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Democratic Victory in Virginia Paves Way for Final Approval of Equal Rights Amendment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/democratic-victory-virginia-paves-way-final-approval-equal-rights-amendment

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.


Yes, and I hope we do. Equally important is the chance to undo all the damage done by my representative and Speaker of the House of Delegates, Bill Howell. Howell worked for the Koch brothers, pushing legislation they wanted through the House and was, as is typical of republicans in general, profoundly hostile to the citizenry. He was once the chairman of the board for a Koch organization and continued to sit on that board until the end of his tenure. He worked for Koch interests, not the people of Virginia. Really a disgusting human being.


" it’s one thing to ignore a House-passed bill - it’ll be several orders of magnitude different to stand in the way of the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment."

Seriously? Have you not learned one thing about Republicans (and conservative collaborative Democrats) over the past 40 years?

That one thing would be that there’s almost nothing they’re not willing to do, and the few things they aren’t are merely because they’re waiting til they have the power to do them. The likelihood that the Senate as it is now will pass the ERA seems about as high as passing a strong Green New Deal.

OK sisters and brothers, Virginia passing the Equal Rights Amendment is not going to be enough. All States need to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Let’s make a STATEment. I want my sisters and brothers in Utah to ratify next. Go Utah. You are the salt of the earth.