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Democrats Call on White House to Ensure Any Coronavirus Vaccine Is Not Profit-Making Venture for Big Pharma

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/20/democrats-call-white-house-ensure-any-coronavirus-vaccine-not-profit-making-venture

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Yes, yes, and more. It is more than long over-due.


Hi LongGone:
Wouldn’t it be great if Congress would also pass the part of the Hippocratic oath, “Prinum non nocare” FIRST DO NO HARM and make all the pharma people sign on that dotted line. I have looked at some articles of those test requirements—and it doesn’t seem to take many people or much time for some "drugs to get to the marketplace. I was really surprised that something called Vioxx, was killing people for 7 years before it was pulled. : (

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No one should PROFIT from illness/disease –

Doctors have been put on salary –

and BigPharm has to be put on HOLD until everything they do is proven to
be effective and not damaging to health of anyone. Thousands of side effects? NO!!


It seems that the only reason they get behind this bill is because Trump the President. Would they have done this under Barack Obama’s watch?

See the AUMF and how Barack Obama able to expand his wars to 7 more nations for an answer.


“Pet” pharma is big business too!


Of course it will be for profit. Zero liability on any vaccine makes them all profit no risk for pharma. Whether they are effective or not. And coronavirus is thus far less dangerous than the flu. The vaccine for that hardly ever reaches more than about 40% efficacy rate. Not what I would call a gold standard.

Incite fear, increase profits. Order of the day I guess. :confused:


I agree, the corporate model for healthcare has a lot of flaws, there are some good things happening in holistic medicine and less reliance on pharmacology. It has a long way to go though. It is vital to have a conversation about medication and treatment or alternatives with a provider. No place is that more evident than long-term care. Additionally, I would question any medication administration record that is more than 2 pages long.

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fern –





I’m not sure why you are yelling at me, I’m resisting the urge to yell back. I just read this last Senate Bill for Medicare4All (I had to make myself read it). MEDICARE4ALL is not going to do that. It is only going to start a conversation about that and it is full of loop holes. If I was honest about this, it has a long way to go before I would endorse it. But yes, Healthcare is designed and reinforced that way. It is an industry that is huge. And here is what makes me angry, the disingenuous way it is written and the propaganda about what it is. I don’t mean to take this out on you, I’m just appalled after reading it.

Despite the myth, capitalization isn’t “yelling at you” –
It’s for emphasis – and always understood that way.

Why are you fighting so hard against national health care which everyone
has and has had for generations and more?

There is nothing about Medicare4All that is made of concrete – except the
reality of a national health care system to finally serve the people – not Elites
and their cut-throat desire for profit above all.

No one here is begging you to endorse anything.
We are simply asking WHY you are standing against something that every other
nation has seen the necessity of doing – and the benefit to citizens, to health in
general –

and especially to end a system where Americans are dying by the tens of thousands
every year?

Again – I’m not “yelling” at you despite what internet lore tells you –
Check you mail, you’ll see lots of capitalization for emphasis – that’s all it is.

If you watched Nevada tonight --62% support Medicare4All –
simply a National Health Care System for every Americans which should have been
put in play by the 1950’s.

Let’s also stop pretending we’re dealing with centrists or moderates – the nation
has been taken so far to the right that we’ve had no liberals, or true moderates in
Congress for decades – a generation and more. This is fascism we’re dealing with.

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Considering capitalization as emphasis is fine with me, “always considered” may not be accurate.
Anyway, glad to know.

I’m not fighting against national health care, I do have considerations about Medicare4All as the plan to achieve that goal. I’m left with the conclusion that people haven’t read it or don’t understand it. At the least because what they are saying about the reasons they support it, are not in the bill.

At least consider that it is a “cost containment” bill. It doesn’t just serve the people, far from it. Consider this as a contract and consider the provisions carefully. Seriously, not the BS you read in the media.

Why, my position is what it is. One thing is that I was responsible for the administration of healthcare for a unique adult population that had Medicare and Medicaid as service providers and learned that system pretty well. I will add that I had a complete government agency as a resource to make that work as it should. Another thing is that I value authenticity and when it is not there, I say something.

Read the Bill, It does give benefits but takes away decision making. It will benefit some, not everyone and it doesn’t change the current system enough to warrant “the concessions being made”. There is little reason to change this position based on a large number of Americans think it is a good idea, these bills have set around in Congress for 30 years. It is almost as if people are being driven to desperation so they will accept this a form of relief.

Just my 2 cents.

Edited: I agree with a lot of the things you say, just not this one.

Don’t worry, Artificial Intelligence will take care of that for you…

Welcome to the community.

ps. I’m not a robot

fern –

Look anywhere at mailings – writings – commercial or by government –
and the long history of using capitalization for emphasis. Nothing new there.

Also, whatever is written at the moment about Medicare4All is not written in cement –
and I’m sure that even Bernie Sanders is hoping to improve whatever he has written as a plan.

While you are considering things on the NEGATIVE SIDE –

How would you explain that the US with its wealth, couldn’t do the same?
Are Americans too dumb to do what every other country has done – ?

You’re fighting the concept of national health care for all – I think you have to admit that.

You’re still fighting for insurance companies which makes no sense whatsoever –
middle men cost money – and it’s an extreme and ridiculous amount of money which
goes to profit them.

Totally disagree with everything you are putting forth – as I’ve made clear above –

For one thing we need to take this entire system of fake health care and toss it out
as it’s based in cures that never come (70 years of Nixon’s “War on Cancer” has now
brought us to 1 in every 3 Americans having cancer!) –

We need a system based in PREVENTION – keeping people healthy -
which means that we need to lower our cases of HBP, cancer, obesity, diabetes – much
of it coming from consumption of animals/dairy – and factory farming also killing the planet.

We need full exploration of the entire concept of vaccines –

We need to STOP young girls from endangering their lives and health by submitting to
planned Cesareans – we have the highest rates in the world.

Apple – what food are you talking about?

Animal/dairy has now cost us the planet, very likely!

And what has it cost us in health of Americans?

On the other hand –

Farmers do get up earlier – and they are being driven out of business -

PLANTS are not only our nutrition – they are our medicines/drugs.

As Global Warming’s dangers continue to increase, plants are more seriously
damaged by weather – HEAT is drying out crops like tomatoes, lettuce –
and heavy storms are increasing damage to vegetation.

Taxpayers pay for drug research – and the product is then turned over to the big
drug companies which then charge us 10X what other countries are paying for the
same drugs.

If people picked up their own trash we’d be ahead of the game –

And a better question or suggestion is why do we have homeless at all?
And why isn’t our government providing affordable housing for all citizens?

Used to be that streets were cleaned every day – washed down by water –
probably something we might get back to.

In many areas now, even deli’s – the management puts out cups for tips –
to supplement the salaries they should be paying their own workers to help
customers buy food at their stores!

No one has ever – and likely never – created a true communist state –
in fact, I don’t think it’s ever been made possible even at the lowest levels –
small towns? – not sure – someone who has knowledge of this may be able to help?

The “communism” that is in people’s mind today - Hitler/Mussolini and Russian versions
were actually fascism. Communist fascism.

Enough said about capitalization in my opinion. I understand your usage now and that is what really matters here.

I also know that Medicare4All will no doubt be revised somewhat (not necessarily a good thing) as Sander’s Bill is already a revision. There are some obvious problems with it. One example is reproductive care that would violate other Federal prohibitions.

Every other nation did not do what we have done, there are some similarities. I don’t consider my view as negative (at least not yet) more explorative. I believe you will get your M4A and I think there are incremental changes already being made as my state is always the guinea pig. Let the law suits begin oh yeah, they already have.

I’m not fighting national health care at all, but even I can see better ways to do it. Americans have never valued or respected sovereignty and it is evident in their healthcare choices, that and greed. I know a bit harsh but true. It is fine that you disagree with me or even prove me wrong. I don’t think you fully appreciate the scope and power of the healthcare industry or read critically the information.

These other issues, HBP, cancer, obesity, is another very involved conversation.

It is not going to be easy addressing these issues I would be happy with a level playing field.

Hey, we do agree on some of these issues. ok then.

fern –

Agree that giving fascists a chance to “reform” even our Constitution would
be suicide –

That is why Noam Chomsky makes clear that government is like a typewriter –
it depends on who is doing the typing as to whether you have fascism or a democracy.
And you can see the evidence of that in the “bait and switch” between the Declaration
of Independence/Equality for All and the Constitution, itself.

However, the UK for instance at the end of WWII did not have fascist government in
place to worry about – at this time we have Trump in place and he’s supplying a heavy
dose of fascism.

Bernie Sanders is offering something entirely different from what Trump would give us.

Maybe you want to make this clearer – just what “Federal” prohibitions you’re talking
about on reproductive care?

There are some obvious problems with it. One example is reproductive care that would violate other Federal prohibitions.

If you have better ways to do it – state them.

But if you continue to argue for insurance companies then you will find the same
responses as you’ve been getting. No one should be making a profit from sickness.
Americans are not to blame for our health care costs or the greed involved overall.
It is Elites who have had control over government who have created what we have now
for benefit of the few – not the many.

I think when you say something like this …

I don’t think you fully appreciate the scope and power of the healthcare industry or read critically the information.

That you make clear that you are not accounting for the tens of thousands of Americans
dying every year because they have received poor medical treatment here or none because
they couldn’t afford it. And I think you are way underestimating the damage done to Americans by the care they do get. Everything in the current system is about PROFIT. That has to be removed.

I agree with NOTHING you are saying – but clearly you are making every effort to hide
your true intentions. Nothing new in reading your posts.

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I’m short on time here so it might be better if I give this a little more thought. It is hard to condense 20 plus years of experience into a two sentence summary. I have to say that I fully appreciate the range of medical care and ancillary services from service providers on quite a few levels. I know this is a unique perspective so I don’t expect you to fully understand my reasoning.

Ten of thousands dying every year from poor medical care. I posted a video of those statistics just based on medical error, something like a jumbo jet falling out of the sky every day. I challenge you to show how Medicare for all is going to change that,

I didn’t say you were agreeing, I said, I agree with you on profit motives and quality of care issues like vaccines. Only that some of these have to do with other systems and variables. Geez.

Edited: The Hyde Amendment

I try – sometimes it’s a bit late at night for me to recognize anything –

Only rich get benefits these days –

You were obviously fortunate enough not to fall ill – or be long term unemployed –
which is what prevents many of those with student loans from paying them off.
Then too greed which has added to the loans – and actually multiplied them 2, 3
and even 4 times what they were originally.

Why is Greece bankrupt? Why are Elites all over the world involved in wars and
– well, let’s take Puerto Rico – creating economic threat for nations, in the case of
PR selling off their debt to cutthroat financial institutions.

We have mailing been “pulling the wagon” and our own weight for the rich –

WAKE UP TO THE REALITY that animal and dairy/eating – is a threat to the planet
and responsible for at least 30% or more of the Global Warming damage.

People are ill because their government allows corporations to lie to them every day
about food – and allows corporations to sell stuff loaded with salt and sugar – and
animal fat which does harm to their bodies every day.

Children in America - 20% living in poverty – go hungry every day – and Trump and the
rest of the fascists are making sure that they can’t get free lunch in our public schools.

You’re a very short sighted individual – why should anyone have ever done anything for
you in your entire life – except for the pleasure of doing it … ?