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Democratic Unity on Edge as Progressives Await VP Pick


Democratic Unity on Edge as Progressives Await VP Pick

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The notion of "Democratic unity" remains tenuous at best as many progressives are holding out support for presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton until her chosen running mate is announced.

Meanwhile, many attendees of the Netroots Nation Conference in St. Louis, Missouri held a series of unexpected protests at the annual convention this weekend, underscoring how divided and skeptical members of the Left remain despite declarations to the contrary.


The quality of choice in candidates seems to be inversely proportional to the “selection” season timeline. I am burned out and bummed out. Sure wish I were Berned out.


“Goldwater Girl” Hillary Clinton
and the terms
Liberal, Progressive, and Left
are polar opposites.

Democratic Party R.I.P. 2016


Hillary is that really corporate and cheap-looking float in the Gay Pride Parade. If they don’t keep throwing trinkets to the crowd all the way to November, nobody is going to cheer. Hey, I think I can see the RKO Army float coming!


Why should anyone care about HiLIARy’s “pledge” to propose a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United? The Clinton campaign must think we don’t know how to use google.

The President has NO ROLE in amending the U.S. Constitution. An amendment would have to be proposed by a 2/3 majority of the House and by a 2/3 majority of the Senate. Then it would have to be approved by 3/4 of the state legislatures. Anyone think this would ever happen?

Just another misdirection by the HiLIARy campaign.


My sense is that Hillary Clinton will try to appeal to the center with a choice of a more conservative VP. Perhaps, to appeal to get more votes from people of color, she will choose a conservative democrat of color like Julian Castro or Cory Booker.

I highly doubt that Hillary Clinton will pick a progressive for VP.

Regardless of who she chooses for VP, the fact remains that Hillary Clinton will set the agenda. Despite the DNC platform, Hillary is sure to promote the policies she favors including plutocratic friendly economics, a hawkish approach to foreign policy, and a domestic surveillance and a silencing of whistle blowers.

Thus, I will continue encourage people to vote for Jill Stein.


Wall Street, not Hillary, will pick the VP, AND Wall Street will set the agenda.


If she picks some one to her left it will be a party Progressive not Warren certainly never Bernie. I think she’ll pick someone more to her right to make her look more progressive.


Cornel West on his endorsement of Jill Stein:


Eight years ago I had HOPE but I certainly didn’t get CHANGE. I even plugged my nose and voted D in 2012. I have since lost ANY desire to vote “lesser of 2 evils” or to accept any “incrementalism.” I was and am a Bernie supporter and I believe what he has done for the Progressive movement still outweighs his endorsement of that Clinton.

I have stated here that I will never vote for Trump or Clinton. I thought I would either write in Bernie or Jill Stein. I will now write in Jill Stein. The only thing that could change my mind is if a miracle happens in the Democratic Convention and all the super-delegates switch over to Bernie Sanders and he wins the nomination.

Since the Greens have no real presence here in Minnesota, I will probably still vote Democratic down ticket.

As far as Democratic Unity in the national party, R.I.P. My grandfather, a Roosevelt man, is rolling in his grave.


Hillary dillerir crock…what a bunch of


Hillary’s campaign is based on empty promises, lies, and misdirection. Here’s how misdirection works in magic tricks, but the principles apply to politics, too: http://www.howcast.com/videos/504646-how-to-misdirect-your-audience-coin-card-magic/


Why would “progressives” care the least about who Democrat Hillary Clinton chooses as VP?


I agree-----wondering if it would make a difference to those who comment here if E.W. or Keith Ellison were her picks.

Personally, I am repulsed by E.W. and how she played this election cycle that is truly a “cycle” of the same old oligarchic script.

Only difference is, it is ramped up from previous years as the u.s. power structures move more deeply into the realm of inverted totalitarianism.

Sheldon Wolin: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/sheldon_wolin_and_inverted_totalitarianism_20151101

"Inverted totalitarianism also “perpetuates politics all the time,” Wolin said when we spoke, “but a politics that is not political.” The endless and extravagant election cycles, he said, are an example of politics without politics.

“Instead of participating in power,” he writes, “the virtual citizen is invited to have ‘opinions’: measurable responses to questions predesigned to elicit them.”



What is all this rubbish about such a meaningless triviality?!

I concur with several comments so far about how little difference it makes.

Jill Stein’s is the only voice still speaking truth to power.

Green 2016


I voted for Stein after the first ‘hope and change’ administration. The Green Party does have a presence in MN, but maybe you might be interested in helping with the ballot drive. This is going on all over the country, and more states are being added to the ones where they already have access. http://mngreens.nationbuilder.com/our_candidates


There is absolutely NOTHING Hillary can do to get my vote. I supported Bernie in the primaries as my last chance for the Democrats to get my vote for President. Hillary has always been an unacceptable choice for POTUS to me and millions of other progressives/liberals who have come to see the awful truth about the Clinton/DLC faction of the party for the corporatist sell-outs they are. She also is a war-mongering hawk, who WILL take this country to war given the chance. Mark my words. Trump is an idiot, but Hillary is a foreign policy nightmare. We need know nothing further than that she considers war criminal Henry Kissinger to be a close friend and mentor! No, millions of us have already decided to move on from Bernie to Jill Stein and the Greens for the Fall. Hopefully, Hillary will lose the election by the margin that Stein gets, to send a clear message that her time, and that of the neo-liberals has passed, and we will be taking the party over for the people over the next few election cycles. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


I wouldn’t vote for Clinton even if she named me VP.


Jill Stein is not going to be the next US president. Either Donald Trump and Hilliary Clinton will be. Even the “Libertarian” candidate will get 2-3 times more votes than her. Guess which candidate’s election will be a complete disaster for the Green Party?

Has Ms. Stein even tried to run for a local seat in Boston or Massachusetts? The Greens need to focus on local offices rather than blow the organizations resources on a single candidate every four years in the quadrennial extravaganza of fools. Maybe you can run in a local office wherever you live.

Also he Greens are not to be confused with a genuine, class-conscious leftist party. They are the party of urban professionals and academics. We still need a genuine labor-left party like the now-defunt Labor Party of the 1990s.


I have not even read the article, but will say no true progressives could give a damn who Hillary picks? Election fraud put Hillary where she is. Hillary is not, to use the media’s new group think word, the presumptive anything. She is the latest recipient of the anointed position of president. We still have the courts to save us, if only there is some decency left. I never understood how a cheat could wear a crown.