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Democrats Against Democracy, Self-Styled Progressives Against Progress


Democrats Against Democracy, Self-Styled Progressives Against Progress

Jake Johnson

There are many important lessons to be gleaned from this year's primary process, lessons that can have both positive and negative implications across the political spectrum — if, that is, they are taken to heart. They probably won't be.


The degree to which Democrats and Republicans have, nearly unanimously, embraced inherently plutocratic capitalist economics and military tactics that amount to crimes against humanity, such as drone killing, crowd killing, sociopathic Special Operations massacres, is reprehensible

Taking a lesson from masters at parsing language, such as Bill Clinton ('It depends on what your definition of 'is' is"), Barney Frank may refer to himself as a 'progressive' just as Hillary Clinton does when trying to ensure that Sanders supporters will vote for her. Crafting language to use the term 'progressive' to refer to those who promote the interests of plutocrats and the military/espionage industry only renders the term meaningless.


"In 2016 Barney Frank has changed his tune dramatically" ? Tune, perhaps, but his Congressional track record confirms that Frank had to change his tune because Sanders has already, during the primaries, illuminated some of details of Dodd/Frank "reform" and will illuminate more of Frank's hypocrisy in the next five months.

Although Obama and Clinton serially claim that Dodd/Frank will keep the too-big-to-fail banks from crashing the economy again, that bill was written by the too-big-to-fail banks,any attempt by Congress to put any teeth into it was thwarted by the too-big-to-fail banks, and five years on the too-big-to-fail banks control nearly half of US bank assets compared to 25% when they crashed the economy in 2008. Dodd/Frank DID enable the too-big-to-fail banks to double their control of politicians and the economy while making it harder for community banks to compete and survive as they have lost the 20plius% that the too-big-to-fail banks gained.

Frank needs to redirect the spotlight on Sanders to distract us from looking at the details of Dodd/Frank and the tragic results it has produced and will continue to produce.


I've been feeling heartsick since last Tuesday, to finally comprehend the true extent of the rot in this (I certainly can't call it "our") political system. It has seeped into and overcome not only the machinery of governance but any humanity it had as well. We live, using one writer's words, in a "culture of cruelty," that seeks to silence all who will not consent to its continuing existence. I feel as if I am living in a vast disaster zone that encompasses all of the United States. Like the Irish monks of the Dark Ages, who preserved the knowledge of civilization in their round-towered monasteries against waves of barbarians, we of like mind must band together to protect and stand up for the humanitarian values we cherish and want to carry on. My tiny candle is lit, and my hands shelter it from the wind as best I can. Together, we can be a mighty flame!


So true. Ever since GWBush stole the election there has been a downward spiral of corruption everywhere. When laws are broken and no one is held to account it gives everyone the feeling that anything goes. Corruption has increased steadily since because no one is held to account except the masses. We can't heal, we can't believe, we can't go forward until it is corrected. It has eaten out the heart and soul of this country.
The nightmare of this rotten election shows how blatantly the elite lie, cheat, and steal to get the power and money they lust for. The more people continue to vote for these crooks the more they will try to get away with. I won't vote for Hillary out of conscience. What these two hated candidates stand for means nothing to the parties as they are willing to shove them at us and then ridicule anyone for not committing to one or the other. Not this time. I vote no confidence. Go Green if Bernie isn't on the ballot.


In my life, I've seen a downward spiral of corruption everywhere ever since November 22, 1963. It's been a long, long fall ...


One of the best pieces I've read this election season. The DNC and DLC seem hell bent on handing the White House to Trump. They figure if Clinton loses they'll still be in power -and if Sanders wins they won't.


The DNC's work is done when Clinton is nominated. At that point the corporate paymasters approve the next four years' multi billion dollar bribes to the Democrats irrespective of who wins in November. If Sanders is nominated, four years worth of bribes are down the drain.


> If the party threw its weight behind a truly populist platform...they would win every election season in a landslide.

So true; that's the most important, clear and consistent conclusion from the totality of polls, voting patterns, public comments, the number of Sanders' donors and donations, the general anti-establishment mood across the political spectrum, and more. In fact, it strikes me (and so many others) as so obvious, that one would have to be blind and/or be seriously, cognitively impaired to not see and respond to this reality.

Yet the DNC, and establishment "leaders", far too many of them themselves captive to concentrated capital, have chosen to do just that.

If I were a Democratic Congressperson facing re-election, I'd also be concerned about this, for a depressed turnout of Democrats and D-leaning independents is likely in a Trump v. Clinton race; and the disenchantment is going to hit down-ballot races as well.

But, as others note, those who've bought these Democratic candidates are only really hedging their bets, anyway... they win regardless of whether the winner carries the D or R  label.


Ever since its founding in 1985 the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) playbook actually requires throwing down-ticket candidates under the bus.

In 1993 Clinton inherited a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party and promptly zealously promoted and signed NAFTA, assuring that in 1994 Democrats would lose control of Congress for the first time since 1954, giving him cover to blame the GOP Congress for the following six years of pro 1%/anti 99% legislation.

In 2009 Obama inherited a Congress controlled by Democrats and promptly zealously promoted and signed the Heritage Foundation's corporate welfare program rebranded as Obamacare, assuring that Democrats in 2010 would lose control of Congress and give him cover to blame the GOP Congress for delivering six years of pro 1%/anti 99% legislation.

A Congress controlled by Democrats limits how much the POTUS can deliver to the 1% so the DNC views a Congress controlled by Democrats as a bribe killer.


If you don't know about Barney Franks, listen to Paul Bonacci testify about him as Paul's sexual abuser...part of the Franklin Scandal which used Boy's Town children to sexual entertain politician's in DC. Conspiracy of Silence relates this sordid ring of predators. Ted Gunderson former LA FBI Director saved this video and got it online. Conspiracy of Silence was produced in Eng by BBC.and was supported to air on The Discovery Channel...but was yanked. Learn about how many politicians were involved with this children who would be flown into DC from Omaha. Barney Frank had the goods on a lot of people and has survived. He is co chair for the Rules committee for the convention. He should also be in jail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=


Seeing as we're only necessary to give enough votes to the chosen one then we'll be cast aside, why give them what they want? We have to remember we our the many and some point the peasants revolt; why not make it sooner then later?


Frank is an infected neoliberal affluenza victim that has been assimilated into the establishment.


Democrats have been playing rope-a-dope for years so they can allow exactly what they want by paving the way for republicans and then blaming them for exactly what they both want.

The game is sidewinder and their forked-tongues amount to more austerity for "The People..." and more wealth for the 1%.

So, if you have to vote just hold your nose and continue the bullshit by giving what the establishment wants. The nation is just too ignorant, if not, stupid, to tip over this carnival.



Anyone who skipped straight to the comments, go back and read this. I got nothin' else to add.


Great article.
Now it's time to follow the money.
Documentary coming out soon called 'Clinton Cash.'
Before you dismiss it because of right wing funding note that major newspapers and progressive sites have found plenty of authenticity and factual evidence in this production.
Look up the comments and review of Lawrence Lessig.
How damning is this? David Brock and his media hit team are attempting a preemptive strike before the release. David Brock sound familiar?
Yep- the scumbag who verbally raped Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings. He even wrote negative items about the Clintons in the 90s.
What is he doing today?
He heads up one of Hillary's Super Pacs.
Always the money- follow the money.
As Hillary told Diane Sawyer we were dead broke when we left the White House. What a recovery- with wealth estimated at $235 million.
Plus the Clinton Foundation. The Super Pacs.
And what do Howard Dean and Barney Frank do for a living these days?

Again, great piece, young man.


They are also attempting to divert attention from the fact that Sanders has not created these flaws — he has exposed them.



Excellent piece, concisely articulating many uncomfortable truths about the Democratic establishment. Barney Frank's petulant behaviour towards Bernie Sanders has been especially irritating and promises to become more so during the convention, so succinct critiques like this may be useful in reining in his self-indulgent sputtering during the event.


Barney Crank is just another toady for the big hedge fund outfits in the Boston area. He can raise $$$, so he gets to hang around and bloviate. He'd be a moderate centrist except he's gay. So , he looks like a leftish-type. But, fighting Neanderthals on social issues will do that. The guy is no friend of Sen Sanders and his supporters. He's an elitist insider East Coast snob who happens to have found a nitch and is exploiting it for his Boston Brahmins.


The pac Brock heads is responsible for "Correct the Record", which is spending a million dollars on pro-Clinton Internet shills.