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'Democrats Against Medicare for All Make Me Sick': Steny Hoyer First Target of National Emergency Ambulance Tour

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/30/democrats-against-medicare-all-make-me-sick-steny-hoyer-first-target-national


Good for them.


Thank You Dr. Kaplan, anyone with even a slight amount of common sense, would agree with you’re prescription. I’m sure you know how valuable support for M4A is from physician like yourself. Physician support is my new “measuring stick” to rate any doctor or dentist, and to determine whether they will receive my business or not. I feel my logic is fairly simple, if they support M4A, they care about their patients. If they don’t, they care more for money, and not a doctor I want to give my money to. Now I have no illusions that my refusal to use non-supporting doctors will have any effect on them, but it makes me feel better.


Being a lifelong FDR Democrat, who grew up in an essentially Republican household,I’ve heard and learned a bit about hypocrisy. I also determined that I want Dick Cheney’s health plan.The biggest problem with the “system” is simple - the people who make the rules don’t play the game. If legislators heard the words, “that may not be covered, do you have a credit card?” they may take better advised action. Congress has exempted itself from most rules, so the public is always going to screwed.


Steny Hoyer is accountable. To the big corporations who line his pockets.


There’s a lot of things Democrats are Not doing that makes me Sick. Single Payer is only one of them…


What a laugh. The Democrats insisted that Obamacare was nearly perfect with it’s high premiums, balance billing, unaffordable deductables and copays and most of all, Obamacare enshrined the private insurance companies for all time. Obama wisely informed us that socialist national health care sounded good, but alas, it was politically impossible. Obama knew that without high cost sharing, people would go to the doctor constantly and that it was critically necessary to impose these barriers to care in order to keep insurance affordable. Obama realized that as long as you have insurance you don’t really need a doctor anyway. If you died without care or treatment or were bankrupted by illness at least you had coverage! That mean old Donald Trump wants to take away this valuable insurance and now the Democrats say they ARE for socialism? I’m confused.


I like that idea. How do you find out if a doctor supports it? Do they just tell you if you ask?

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And that was after Obama told people he was for single-payer when he was campaigning. Then it changed to “all options are on the table”, then he had Dr. Margaret Flowers arrested on a public sidewalk for trying to deliver a single-payer petition while he was trying to have a PR stunt that excluded single-payer from the table.


Why doesn’t Our Revolution use their resources to drive to the voters, and name and shame their politicians? Voters need to withhold their votes over something important. This would be a good issue.

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I just ask, the supporters seem to be proud and willing to discuss the issue. The one who wasn’t didn’t want to answer, and wanted to change the subject as soon as possible, since I have no insurance and pay 100% of the bill, I told him why and said goodbye.

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"The truth is Medicare for All is a progressive litmus test—either you’re on the side of the sick and the suffering or you’re with corporate healthcare CEOs," said Geevarghese.

It’s my litmus test, that’s for damned certain.

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In the tribal regions, or older times, the (witch) doctor would in many villages treat all or most villagers no matter how many chickens they had to give it.
It takes a village to treat a village. Co-operative or communal healthcare is needed, not sorry no chickens, no help, crap.

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