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Democrats Are Moving Left. Don’t Panic.


Democrats Are Moving Left. Don’t Panic.

Michelle Goldberg

In November, several outright Nazis and white supremacists will appear on Republican ballot lines. Arthur Jones, a founder of a neo-Nazi groupcalled the America First Committee, managed to become the Republican nominee for Congress in the heavily Democratic Third District in Illinois. The Republican candidate in California’s 11th District, John Fitzgerald, is running on a platform of Holocaust denial.


Rescuing Democracy sounds like a good belated greeting card.


Since 1972, the Democratic Party has been tacking steadily right. Since about the same time, the lot of working people and poor people has been steadily deteriorating. Also concurrent with both trends, trust in the Democratic Party has been steadily eroded.

My point is that despite massive electoral losses and increasing unfavorability, and despite America going steadily down the shitter, the party keeps lurching to the right.

Because in the end, corporate money & the War Machine want the party to keep lurching right.

Based on the past 46 years of history, there is no rational reason in the world to think the Democratic Party might start tacking left.

Way past time to find a new party folks.


Actually, 1968 was even more important. That’s when the Dems chose the “Happy Warrior” Hubie the Hump in Chicago. He was hand-picked by the war-mongers, including Daddy Dick Daley or a number of others. This was shortly after Bobby Kennedy, who ran an anti-war primary, was assassinated, as was Dr. ML King, after he came out against the U.S. wars in Southeast Asia. As were any number of Black Panthers.

The Dems began as the party fo slavery. By 1968, they were still the party of de facto segregation (apartheid) and capitalist imperial war.

By the time George McGovern made his great challenge in 1972, the party had internally disintegrated and Nixon’s racist campaign and promise to end “The War in Vietnam” was enough to get him over in a massive blowout.


"Democrats Are Moving Left. Don’t Panic."

Before I would believe that, I’d have to see an overwhelming amount of legislation benefiting We the People, not Them the Wealthy, not only proposed, but passed by Democrats. We’ve listened to their lip candy for generations now, followed by giving the Fascists whatever they want.
*What is really needed is for We the People to decide it is time to put past issues behind us and work hard and vote for candidates we believe to be honest, committed to working for those they represent, to wit, We the People.
*When we find candidates of that caliber, we have to support them and watchdog them, to see that they do not succumb to the “Back Room” treatment as so many reformers have done before.
*In short, we have to form a People’s Coalition, devoted to real democracy and the defeat of the two sock puppets of the Oligarchy, the “Democrats” and the “Republicans.”
*In the past few decades, all of the pronouncements of the “Democratic Party” have just been wind in the trees. No substance, no change.
*As I said above, I’d have to see some positive, definitive action, before I’d ever vote for a Democrat.
*Up the People! Off the Oligarchy and its “D” and “R” minions.


So according to the Centrists, the Ultra Rightwing dingbat Republicans will be defeated by Center Right Democrats who will then “negotiate” with the dingbats. And get us where? This is their way to keep a Center Right party.

If they are sucessful, Trump, with the help of the right wing Democratic Party will continue to destroy the America we believe in.


“Democrats Are Moving Left. Don’t Panic” SAY WHAT?

Whatever your definition of “moving left” is, it is NOT mine! Whoever “the people who taught (you) about politics”, they were far off-base! Your position at the once relevant Grey Lady has apparently addled your cognitive functions and ability to reason.

"Moving left? Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, Menendez, Booker, et al…BS! all mostly silent, invisible, mealy-mouthed and complicit…there are always the band of slightly different Quisling DINO’s that support some filth being done to our nation, our people, or to people around the world like in Yemen, when a strong unity is needed…A functional Moral Compass is needed! That is NOT represented by DINO’s voting for the $760 Billion Defense Authorization Act…“Defense” being a euphemism for the for-profit war-machine built on the slaughter and displacement of millions supported by DINO’s!..“Democrats” are never there when strong unity is needed, and the current “leadership” are weak frauds!!

The DINO establishment corporate/war-whore wing are not “moving left”, they are moribund! Craven in their fear of losing their big-money corporate donors and paychecks from Goldman-Sachs…the so-called “center” now…used to be the right!

The DP “leadership” is a cowardly/complicit failure, mostly silent and invisible as far as the kind of strong/vocal/visible opposition needed to smash trumps fascist carnage and environmental destruction! Silent on war building with Iran, silent our current war in Yemen…the DP establishment are complicit Israeli stooges, silent on their war crimes and racism - like the NYT almost always! Silent on the sabotage of real progressive/“socialist” candidates…Silence equals complicity!

I suggest you take another think, Ms Goldberg…


Or maybe its time we can the DINOs and send them over to the GOPers.

Many if them gush all kinds of socially liberal rhetoric until taxes and investment wealth come up.
Many in this Top 20% of Comfortables should know their wealth came as the result of NAFTA and outsourced jobs (thank you Bill Clinton!) and 40 years of stagnant real wages.


“The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein


The only relationship Brand D wants with the left revolves around co-opting the helpless.

Don’t play the helpless fool. Act outside that party. Vote third party. Have the guts to change things.


Yuck, how could CD print anything by the neoliberal, pink-pussy-hatted Michelle Goldberg? She was a huge Hillary supporter, and anyone who pushed HRC onto the electorate is responsible for Trump…Period!


Hope and Change Part 2, coming to your neighborhood in November, starring Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and a cast of hundreds of your favorite neoliberals and Blue Dog thugs.

Uh, no, thanks, not for this gal. Still trying to get a refund on the first version.


Even as the divide within the D-party heats up, we get drivel telling us to relax, the party is fine.

1,000 seat losing streaks, abysmal voter turn out, party registration shrinking, and a loss to Trump.

But everything is fine. Chuck Schumer got this.

And don’t mind those lefties. They’re safely in our big tent. In a dark corner. Being ignored except for lip service.

As usual.


In 1964 the Republicans ran the most conservative candidate of the 20th Century. They lost in an enormous landslide.

In 1972 the Democrats ran the most liberal candidate of the 20th Century. They lost in an enormous landslide.

What happened afterwards?

The Republicans buckled down on their conservationism. The conservatives groomed new conservative candidates. They ran them over and over. They created highly funded think tanks. They wrote papers and books. They began to establish themselves in the media and academia. By the 80s they had taken over the party and they’ve only gotten more conservative since.

The Democrats buckled down on OPPOSING their liberalism. The anti-liberals groomed anti-liberal 'New Democrat" candidates. They ran them over and over. They created highly funded think tanks. They wrote papers and books. They began to purge liberals in the media and academia. By the 90s these anti-liberals had taken over the party and they’ve only gotten more anti-liberal since.

Why the two big opposite reactions.

Follow the money.

The rich elite funded the GOP conservative movement. They also funded the New Democrat anti-liberal movement.

The liberal wing of the Democratic Party had no funding.

Sanders attempted to by pass that problem in 2016 with grass roots support. It wasn’t enough to overcome the establishment, big money, anti-liberal control of the party.

Let’s not learn the wrong lesson from McGovern.


Humphrey not only was a hawk on Vietnam, he also had destroyed the left in Minnesota by purging out the Communists involved in the political coalition and the labor movement. He definitely was the McCarthy of the Democratic Party and he set things up for the moving to the right of labor that gave Nixon his big victories and later created this horrid and weird situation where working class people are now more likely to be Republicans, at least in the Mid-West and the South. It’s not all racism; it’s also that the voice of the left in unions was removed.


Thank you.


Yesterday, Charlie Pierce from Esquire ended a piece about the coming election by stating the obvious, that it was time for democrats to abandon the Clintons and their “third way” ideals and head to the left again. He stated that the DLC and their third way acolytes had their chance, and they fucked it up royally.
The time has indeed come for the third way to move to the back of the room and let the new liberals have their turn. keep your mouths shut and support whatever truly progressive candidates emerge. Blue no matter Who has become the battle cry of the losers. Its time to hold the Clintonistas responsible for the utter failure of the democratic party. Sure, tell them they can stick around, but only if they keep their sticking corporate mouths shut.


The Democratic Party is a machine, and anyone trying to reform them will be crushed or changed by them.

If they could resurrect Eugene Debs today, by Friday he would be ready to bomb Yemen, torture Chelsea Manning and bail out Wells Fargo again.

The Democratic Party takes good intentions, melts them down, & forges them into bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.


In the last 58 years the Democrats have controlled the POTUS for 28 years, the Republicans 30. Before that, the first 60 were 24 years Democratic control and 36 years for the Republicans, pretty much.
So, 52 years Democratic and 66 years Republican. What is wrong with your picture?
Bitch at the Republicans, for a change of pace, fella.
The slow moving Democratic Party is still the minority party, historically. That’s what been going on and MAGA means to keep it that way.


But the Clintons will be trotted out at conventions and other forums so D-Party dead-enders can bask in the glory of all that job creation Bill presided over.

The fact that those were dot.com bubble $9/hour jobs, the welfare reform, the fealty to Wall st, the locking people up, the signing of NAFTA over the objections of union members, the bombing, the sexual predation…well only bitter lefties will bring that up.

Follow the Rs right, crush the left. Standard Dem procedure, Thanks Bill and Hillary.