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Democrats Blast Schumer Threat to Kill Iran Deal


Democrats Blast Schumer Threat to Kill Iran Deal

Robert Naiman

Democratic constituency groups opposed to war with Iran are furious that New York Democrat and Senate Minority Leader "heir apparent" Chuck Schumer is threatening to scuttle the possibility of a diplomatic agreement with Iran by supporting legislation - the Corker bill - that would allow Republicans in Congress to veto any deal.

MoveOn.org says:


It’s long since time that this complete ass-licking Likudnick, this self-serving Quisling be voted out of office. Will it happen? That’s doubtful, given the indolence of the US voting public and its gross ignorance with respect to matters political, economic, social, and scientific. The ignorant enfranchised masses and soulless masters of wealth of the US will do their utmost to facilitate the extinction of the species homo sapiens, dragging many, if not most, earthbound forms of life with them.

God, I hate these people.


Well put, CTS. I couldn’t agree more.