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Democratic Voters Rank Bernie Sanders as 'Most Qualified' 2020 Candidate to Solve US Healthcare Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/democratic-voters-rank-bernie-sanders-most-qualified-2020-candidate-solve-us


Here is something else that separates Sanders from that asshole, Biden. Trumpo the Klown fucked up by sending his condolences to the people of Toledo!!! That POS couldn’t even get his message straight and that message that he robotically read from a teleprompter was pathetic in its lack of sincerity.
Well, “Uncle Joe” stated his condolences for the people of Michigan! Jeez, he couldn’t even get the right state!! Biden will NEVER be able to convince me that he could be a good president. His record over decades proves otherwise. We are getting the same bullshit that Hillary tried to get elected with. i.e. don’t look at what I have actually done - just believe my words now. Uh huh, no way. Oh. and BTW, fellow cynics - if Trumpo the Traitor actually manages to pull out another “win” next year don’t let the Democratic apologists use some reverse engineering and try and blame you for the disaster by not voting for Biden.


Will healthcare be the #1 issue in 2020 prez, senate and house elections?

will it be an upheaval for earning a living wage.
get us out of this war, right now!
inflation is wrecking us
why is gasoline $6.00 per gallon

Lottsa time for el trumpo to stir up vast troubles for Americans and the whole world. We will have no allies.


25%? Well OK.

I’m thinking of giving up YouTube and progressive sites. They lull me into thinking there is hope.


Interestingly, in the aftermath of the Detroit debates, 38% of respondents said Medicare for All was discussed too much. And 35% wanted more discussion of the ACA.

I tell you, if the media and d-party establishment weren’t so stacked against Bernie, his chances of bursting past the soon-to-implode ByeDone would look damn good.

And whaddaya know? People think KamalaCare sucks.


Not countering your post, but curious how the questions were worded. My guess is the questions were worded to get that result, since people just LOVE their overpriced private insurance premiums typically.


Without a good adblocker (wonder how long any will continue to work) Youtube is becoming just like cable television with a fucking commercial every 10 fucking seconds.

Edit…I loathe TV in general for many reasons, but most of all because of the commercials. All of my close family members have their TVs going during every waking moment and at a loud volume. They NEVER mute the fucking annoyance boxes during commercials and I have to go snatch the remote to turn down the volume enough to hear myself think.

I haven’t had Cable TV or even a TV to watch it on for about 10 years, and prior to that typically when I had a roommate that payed for it (and would drive me nuts with it for the same reasons).

Have I already stated how much I loathe the entire TV culture of endless commercials and endless preoccupation with the TV in almost every household in this country?


From the actual poll:

Thinking about the Democratic primary debates, were each of the following topics
discussed the right amount, too much or not enough? Medicare for All (N=316)
Too much 94 30%
Not enough 108 34%
The right amount 95 30%
Don’t know / No opinion 20 6%

Thinking about the Democratic primary debates, were each of the following topics
discussed the right amount, too much or not enough? Affordable Care Act (N=316)
Too much 59 19%
Not enough 118 37%
The right amount 120 38%
Don’t know / No opinion 19 6%

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YouTube is great for music.

Seriously, our country is going to hell in a handbasket, and all anyone is considering is either Democrats or Republicans.


Has this country’s people all lost their minds, and their imaginations?

Might as well have a large “Jonestown Style Kool-aid Party” instead of a 2020 election if this is all we have to look forward to.


Agreed about YouTube and music. I have to admit, I like the AI algorithm for discovering new music. So far my adblocker is holding up.


One of the very few bright spots on TV is Democracy Now . The only news show I trust to give honest news and NO COMMERCIALS. You can watch it on the internet also.
I can’t believe that someone has not had it taken of the air.


Trumpo the Traitor – catchy name and way far true!


What amazes me is the 19% that think Joe Frickin’ Biden is the best person to solve the health care crisis. What rock have these people been living under? Oh, yeah, CNN and MSNBC.


Which candidates are the most likely to be stomped down by the DNC, again?

Who’s voters are most likely to have their ballot eaten by a MONSTER, again?

Which beloved Programs of actual Democratic Presidents will be privatized; to indenture sick folks, bankrupt working class homeowners and liquidate old folks’ assets as they die?

Which greatly respected, dedicated and wholy dedicated members of congress will be ridiculed, ceaslessly lied about and shamelessly libled on Steven Colbert, MSNBC, CNN… basically on every channel, every newspaper, most blog aggregators… like something out of Orwell?



Bill de Blasio Says Bernie Sanders Would Have Beat Trump In 2016

“There was such desire for change,” said the New York City mayor, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.


Not taken off the air; nonetheless Democracy Now! has been somehow intimidated about 9/11. I have absolutely no proof but my guess is their parent companies broadcast license has been somehow threatened because like the rest of the T.V. media they have become gatekeepers for the original, government lie, which is the most outrageous of fairy tales. Over 2,000 building Architects and building Engineers with impeccable credentials have said it was mathematically impossible what we have been told, yet not one to my knowledge, has ever been interviewed about their alternative theories of 9/11.


Hi bruce bennett:
Biden is the man with no brain, however, like the amoeba he does have a reflex action to things, like his annoying habit of nuzzling women’s necks and touchy-feely stuff!

Long, long ago, Abigail Adams said," Remember the ladies." I guess Joe forget to remember, but of course women do remember-----and we will never forget that Joe Biden dissed Anita Hill, and would not allow other ladies harassed by the Clarence Thomas person-- to speak ! Old Joe ignored the ladies and we will IGNORE HIM!


Once the field is narrowed down to a handful, watch that 19% shrink.

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I dont believe that the senator from Master Card beats Warren in this, or anything else.
That many people are not that stupid or suicidal

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