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'Democrats Can Stop This': Ahead of Fourth Vote, Senate Pressured to Defeat 'Unconstitutional' Attack on Right to Protest

'Democrats Can Stop This': Ahead of Fourth Vote, Senate Pressured to Defeat 'Unconstitutional' Attack on Right to Protest

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the GOP-controlled Senate set to vote Monday evening on legislation that would hand states more power to punish companies and individuals that participate in pro-Palestinian boycotts of Israel, rights groups urged people to contact their representatives and pressure them to block the "unconstitutional" legislation for the fourth time.


Also at Code Pink:


Israel, the aspiring extra-exceptional nation.


Am I now stealing if I don’t buy your wares?

Does Congress’s power to regulate trade mean that I can be commanded to purchase? By what line in the original document could you take that to be implied?


Israel is not the only entity from whom purchases might be withheld.

This legislation has nothing to do with free trade or if it does you’ll have to explain it to me.

And yes this goes directly against the first amendment.


Rep, I wish you’d go play in another sandbox. You’re not helping any issues here. I guess you know more than the ACLU does about the First Amendment, its implications for the people of a ******* sovereign country named United States of America, not United Hamstrung States of Israel, and the consequences of ripping the Constitution apart, Amendment by Amendment…except for the Second, of course.

You supported Joseph McCarthy and his loyalty oaths everywhere, too, didja? You done burned your last fiber of almost respect I had for you.


Don’t forget, your sandbox is a dung heap for cats. Toni was being polite.

Rights? We don’t need no stinking Rights. /s

It never ceases to amaze me what passes for “laws” these dazes. Clearly this thingy by rubio and others is way outside what would pass for a “Law” and yet here we go again. The waste of tax payer dollars supporting such tripe is beyond real, it is BiZaARrEeEeEee

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Your post is laughable

there is no free speech issue here, everyone is still free to criticize or boycott Israel as many CD posts show. Its just that if your company supports efforts to wine out Israel (clearly the BDS goal) you won’t get government contracts, similar to laws that say if you practice discrimination against blacks you won’t get government contracts. Taxpayers have rights to determine how their money is spent.

If corporations have freedumb of religion, of course they have free speech rights. It’s in the same fvcking Amendment.