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Democrats are Failing the Country by Letting Trump Off the Hook

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/11/democrats-are-failing-country-letting-trump-hook


Ryan Cooper writes:
"Democrats have essentially been shouting, “Do whatever you want, Mr. Trump! We are terrified of our own shadow and will let you get away with anything!”

The democrats are part of the oligarchy. Their lives are just fine as the stock market hits new highs today (see latest records set today)

“Terrified of their own shadow”? I don’t think so.

They are enablers and active participants in an extremely pathological system that rapes, extracts, decimates any and all life forms and legitimizes this rape via the booming “economy”. (see stock market reaching new heights today)

They enabled the rape of children as evidenced by the behaviors of Epstein and Accost-a, among others.

It is no wonder that people are feeling despair. Everything is
inter-connected: the rape of the world and the rape of children by psychopaths in this duopoly of destruction.

Excerpt from the article above:

“Children are aware that the grown-ups are leaving them a shitty world, and that’s a really messed-up thing to be aware of when you’re a kid. “A continued ecological crisis without an active solution focus from the adult world and decision makers poses a great risk that an increasing number of young people are affected by anxiety and depression,” reads the letter, in Swedish.”

Children are also aware that those in power can rape them and get away with it with the latest glaring example being that of the rapists Epstein et al.
And they can even be promoted for such behaviors i.e. the president of the u.s. (and some before him).


Pelosi should be labeled: Lead Enabler of Republican Atrocities.


Sometimes I think you really either need a national blue consensus or a national red consensus before our current crop of pols will even listen for one minute of a briefing on what either one of such have developed into on a given issue. Most will think what I’m about to write is an offbeat extraneous factor, but maybe I’m getting used to introjecting it. The press (even “our” press) itself, however, thrives on a plethora of disparate stateside scandals. They don’t need to get on my case for what I want to write about, even if they think mine’s more offbeat than any of theirs. Nader has brought this up more than once…what are Trump’s real crimes? And, of these, which is the most dangerous to the most people…I will ask. “Climate despair” may be making some give up on life, but I do think there’s another group (maybe smaller than that group, maybe larger) that another factor is working on. I think maybe we should examine why various groups in particular are so mum on Trump if we want to know why
in general it appears nobody’s doing jack. Every group counts when people really need to DO something…which is the case regarding Trump. I’ve put this up at two other places (where for sure in both places it’ll have negligible impact), so since it is a repeat I’ll block it…

The more you look at this border thing, the more you wonder why Americans don’t speak out. One reason I think is that there’s an UNRECOGNIZED group, maybe real sizable, that just has to stay agnostic on speaking out. They have to stay this way because Trump has an ace up his sleeve that keeps them quiet. They have this rare knowledge that, with another Clinton in there, there very well could be another Libya, and “another Libya” might next time be over Iran, literally “over” the Black Sea, or over Ukraine (the agnostics “suspect” Trump wouldn’t now do a Clintonesque-Libya). Yes, it is TOO BAD that during the Obama years the “war on terror” weirdly morphed the nation to the point where BOTH parties pose an existential nuclear threat, but IT IS sadly A FACT. If we were to get too much in China’s face these days…times have changed since Bannon wanted a China war. Now Russia’s closer to China. All the tables are in actuality turned, and NOT ENOUGH DEMS REALIZE IT [the DT admin is push’n Russia to the nth; it’s NOT AT ALL some Russian pawn]. Actually, if Congress would get a brain and work on removing Russia sanctions, then maybe the agnostics could come out of the woodwork.


LadyK is right. Nancy Pelosi’s “do nothing but stay in Congress” era is over, and the Justice Democrats are showing the decrepit, dishonest reality of the Democratic Party establishment every day. Americans who are awake now have a real alternative. Go where the energy and moral courage lies in the Justice Democratic movement that demands real systemic change, or keep on supporting get along to go along with the Republican agenda. Under 3rd way politics as usual Democrats have lost over 1000 seats in Congress and state elections, and many people no longer vote. I will not hold my nose any longer to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Wake up DNC!


Thanks for showing up, svanness! I can’t stay here all day and defend my point over all others (it would be pointless, and about this I won’t change my mind). I can’t deny I’ve seen some GREAT posts by Justice Democrats. The movement supports the pols that have the nerve! But, as I’m still hang’n around, and just checked Justice Democrats’ fb page…I don’t see anything like that Grayzone post I just linked above near the top of said page [check out the signers of the letter, many Dem enablers]. I will reiterate one time. You wanna yank some of those folks outta the base, or from the Pub subset that believed Trump on no quagmires…then anticipate the day when global blowback from afar will finally mean the MSM press has to talk about POLICY as much as about stateside scandal. They won’t like it, since they don’t know anything about it (but really the day is already here re our policies in Central America). Many are the Dems who will have to learn the world along with the Pubs. Keynes had a good argument against spending “crowding out,” but AFAICS the evidence nowadays is that “energy dominance” via war is the thing to which all else must be sacrificed.


She is an accomplice after the fact. And therefore complicit in the crimes.


The ‘democrat’ leadership is failing the Country in many more ways than just letting President Caligula off the hook.


Thank you for this article. Pelosi and other corporate Dems are in bed with the GOP.
It’s like professional wrestling–fake rivalries, backstage deals.


I was just watching trump for a few minutes (all I could stand), as he was faithfully lying to the whole country. He blames the woes of the country solidly on the democrats. His lie today is of course the fact that it is not the dems, but the republicans, their president and all of the swamp creatures he has hired to do his bidding and protect his lies.
Sadly he doesn’t need the national media to sow his disdain for democrats. They get pilloried by CD commenters on a daily basis. I guess the only respite we are supposed to embrace is the waiting game for the Green Party to rise from mediocrity and start winning national elections.

PS The American voter is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If you keep trashing the dems, you are courting votes for republicans, intentionally or not.

Yours and the two previous posts do the democratic party good guys a tribute, compared to the posts that seem to trash the whole democratic party. Posts that have a bad ending for elections.

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No big surprise here.  Or has everyone already forgotten that it was O’Bummer & P’Loser who let the War Criminals & Banksters off the Hook back in '09?

Why’d you leave the ‘scare quotes’ off “leadership”, Phred?  Maybe because we all know that “DNC” and “Leadership” are polar opposites??


It must be often repeated, the dems are letting republicans off the hook, everywhere you look.
I winced as I watched a bit of today’s speech by trump. There he stood, a criminal, standing along side his disrespected, contemptuous, lying AG Barr.


Not that any of his other appointees are any better.  Except maybe Rex Tillerson (who quite accurately described our beloved POTUS as “a F***ing Moron”) and James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis (who resigned in ap­parent protest to some of the worst of Tweetle-Dumb’s policies). Barr, Kavanaugh and the entire Trump- Kushner crime family should have been imprisoned years ago.  And don’t forget that it is Turtle-face Mc­Connell who has enabled this mess by pushing all the unqualified nominees through their Senate con­firmations.


Actually, no they aren’t. One reason this site is often so ridiculous.

Want a reason?

This is the corrupt and collusive life of the elites. This is the ruling class.

Perhaps a single sorry excuse for a human being can fall from grace, but to open a can of worms that would call into question the whole of the power structure?

Pols won’t, and the corpress won’t.

Never have … never will.

It all falls to us, doesn’t it just?

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“DNC rudderlesship”?


NO, it’s way more insidious than that IMHO.  The DNC – like the RNC – is an utterly corrupt tool of the wealthy elites, but apparently the more rational less irrational elites who are not hung up on beliefs in false deities and religious superstitions and who are satisfied with merely amassing wealth & secular power.


They’re all one big happy family.

The charade is coming to an end. Too many people have become wise to this bullshit.


You’re right. I’m just playing with words. If “DNC leadership” is inane, and “DNC rudderlesship” is too weak, where can we go? “DNC Terrorship” (after the HMS Terror of the Franklin expedition)? The name is good, but the tragic history doesn’t capture the necessary malice. Maybe the “DNC Silence-ship,” after Yuron Greyjoy’s ship “Silence” from Game of Thrones? It’s called the silence because Yuron cut out the tongues of all the crew. Some aptness there, as the DNC tries to mute its progressive newbies. I’ll take other suggestions…

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