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Democrats Are Missing An Enormous Opportunity To Lead On Sexual Harassment


Democrats Are Missing An Enormous Opportunity To Lead On Sexual Harassment

Pramila Jayapal

As sexual harassment scandals roil every industry from Capitol Hill to Hollywood, there are many factors for why we are where we are.


Do you mean this? Then start by passing laws which outlaw the abuse of women by the pornography industry. Close down Playboy, Hustler, and all the other nasty little pieces of filth that treat women as nothing more than sex organs on legs for the amusement of men. Start teaching little boys that women are not to be degraded so that hopefully by their teen years, they will see their female peers as worthy of respect instead of seeing them as a nice, quick way to get their jollies.

It is our whole culture which needs to be changed, from top to bottom. We have sexualized this culture and taken the sacredness out of the sexual act. Women are the losers.


This witch hunting of boors will not end well for women in the end. This will lead to the sequestration of women. This will lead to gender segregation.
Imagine corporate policy & hiring practices if this keeps up.
Once again, Democrats promote the regulation of the individual citizen as corps are deregulated.
This is a distraction from the fact that the Democrats are such a losing failure. Democrats have sold their principles to big donors.
Instead of going about the business of sacking that losing Democratic leadership, we are distracted by this hunting of boors.


Liberal and progressive ideology takes a back seat when talking about sexual harassment and when men are in charge. No matter their politics, men still feel that they should be in control when dealing with women. In spite of a relatively generous addition of strong women in the Democratic Party, men still set policy. Testosterone is non-partisan.


Women lie as much as men, after all they’re the same, right? It makes no more sense to believe every woman than it does to disbelieve every man. This is what due process is for.


So much for freedom of speech. Who else are you interested in censoring, and for what?


You have no concept of “the common good.” The whole issue of law is to protect the common good so that all may benefit. The only ones who benefit from pornography are the pornographers. Women most certainly don’t benefit by being abused and contracting diseases. They don’t benefit by being presented to young men as nothing more than sex toys.

The community as a whole does not benefit from pornography. It does not benefit from the higher medical costs of all the STD’s that have cropped up over the years. It does not benefit from the rape and sexual harassment of women. It does not benefit from divorce which results from marriage partners cheating on their spouses. Neither do the children.

Our whole sexualized culture is responsible for the 70%+ illegitimate birthrate in the black communities of our country. The black nuclear family has been all but destroy in this country, and the result is the high crime rate, especially of black on black crimes, in the poverty stricken areas of our cities. A young boy who doesn’t know who his father is grows up thinking that he is worthless. He thinks this because he knows that if he had value and worth, his father would be there for him. This child grows up to be a gang-banger, criminal, and rapist because of the inner anger he feels from being rejected. He doesn’t understand that he is a victim of the pornocracy in which we live - he just knows that his daddy didn’t love him, and it eats away at him.

That you would be offended by my calling for the destruction of the pornocracy in our country shows a lot about you personally. I am surprised that anyone on a Liberal website would defend such a destructive and misogynistic piece of trash as Playboy magazine.