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Democrats Are Hunting Big Game – Did Big Money Already Bag Them?


Democrats Are Hunting Big Game – Did Big Money Already Bag Them?

Robert Reich

Democrats are now in control of the House of Representatives, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After two years of Republican control over both chambers of Congress and the presidency, some balance has been restored to our democracy.


We must get these septogenarians out of office!


Although I can usually read Reich’s articles through to the end, this one was so front loaded with apologies for the immoral behavior of the Democratic Party that I would have barfed if I had read more than 3 paragraphs.

If the Democrats’ first week (actually only a partial week) of control of the House of Representatives is any indication we should expect Trump to be a two term POTUS and not be surprised if the Democratic Party ends up in the same dustbin of history where the Whigs, Bull Moose, and other defunct parties reside.


“I know and have worked with many members of the 116th Congress. They are people of integrity who will strive to do what is right for America. Nancy Pelosi is tough and courageous. Were it not for her insistence, Barack Obama would not have pushed for the Affordable Care Act.”

I disagree. Politicians are puppets of Big Money.


The flight has only begun.

DemExit to a political party that represents the common people, not the corporate people.


Why should Reich imagine that the game these Dems are hunting is not money and power?


Mr. Reich, what precisely do you expect Mueller to report? Why don’t you
say what you have in mind? You are not telling because you are afraid to be wrong? I think that is the reason, Mr. Reich.

Mueller will report that Trump hasn’t committed collusion with Russia or done anything that would justify impeaching him. How do I know that? It is common sense. A con-man with the experience Trump has wouldn’t leave bread crumbs behind - Al Capone didn’t, and Trump is way smarter than Al Capone.


Mealouts, I am a septogenarian and have a clarity of understanding that is sorely lacking in most younger people :slight_smile:


You are right, Ray, but the Democrats would become extinct even faster if they morphed into a truly progressive party. The United State is an “essentially” conservative and retrograde nation, which is the reason why Trump won, and is the reason why he will win again in 2020. You should know better, my friend =)


Did Big Money Already Bag Them?

Seriously Bob, you honestly think that question hasn’t been answered already?

As public servants their bank account information should be accessible to the People to confirm their honesty and integrity.

If, these qualities even apply.


How many times do I have to say it?. We say republican and democrat but, they are both the same party. Get it through your thick head America!. We must become RADICAL in our pursuit of a fair and balanced government. Voting for the same side is voting against ourselves. I think we need to talk AO-C and other progressive politicians in to starting a 3rd party. So we can make the other 2 parties run for the hills.


Subhed sez:
“The party of Pelosi and Schiff is not immune to the influence of Wall Street.”

A pity, since “the party” is mainlining that shit.


too bad. the more balanced stuff was at the end. I have huge concerns about the entrenched partisans but what it will take is hard work keeping them “honest” by us.


" Democrats Are Hunting Big Game – Did Big Money Already Bag Them?" Isn’t that quite obvious? They - the DINO corporate-whore faction of the DP have been in thrall to the power of big-money for decades!

The so-called “leadership” of the DINO faction are corrupted to their cores by the “advantages” they apparently think will maintain themselves in power, but the people’s rage against their betrayals and failures are growing exponentially as more and more become aware and infuriated at the string of sabotage to any real change - the change and reforms needed to defeat the odious trump regime and its agenda of destruction of much of what Americans once claimed at least as their direction to uphold justice and concern for the Common Good, now turned to serving common greed and self-interest!


Reich always plays the same old tune. When he speaks about a Republican they are always working on the behalf of the Corporate State because well , they are just Corporatists and stand to get rich off it.

When he speaks of Democrats , those poor dears just can not help it but sometimes , against their wishes and better judgement , they are forced to act on behalf of the Corporations and grow rich off doing it. See the Democrats are all brave and Courageous but they can only do so much. With Democrats it up to the PUBLIC to ensure they do the right thing. The Democrats are powerless otherwise.


We saw what happened when “the PUBLIC” in the form of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) shined a light on the cockroaches in 2011. Within weeks Obama and his justice department made everything OWS did illegal so they would not re-emerge in 2012 and hamper his re-election prospects.


They didn’t just make it illegal, but coordinated federal/state/local “fusion teams” to physically and (often violently) destroy the OWS camps. The fusion teams were created at the behest of big banks because OWS brought the 1% v. 99% phrase into common usage by reclaim public spaces where they couldn’t be ignored.

The Blue Wave progressives (who look less progressive than their Tweets) owe a lot to the courageous OWS folks and could learn what unscripted non-violent (not on the part of the police state) civil disobedience can look like.


This all just screams for a joke about wabbits.


I understand=I am right behind you- but we do need fresh ideas and not the same old recycled people to bring them out.


“Trump is way smarter than Al Capone”? I haven’t seen any evidence that Trump is way “smarter” than anyone except for many of his most vocal supporters in and out of the public eye. To talk about Trump being “smarter” you first have to allow for the fact that Trump is mentally and emotionally retarded. What does being “smarter” mean with someone suffering those particular afflictions?