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Democrats' Attacks on AOC Are Silly and Self-Defeating

Democrats' Attacks on AOC Are Silly and Self-Defeating

Zeeshan Aleem

A number of Democratic lawmakers appear to be ganging up on Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, accusing her of undermining unity in her own party. But underneath their lectures about being a team player lies a deeper concern: that she might have the power to remold the party in her own image.

“This is all to say that party unity doesn’t simply mean that Ocasio-Cortez must work with the Democratic Party establishment—it also means that the party establishment must also find a way to work with her.”

I don’t agree with this idea. The establishment isn’t to be reasoned with, and their policies aren’t up to the task. So, working with them accomplishes nothing, but ensuring that bad policies remain, or at the very least that actual solutions become non-solutions. Same dynamic exists with the Republicans. Yeah, you can accept in the short term that they have power and you have to work with them on some level, but their ideas are horrible and they are, to a person, corrupt. So, to the extent that you do compromise with them, solutions become non-solutions and policy outcomes will worsen for most people, the environment, our society and our democracy. These interests are either taken on and removed from power, or things continue to get worse. The Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and Hoyer are not on my side, and a enemies, but enemies that are qualitatively different than Republicans. In some ways, they are more effective counter-weights to the left than those even further to the right.

I also think that people should read up Bill Black’s control fraud. The people that run and profit off of the Democratic Party have every personal incentive to not change anything. Them fighting AOC isn’t self-defeating at all. It might not be good for their party, certainly not good for working people, our democracy, the poor or the environment to push against long overdue changes, but it is good for THEM to change nothing or as little as possible. They have a lot to lose and little to gain from going in the direction of AOC or Bernie.


They really need to rename the party, the Desperation Party.


It would be hard to label them desperate when they just won 40-41 seats in the House. And, the Republicans look like, and sound like, the White Citizen’s Council of Lynchburg, Tennessee.
A O-C shouldn’t apologize, or retreat from, calling out for the " primarying " of certain elected Democrats, either. Even in the Senate, too. There are some horrible Democratic Senators currently, especially so on U. S. Foreign Policy. They’re absolutely rancid and reactionary on so many of the things that involve human rights and national sovereignty. Just terrible, really.


When the U.S. is trying to overthrow, or encouraging the overthrow with black bag $$$ of possibly 10-15 countries, can you expect meaningful domestic investments on healthcare, education, infrastructure and housing, etc.?
The Uniparty has this country on life support, intentionally. ( Think opiod sedatives, the ACA and food stamps mixed with turnip soup at a beggar’s banquet. ) They serve the Corprotocracy first, themselves next and the citizens last. Until those priorities are reversed, or scrambled up in some way, it’ll only further deteriorate.

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The d-party needs to thank Trump for bringing them back from the verge of extinction.

And they need to thank AOC and her small care of fellow unabashed liberals for making them relevant in the public eye beyond the virtue of not being Trumpublicans. Because guess what: Nancy’s paygo, and Chuck’s Zionism, and Steny’s “let’s stick with ObamaCare” bullshit excites no one and depresses many.


there’s a REASON i am a registered independent and not a registered democrat. (tho i did temporarily register as a democrat to be able to vote for bernie sanders in the 2016 primary). i am tired of supporting the corporate whores that the democrats have turned into; i am no longer going to vote for “the lesser of two evils”. if this means another 4 years of the liar-in-chief, so be it. because at the end of the day, the country is toast w/the present direction the aoc haters in the democratic party are trying to take us. the dems need to be taught a lesson. and if it’s the liar-in-chief, it will be a small price to pay if it gets the democratic party - and the country - back on the right track.


  • a 60+ year old boomer white male…
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I fully agree with you.

None-the-less I would like to see a list created and updated as needed to indicate who is attacking our (take no crap from anyone) freshmen.
Chiding them individually is okay, but seeing them on a list gives us power to push back on them more vocally.


Of course they attack her, their idea of a team player is support our Neo-Liberal agenda, or else.

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Quite frankly that they attack her is not all that bad a thing. It reveals them for what they are. Added to this if we accept the meme that these Corporatists should show a united front and not go after AOC would that not mean AOC can not go after them?

I want her to keep pointing out the hypocrisy of her fellow Democrats.


This is wonderful. The fact that the corporate Democrats are attacking her, means that she has appeal to the 99%. She MUST change the Democratic Party to bring about democracy and to crush corporate control of our government. She needs allies though and we must make sure that every corporate Democrat is removed as soon as possible. Compromise is a recipe for disaster.

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Too many Democrats are indistinguishable from their Republican counterparts. This is by design, so it is time to smash the mold, jettison the “Blue Dog Democrats” for good and start rebuilding the Party from within.

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I don’t see the Democratic Party as desperate at all. they serve their corporate master’s just as well as their Republican counterparts. Pelosi, Schummer, etc. couldn’t care less if they win or lose as their corporate $$$ will continue to pour into their campaign PACs. Instead the Pelosi’s of the world have one simple agenda to stick to… keep all discussions about politics within a narrow framework! If someone ventures outside of the corporate approved framework, use all the resources at your disposal to demonize, marginalize and discredit the maverick. As long as the Democrats can keep the 99% down, then they’re doing their corporate master’s bidding. So far the corporate Democrats have served their donors well. “Desperation” will only occur if the AOC’s of the world are able to wrest control of the Democratic Party away from Wall Street and transform the Party into a symbol of the 99%. Unfortunately we’re still long way from getting to that point.

Yup - the article ends, “The catastrophe of the 2016 election showed that the Democratic Party needed to evolve. They should be celebrating the fact that change seems to be emerging in the shape of someone so compelling.”

“Should be celebrating…that change seems to be emerging?” But that’s unrealistic. The controlling Democrats don’t want change; they accurately grasp that AOC challenges their right liberal politics; and that, as such, she is a threat.

Really, they can only be forced to change - on the one hand, by actively supporting AOC’s most progressive positions; on the other hand - as Gandalf proposes - getting a list and demanding critics incorporate progressive proposals. And last, by - as Norman Solomon wrote recently - by primarying them.

It is not the attacks of Democrats on AOC that create doubts; it is the fact that she still gets press and the fact that Aleem can reasonably make the claim that “So far she’s been a team player when it has mattered,” though it is beyond me to imagine just how that standard gets set or to whom it is supposed to matter.

Not working together is self defeating. They old bags need to learn from people like her. The rethugs are nothing but organized in lock step so if the party falls apart the rethugs will remain.

this sister’s going to get Cynthia McKinney’d. She’s gotta watch her back.

Blue Dogs are really Guard Dogs; for the MIC, that is. Free trade, too, which isn’t the same as fair trade, of course.