one giant secret. Congress is not to know anything about TPP until the last second before they vote for it.


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Ever since Obama was launched into the national spotlight in 2004, brand Obama has been long on soundbites and sparse on substance.

In an interview with NPR earlier this week former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley labeled as “juvenile” Obama’s red herring rationalization for TPP that “if we don’t write the rules, China will”.

Pick any issue Obama has addressed during the past seven years and we find equally juvenile soundbites distracting us from the facts.


A set of voices exemplary of the way “trade” has been and is operating. The model that foments the elimination of human rights is already being witnessed and documented as it gnaws at every level of the human family.

Nicaraguan Interoceanic Grand Canal

"Please bear in mind that this advocacy piece serves the purpose of giving the testimonials of the indigenous peoples directly affected by this project. We appreciate your concern and your distribution of this material to publish it worldwide. We also deeply appreciate all the people that were involve to make this advocacy piece possible!


Fish Lake in BC comes to mind as the article on persons receiving environmental awards mentioned its preservation as a success.

Fish Lake is a beautiful lake in North Western BC. In the background of the lake are snow capped mountains. It on traditional lands of a First Nations tribe.

A mining concern wanted to open a new mine in the area. They were going to call the mine the “new Prosperity Mine” (Love those labels) and claimed it would provide jobs for the locals and create wealth. What they wanted to do however was damn up creeks to the lake itself and use part of the lake for mine tailings. In short KILL the lake.

The BC Government did an environmental review and approved it… The Tsilhqot’in Nation took this to the Federal court as the Feds have jurisdictions over waterways and were forced to do a review on it as well. This really bothered Mr Harper so he changed the various laws pertaining to waterways to make it more difficult for an interested party to force such reviews.

It did delay the mine getting built and the Tsilhqot’in Nation challenged on the basis of the lake being on unceded tribal territory and took this to the courts with both The BC and Federal supreme court ruling in their favor. The Federal environment minister nixed the project.

This process is not over yet as the owners of the mine continue to push for it.

If this lake had been on PRIVATE property it would have been bought and emptied of its waters long ago.

The TPP is intended to ensure that people living in areas to be destroyed can not make challenges in the future. It is an extension of “property laws” so as to ensure a Company can do whatever it likes with assets they are deemed to own. This entire process contradicts the Libertarian meme advanced by another that Corporate and Private property owners have a vested interest in protecting the Environment. I suspect that Herr Harpers next step will be to pass a law that passes the costs of any compensation due to these companies because of “lost profits” under the TPP onto those that make the challenge.

The Privatization of the commons and turning all of nature into some THING which has as its only purpose “Utility” for homo sapiens so as to create “wealth and profits” for the select few is at the root of environmental destruction. An animal like the Tiger is deemed to have “more value” with its hide hanging on some collectors wall or its bodily parts used in some medicine , than it does roaming the wild according to this thing called “the market” and from a Libertarian perspective who can argue with “the market”?


I’m interested in, and care very much about, this as well, but since China is the major investor, it does seem a bit like - Oh, look over there and see what those bad Chinese are doing - when the topic of the article is what the US is doing. And yes, I did see your other post.
I am torn over seeing this here because, I do believe in linking up the issues, and maybe there’s not a better article, but at the same time, I can see how this plays into the already existing frame of China = bad which then tends to reinforce the US = good meme as well as distract from the main issues of the article. Not that the others who are frequent commenters here would be duped but I believe we do have lurkers and visitors as well.
Just my thoughts.


Thank you for posting this video and reminding us who it is that suffers most from the trade above all else narrative behind the TPP.


Harry Reid has always know the difference between right and wrong, but as leader of the Senate he was loyal to President Obama who was often corporate and Republican-lite once he moved into the White House. Sadly the Democratic party has also been controlled by the same Third Way Clintons/Obamas so that they do the work of USINC without the pretend two-party system. No doubt the Republican right is anti-democratic in every way including respecting the vote. Their pretend hysteria and obstruction of Obama is laughable considering how much they get short of White Supremacy and anti-woman control.


After the Clintons and others founded the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 the Democratic Party and GOP became a tag team. The GOP’s role is initiating ever more fascist legislation, thereby giving the Democrats cover to become ever more fascist. Whatever eyebrow raising legislation the GOP is proposing today will become part of the mainstream Democratic Party agenda five to ten years from now.

The GOP is good at playing brer rabbit, complaining about Obamacare when it is nothing more than the Heritage Foundation’s 1995 proposal refried and relabeled by the Democrats.


The transnational corporations continue to extract sovereignty from nation-states and their citizens (subjects?) via tools such as Obama. The Undisputed Truth’s “Smiling Faces Sometimes” cues up in my mind…


I’d add the potential represented in the case also in Canada of indigenous and non-indigenous alliances -
"Dene, Cree, Métis and settler residents of northern Saskatchewan formed the grassroots Committee for Future Generations in 2011 when they learned that three locations in the region were taking part in Nuclear Waste Management Organization siting process.


Obama says Warren wrong because the people that own the plantation and allow BO to live in their mansion have told him so!


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Unfortunately a good point to raise - greater awareness is needed about the core dynamic so deeply embedded of demonization used by the kleptocrats - better education and broader coalitions


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