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Democrats Are Afraid Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Too. And That’s A Good Thing.

Democrats Are Afraid Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Too. And That’s A Good Thing.

Norman Solomon

In the last few days, both Politico and the New York Times have reported that freshman Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ruffled the feathers of fellow congressional Democrats. Chief among the reasons for the tension?


We definitely need more “David vs. Goliath” moments in the progressive cause. AOC’s slaying of the incumbent needs to be the inspirational blueprint for victories to come. As more and more younger people reach voting age, the power of TV advertising will wane as the power of social media waxes. This trend should bode well for progress, if the trolls can be kept at bay. Issues such as universal healthcare and perhaps basic income should be showcased and properly explained to describe how society can be reconfigured away from the gladiatorial mindset of hyper-financialized capitalism to a more robust society for all.


It is decades past the time that the job title Representative actually be what it is defined as.


It’s kind of amazing that the DCCC is still so powerful and has not been muted by the force of social media. When the DCCC says, “I’m not going to support your campaign; I’m going to use my power to make sure you have no name recognition,” why can’t facebook, twitter, etc. combat that? If Levi Tillemann had even 10% the social media presence of grumpy cat, Steny Hoyer could have done nothing to stop him.


she is full of fight, let’s hope she stays that way.


“Primarying” is not new. For over 50 years, any member of Congress who said anything adverse about or did not vote to send $$$ to Israel, were removed by a well financed primary opponent, financed by the American Israeli Political Affairs Committee (A.I.P.A.C.) or the Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. Cases in point are the late Senator Charles Percy of Illinois and former Rep. Cynthia Mc Kinney of Georgia.


Yes, it’s a good thing the Democrats are afraid of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They’ll eventually become afraid of Ro Khanna, Tulsi Gabbard & Rashida Tlaib & many other progressives.


AOC reminds me of the tenaciousness of a Ted Kennedy of the Senate. The House can use all of those it can muster if they intend on breaking the right-wing cycle of doing nothing but naming post offices, running tax cut scams, and pretending to support healthcare reform for the people.


Maxine Waters demanded that we confront Congressional Republicans who attempt to sabotage the government.
Nancy Pelosi reprimanded her.

Rashida Tlaib demanded that Trump be impeached.
Nancy Pelost reprimanded her too.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez challenges the status quo everyday.
Rank-and-file Democrats reprimand her everyday.

Democratic leadership and rank-and-file Democrats are terrified of confrontation. "Plenty of us in the Democratic party are tired of seeing the leaders of our party capitulate to Republican demands, to try to compromise where we seem to be the only ones giving. We want leaders like AOC who say no more! What did 8 years of compromise in the Obama years get us?"



Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez represents what the Dems used to stand for when FDR was president.

Now the Dems are afraid that progressive ideas will hurt large corporate donations. She is endangering the Cash Cow of legal bribes, which might offend Corporate Donors.

It is refreshing to see this Lady from the Bronx show the Dems what integrity is all about.

Vote in accordance with what your constituents demand and not with the largest donor.


Okay, three points in response to Solomon’s piece:

  • how OAC and others support the ‘primarying’ strategy
  • how the Sanders’ campaign has laid the groundwork for that strategy
  • and how - where progressive challengers do not actually win - an umbrella progressive organization can protect against the situation of ‘throwing their vote away’ to right liberals inclined to subsequently ignore a huge left flank
  1. OAC and other 2018-ers support Solomon’s idea that organized, ground-level-supported primarying can push the right liberal Democratic Party to represent its marginalized, progressive-leaning electorate - either by winning, or by pushing ‘talk-the-talk-ers’ left.

  2. This idea is more feasible now that Sanders’ campaign has shown just how many Democrat-voting citizens are way to the left of their right liberal representatives; and how - even without big money support - a large, energized movement supported by small donations can shape the electoral playing field - capturing not only nearly half the Democratic-leaning electorate…

…but, in addition, re-capturing the right-trending, older, in other ways conservative, former Democratic electorate - that, disappointed by Obama promises, supported Sanders, then voted for Trump. In swing states, no less. (see link below)

  1. But wait, won’t progressives be ‘giving away their vote’ if they lose a primary and then vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ right liberal Democrats? Right! That’s why we need a greater progressive organization that - where progressive primarying did not win - demanded as a condition of voting support: a) negotiated, binding ‘platform’ concessions from the winner - as is the norm with coalition parliamentary governments - and b) placement of progressives in positions of power in any incoming government.

link: how Sanders would have captured unmoored Democrats who voted for Sanders…but then voted for Trump, because he wasn’t D. establishment and seemed to promise some kind of change:


Maybe another focus should also be the MIC and endless war for corporate profit.


Funny thing about Tlaib and AOC. They speak their minds unapologetically unlike most lily-livered Ds.

I predict one or both of them changes their party affiliation to Independent.


Norman Solomon supported corporate Democrats against progressives with the Lesser Evil Gambit for years. It’s nice to see that maybe he’s seen the light sort of if he has, maybe, but it’s hard to trust him. Advocating primarying corporate Democrats sounds like it means he’s still going to support corporate Democrats in general elections. As long as the corporate Democrats can count on that, they’ll continue to offer up Pelosis, Clintons, Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and all the other right-of-center Republican-Lite turkeys we’ve been stuck with. We have 7 years to radically transform global society. It’s past time for being weak, accommodating, polite, cooperative…

It’s time to let the Democrats and Republicans both know we’ll burn the house down if they don’t either do what’s needed or get the fuck out of the way. It’s time for millions of Democrats to say they’ll leave the party and go Green if Pelosi isn’t removed as Speaker and replaced with a climate-action progressive, if the MOCs don’t support the bills we need—Green New Deal, climate committee with subpoena power, radical transformation of society… Nothing else will avoid global catastrophe so there can be no compromise.


Hi Baska; i wonder why the Vox article didn’t discuss the Bernie people who went to Stein?
Besides, since the AP declared Hillary the winner before all had voted, maybe they should consider that action made people so angry that there was no way to vote for Hlilary. We do need to get rid of the electoral voters because, when they are functioning, it seems like the one person one vote concept disappears! And I truly believe that Hillary lost her own election, because she was so sure that she would win because Trump, was her opponent but when she was declared a winner before all voting was in, that’s why I knew that Hillary and the DNC were cheating and that the Hubris of Hillary knew no bounds.


Or chases a couple of the corporate dems away.


Not so fast. Primarying entrenched dems is not as easy as you may believe. Case in point, Dan Lipinski might have lost his primary this past summer had it not been for vote flipping, documented by Lee Camp with Redacted Tonight. Look it up, it’s an eye opener. That’s the other side of primarying these Neo-Lib dems, we must watch these elections like a hawk, and ensure they are fair to the best of our ability, to help the new guard to be seated.


No “maybes” about that, at all.

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I really love your passion. Never lose it.


Both of the corporate parties cheat Stardust.

And, Hillary, the DNC, and the Democratic Party Establishment, pretty much in that order, are the one’s responsible for their 2016 loss.