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Democratic Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal Reportedly Doesn't Want Phrase 'Medicare for All' Used During Medicare for All Hearing

Attempting to change it from the inside is a fools errand. So we either need to kill it, or make it irrelevant by doing an end-run. I was hoping that Bernie might do the end-run. Guess that isn’t happening.

The thing that makes it even worse is that the economics that those economists use, they are based on assumptions that are radically violated in reality and are often internally logically inconsistent. Steve Keen has a great book on this, called “Debunking Economics”, a more technical evisceration of it came from a guy named Piero Sraffa in the mid 20th century. But, the free market stuff never described objective reality, which is a thing you post-modernists. The radical left was calling this stuff out decades ago, that is what the WTO protests were about, the World Social Forum and the like. Like with countless other issues, the left called it long ago, it was either ignored or mocked (claims that it wanted to stop progress and go back to a bygone era) and ultimately proven correct.


Neal needs to go soon.
Yea it’s a loser for who? The corporations sending him bribes.

This reflects BOTH parties!


I guess the ideal economic system for the neo-liberal economists like Milton Friedman would be that under Pinochet in Chile. They seem to be working to make the U.S. in a similar mold.


Pretty much. They also point to Chile’s disastrous pension privatization as a model to follow, seem to want to do what Chile did to their educational system, which is to privatize the entire thing. That was the basis of the “penguin revolution” there and it is disastrous.

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Yea, Pelosi and Neal are chuckling over how the american rabble wants Medicare for All instead of their fake plans beholden to the vested interests of the insurance industry. Maybe they will all have dinner tonight at some fancy restaurant in DC, have drinks cheering themselves while they laugh at the american people who are caught in a terrible bind. All bought and paid for by the american insurance industry.

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The free market is currently more religion than economic system.


Which brings this to mind:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy


Then this just popped up

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“It seems like…‘single-payer’ is emblematic of many issues in our current world where objectivity is overcome by some kind of 'free-market” belief system that overrides all reason and common sense.”

A principaled Marxist might argue that - materially speaking - this belief is because the power-relations-conscious class consciousness of an industrial working class has yielded to the atomized consciousness of workers in a post-industrial economy who - lacking the collective, industry-based class consciousness - are also more susceptible to that “belief system.”

Hence Walter Benjamin’s “left wing melancholy” (as he called it) for a historical moment whose potential was not realized…

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“In some ways we are living in a dark ages where the mystical free market system with all its magical benefits will make life wonderful for everyone.”

Not a bad analogy…except that whereas in the earlier version the ‘good kingdom’ of justice was to be realized in Heaven, now the ‘good kingdom’ of prosperity is to be realized on earth in the future by the deserving hard working and sacrificing.

Hence, the white millennial-oriented FIRE movement that - as the American Dream of middle class advance disappears - preaches that success will come not just through hard work, but through thrift - an idea that both ‘keeps the dream alive’ and conveniently blames historically disadvantaged poor people of color for not succeeding:

This is why big money in politics has to be ended. Sanders and/or Warren are the only choice so far. They are the Only candidates who seem to get that this is about our fundamental rights as citizens to an uncorrupted representative democracy. That is what the founders envisioned, that is not what we have. Most of the Founders are rolling in their graves at what has become of the system they set up.

Sanders and Warren are the Only candidates of actual integrity with regard to protecting our constitution. Mr. Neal is a disgusting sellout insurance industry whore. He and his ilk need to be removed from politics. Buying politicians has to be made unacceptable both as a broad public opinion cultural norm and as a matter of law. The attempt by either a politician to solicit or an individual or business entity to corrupt should be met with significant jail time. One strike you’re out.

Mr. Neal is a disgusting sellout insurance industry whore.


Mr. Sanders is a disgusting sellout MICC WHORE who never met an “arms system” he didn’t support with your tax dollars. Sorry folks, but that is the truth. I was a Bernie supporter until I began to dig a little bit. Defense plant jobs in Vermont are far more important than the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people by the armaments supplied by the industries supported by Mr Sanders. I know you don’t want to hear this. And, it’s greatly saddens me as well. But facts are facts and we can’t deny that. A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for more war. You don’t really think we are going to leave those Vermont National Guard F-35’s parked on the tarmac do you? (Incidentally, for those who might care about how their tax dollars are spent, you might be interested to know that in routine testing the old F-16 in a dogfight scenario beats the F-35 every time. I guess it’s a good jobs program. But if it would ever come to All Out War the F-35 boondoggle is a loser.

We end up with two hands and a whole lot of assholes. ^^

That “free-market” belief system is the ideology of the ruling class. There’s a reason it is so pervasive, readily at hand to all our thinking, we’ve been propagandized and it’s the water we swim in, the air we breathe. Neoliberalism is a good shorthand term for it these days. We need to see right through it all the time, and point it out to others. This article and this thread are helping do that!


I’ll check it out. That would be disappointing. I’m not aware of any reporting that Sanders takes MICC money. That would make him not a whore but a supporter. Maybe marginally better. If that is in fact the case. References for Sanders’ MICC relations would be helpful from you.

For the sake of argument, say it is true. Who, then, would you suggest? That would pretty much leave Warren as the only anti-corruption true pro-democracy candidate running wouldn’t it? And if she has a “disqualifying” skeleton in her closet, where would you turn? With the caveat that someone plausible has to run against Trump. That caveat would override Sanders’ defect in my estimation, with the notion of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I suspect that as president, Sanders could be pressed to end MICC revolving door and other MICC corruption as part of a general getting big money out of politics anti-corruption effort. If he indeed even supports the MICC, which seems seriously doubtful.

I think I’m going to be making many phone calls…poor staff…to blurt out “Medicare for All” repeatedly until I get the hang up.

Clucking jerk.

He is also not receiving New York’s tax returns for Trump. Pelosi and Neal have Trump’s back.

Trump just fakes all of that hate on Pelosi. He knows she wants him in office for the next election.

He’s a corrupt motherfucker. He also rejected the State of New York’s offer to send him Trump’s tax returns!! An asshole who should just switch parties and be honest for a change. He is a goddamn Republican who realizes that he’s less likely to get elected in Massachusetts if he reveals his true politics. Just like that other POS, Joe Lieberman, from Connecticut did.