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Democrats Battle Over How to Raise the Minimum Wage

Democrats Battle Over How to Raise the Minimum Wage

Kalena Thomhave

The call for a $15 minimum wage is getting louder, and more people are hearing it. The Fight for $15 has won numerous victories, as states (including California and New York) and localities have passed their own laws to institute a $15 minimum wage—or even higher.

There’s always just enough consevadems in Congress to make sure repub-lite is the best you can get.

Then, at election time, the d-party leadership blames hippies for their losses.

If you want to drive off the cliff at 100 mph, vote R. If you prefer to drive off the cliff at 75 mph, vote D.


Interesting analogy. Of course, some might say that if you are 100 miles from the cliff, you might like the extra 20 minutes to think about how to get out of the car.


Or some might merely note that “you” apparently – as I posited – want to drive off the cliff.

I don’t, by the way, want to drive off the cliff. Alas, my experience as a citizen has been to continue racing toward it whether Ds or Rs are at the wheel. That would lead me to surmise that voters are content with that, or at least conditioned to accept it.

But as I state, my friend, it’s all relative.


That is indeed the dilemma. Many are trapped in this big gas guzzling car looking for a way out. We have our mobile devices now and are communicating with each other - we see the mapping apps telling us “turn left - turn left” and hopefully the idea is gaining steam as the cliff approaches. Meanwhile the owners of the car are in control and have their foot on the gas heading for your cliff.

Bottom line - there are three variables - the direction we are headed - the speed we are traveling - and the way we get there. Our resistance must balance all three.

As I’ve stated many times in this forum, the intensity of our resistance will end up being a function of the severity and immediacy of the challenges we face. In other words, the masses will cling to the status quo like barnacles, until they have no other choice but to let go. In that sense, the days of reckoning – our cliff – is fast approaching. In fact, I assert that the speed we are travelling is no longer germane in that regard.

On one hand, it’s kinda sad that the direction we’re heading is crisis and upheaval.

On the other hand, you can’t tow a boat without a gas guzzler.

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This has gone on so long $15/hr is becoming inadequate.

Decent life minimum wage;

Figure out a decent life minimum wage in real inflation adjusted candy bar dollars. When the minimum wage was $1/hr a candy bar cost 5¢. That’s 20 candy bars per hour. The price of a candy bar now is $1.25.

Twenty candy bars per hour at $1.25 = $25/hr, constant candy bar dollars adjusted minimum wage.


A lot of cheats go on when economists or those think tanks measure incomes and make claims that everything better then it was 50 years ago. As example “median household income”. Compared to “Median Household Incomes” of 60 years back it might seem a lot higher but that because there generally two people working from that household where there used to be one.

The best measure is something like you measure. How many HOURS does it take to fill a basket full of food and base wages on that.


Always want to get the crumbs when they have the chance to get the cake. With the dems it is always 1 step forward and then the rescums take us back 3 steps. And they (the dems) wonder why the people can’t stand them for more than a couple of years.

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One cancerous CAUSE (EMPIRE) and one “Political Revolution Against Empire” to solve all our little “Issues”, larger (but still subordinate) “Symptom Problems”, and even our entire “ailing social order” [Zygmunt Bauman] — which is:

A signal, single, and seminal people’s peaceful “Political/economic and social Revolution Against Empire” ---- a continuation and completion of our original American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage] ---- 1776 to 2020 or bust.

I think the only fair thing is to base the minimum wage on what it costs to rent —every area is different, but even $15 an hour is not enough for many cities in many states, People might be able to make the rent, but have nothing left over for food. OR maybe we should look at how Congress was able to get up to $174,00, start rate for new congress people. from $30,000 in the 1960s and '70s. : )

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Your idea is an interesting one, but I wonder if it would be better to just keep things simple and negotiate to raise the minimum wage somewhere between $10.00 to $12.00 nationally? If the caucus can agree on a number, even if it is lower than what we raised it to here in California, $15, I think that would be a big win for everyone. The regional versus national dispute within the caucus seems a bit pointless and, per the article, it sounds like there are real downsides to the regional setup. States can pursue their own increases above the new, higher floor.

Great post! Two are now working, and getting so stressed out that they won’t make it to an older age.

Yes! Plus they get all these vacations like when they are not in session. If they can get paid like that and have a career in congress, then certainly others deserve at least a 20 / hour wage.

Dems are weak period. Too many so called progressives move to the right.

That proposal would take the bite out of any fight against the rich. I say go for the jugular, and settle for a free flowing vein.

Ultimately the way that housing is provided via the market has to be looked at. People should be able to live in the area they work and not have to commute. If a given area of a city has 10000 jobs for people making 15 dollars an hour , 5000 jobs for people making 25 dollars an hour and 100 jobs for people making 100 dollars an hour an up , then the housing in the area at those same tiers should be in the same ratio.

Thus if we keep the 30 percent for shelter rule of thumb that part of the city should have 10000 homes that can be afforded via rent at 800$$ a month. If there no spaces for 10000 people at 800$$ per month then businesses should not open there paying those types of wages.

Ideally this would allow people to WALK to where they work , or bicycle there rather than commute from two hours away on congested freeways with all of the added costs to the environment and to the pocketbook. (it costs around 9000$ a year to own a car).

Hi KC2669: It is so sad that America is full of educated people who can’t afford a place to sleep, or veterans who aren’t getting proper health care—and without health care for all-----------if people think things are bad now, I wonder what a plague will bring.
I cant understand those who think that if a person or family is poor, that it becomes the person and family’s fault. Things keep getting worse for so many-----and as the very bottom implodes, then the very poor implode , go and the newly poor, go and then the middle class will be imploding, I can’t fathom how anyone thinks that a nation can prosper that’s built on a feudal system plan---------maybe when America crashes—maybe then people will realize that it takes all levels of society to make a nation, any nation flourish.
: (

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