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Democrats' 2020 Battle Royale Is Going to Be Brutal, Dirty, and Totally Worthwhile


Democrats' 2020 Battle Royale Is Going to Be Brutal, Dirty, and Totally Worthwhile

Ryan Cooper

Jostling for position in the 2020 Democratic primary has started already, God help us. And there is probably no way around a bitter fight between liberals and leftists over who is going to be the nominee.

However, it might be possible to head off some of the bitterness that resulted from the 2016 primary by admitting the necessity of that fight and making it about ideology and policy to the greatest possible degree.


There are few, if any, leftists in the 2020 “battle”. There are neoliberals, liberals and social democrats. The good that comes out of this - as Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report suggests - is that these internecine Tweet-fights, bureaucratic back-stabbings, groveling for corporate sponsorships, etc. will hasten the decline of the Dim wing of the capitalist Duopoly. This is a good thing.

But leftists in the U.S. haven’t yet built enough of an alternative infrastructure by way of the many movements that are struggling against capitalist imperial hegemony. So those of you who are young enough to be around for a few decades are in for a pretty rough ride.


Not holding my breath that the party will nominate someone with bona fide progressive credentials. Why should it? It’s still the same party it was in 2016 with the same neoliberal, corporate friendly leadership, still screaming the Russians did it. Some are progressive leaning faces, sure, but even more of the traditional centrist newbies. Nope, when all the dust clears, the party will likely stay with the same failed strategy of nominating a business friendly, neoliberal middle of the roader for Prez and swing even more to the right for a VP to lure in Republican votes, a la Clinton-Kaine. For damn sure, it won’t nominate anyone who is “soft” on defense. Can’t have no pacifists stinking up the party.


Cooper sez: “Beto O’Rourke … got a ton of positive media attention during his campaign, leading to him being put forward by former Obama staffers as a good presidential candidate.”

Ironic, no, that a guy who publicly declined corporate investment during his Senate race gets an endorsement from team Wall Street?


There are plenty of ways other than corporate PACs to send money and support to the flunkie-of-the-moment. Wall St. knows that Beto is a solid bet as he is a multimillionaire real estate tycoon with a multimillionaire real estate tycoon Daddy-In-Law. Also he is pro-military/empire and a solid anti-BDS Zionist-enabler.

“Progressives” somehow seemed to miss all of this during the (s)election against the fascist POS Cruz because Cruz smells so bad.


Beto epitomizes the establishment wing of the d-party.

If he’s the nominee, not only will I not vote for him, I’ll convince ten others not to as well.


While I agree with your intent, good luck with the convincing thing. Since the Rethugs will field Drumph or some-such POS, the Dims can always claim “We’re not as bad.” It works quite well for them to maintain their role as the “opposition” in the Duopoly.

Even lets them win until they expose who they actually are and lose again. Not bad work if you have the stomach for lying, groveling, betraying any principles you claim to have, conspiring in mass murder and climate change, etc.


There are probably about two dozen potential candidates. I think there are some “hybrid” potential candidates, that is could be considered in either wing of the party. And ultimately every Democratic candidate is probably going to call themselves a progressives or at least claim they have a progressive agenda. The term liberal is only used by Republicans and self-proclaimed progressives in attacking establishment Democrats. Liberal is a meaningful term and is derived from the concept of liberty but the Republicans have made it toxic. Basically it has become associated with taxes and spending and policies that supposedly take taxes from whites and give the money to blacks and so for the Democrats running for office the term is something like kryptonite.


Thanks for further confirmation that your party is defined by the Republicans.

Of course, with no agenda of your own outside of a slower walk off the cliff, someone has to define you guys.


I’ll convince a handful based on his fossil fuel allegiances.

Another handful will abandon him because he’s a Wall St tool.

Still others will repudiate his Obama-style, feel-good emptiness.

Let’s face it, he’s a skateboarding Tim Kaine.


My ideologic bent is yen/yang balance, unfortunately, neither Left nor Right enough for the local yeahews, a target for both sides. OTOH, moderates are indeed the majority democracy is meant to serve rather than extremist minority know-it-alls from both sides of the political aisle. My political issue is transport, energy, land-use and development guided by an environmentally conscientious advocacy for mass transit, safer crosswalks, new bikeways through natural areas and public parks. I’m a Green New Deal kind of person with an actual record of significant accomplishment. Most people protest what “not to do” but few know little about what “to do” instead. Multi-millionaire real estate moguls know perfectly well that the self-driving car idea is a fraud. The fraud is their support for its continuation. Jeff Bezos is committing fraud long enough to bankrupt small local and large regional retail. Jeff will claim what he’s doing is legal.


They’re trying to run, but rays of Kryptonite have disabled their superpowers!
I judged “The Incredibles 2” a pretty good sequel and recommend “Joe’s Apartment” 1996 for its “You’re Fired” scene foretelling our horrible state today. It sure feels good though to watch DJT squirm. One day is head will just drop off on its own, sort of a spontaneous head drop off, forgot to tighten the head bolts!


Mr. Cooper from my perspective, could not be more WRONG! He still believes in the dog and pony show of the election for POTUS in 2020. The elite have already selected their Democrat for POTUS.


Cooper is likely correct that the best that we can hope for in 2020 is that a fight within the Dems draws enough blood to shake things up a bit.

I do not see it there, yet, though, nor much hint anyone who might bring it.


Neera Tanden is a neoliberal.

The battle is not between liberals and leftists.

It is between liberals and neoliberals

Neoliberals - former liberals that got rich and became conservative lites.


People always talk about left “centrist” (center of what?), but the issue is really whether we need superficial or structural changes. Like, in healthcare, we have a nightmare of a healthcare system that is an international embarrassment. Tens of thousands die each year, most expensive and inefficient system there is, mass bankruptcies and job lock too. So, can that system be kept as is at the foundational level but moderately improved in such a way that it performs as systems in other countries? Good luck making that argument on policy. Can we address the environmental crisis (which is much larger than carbon emissions alone) with things like cap and trade programs, or do we need structural changes? Again, good luck to the “centrists”, if objective reality and actual data and studies matter. And the so called “moderates” can claim to be the adults in the room, but they have to explain if what they are calling for meets the challenges we are facing. Clearly not the case. The moderates and the right have been running the show for decades, and everything is falling apart. Look at the international economic system they have created, the dominant institutions like the WTO, and deals like NAFTA. Also, good luck fighting fascism if you don’t radically change policy. Cause the context feeding fascism isn’t going away without radical policy changes. What the “adults in the room” call impossible are actual solutions, and you would have to be living under a rock to pretend that their positions are not largely a reflection of who financially supports and enriches them.


You seem to have fallen into the left-center-right political spectrum map, a map that is in fact a trap that seems particularly effective ensnaring those who consider themselves “neither left or right.”
It is a map that fails to accurately describe the political territory.
Democracy is not designed to benefit anybody, but instead is meant to reflect the will of the people. If polling conducted by different polling organizations over the course of several years is any indication, the will of the people seems to be to the “left” of self styled moderates.
Your claim to be a “Green New Deal kind of person” seems to place you in the camp of those so called “extremist minority know it alls” that you seem to despise.
Besides, can you name an example of an “extremist minority know it all” that exist on the side you label as “left”?


Democracy can be viewed as serving the majority, which happens to be the moderate demographic nearest the dividing line between Left and Right. People in positions of power are a minority selling best laid plans to whoever hasn’t the sense to realize they’re being had. The Left embraces environmental causes, but shouldn’t trust non-solutions like self-driving cars nor Elon Musk’s tunnel highways and hyperloop nonsense. I’m not pleased that so many dedicated environmentalists haven’t a clue how to reverse environmental degradation. What’s your damn claim to fame? Having something to say worth hearing occasionally?


True, but you’ve got to admit it’s going to be one hell of a show in 2020. We even get the benefit of the repugs slugging it out for their nominee in this one as well, kind of a two-fer deal, all for our entertainment. Can’t wait.


Who would want the job of President in this country? Cohen just got sentenced to only 3 years In prison, when there are people serving triple the time for carrying an ounce of Weed! Then you have the Billionaies like Bloomberg. Do we really want people like him as President who are clueless about how Poor people live? 2020 will be a bigger shit show than 2016 ever was!!!