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Democrats Can’t Unite Unless Wasserman Schultz Goes!


Democrats Can’t Unite Unless Wasserman Schultz Goes!

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

To paraphrase the words of that Scottish master Robert Burns, the best laid plans of mice, men — and women — go often astray, or “gang aft agley,” as they say in the Highlands. No one knows this better than Hillary Rodham Clinton.


To believe that the democratic party could ever turn itself around and be the party of working class people is magical thinking. It is hopelessly corrupt and deep in the pockets of the oligarchy. No, this is the time for anyone who cares about life on this planet to run like hell away from the democratic party and form a real left working class party. The democrats are as done as the republicans they just don't know it yet.


If one is known by the company they keep--

Jeffrey Epstein, Sidney Blumenthal, Rachel Maddow, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rahm Emmanuel, Barney Frank, Chris Mathews, Bill Clinton, Robert Kagan, Charles Koch, Dick Cheney, Joy Reid, Paul Begala, Bakari Sellers, Maria Cardonas, Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright, Lloyd Blankfein, Paul Krugman.

What exactly is this Hillaroid beast slouching toward Washington on the backs of such a rogues gallery of perverts, hucksters, and toadies?


The scorched earth policy of the dems is right out of the republican playbook: win at all costs and crush the competition. Not a formula for party unity.


What a loathsome person DWS is, Having her and HRC on stage at the same time is more than anyone can stomach. Best of luck Canova. I get your emails every day or so it seems.


"Unless she steps down now or Hillary Clinton has her removed, Philadelphia will be dominated by someone who represents everything that has gone wrong with the Democratic Party and Washington."...Moyers, Winship.

No gentlemen, your own words give you away, "Hillary has her removed?" Why would Hillary have her removed? Is Hillary the Democratic Party? Little Debbie works for Hillary, Debbie doesn't make a move without Hillary's imprimatur. Democrats will only unite when Bernie is the nominee. Moyers, Winship, join the gang of Jeff Cohen, Trevor Timm, Robert Borosage, and the list goes on and on.


Hallelujah and Amen !!! ...


Moyers, Winship, how can you support Hillary? Poor Hillary twice has had to circle the airport! Does that include the one at which she dodged sniper bullets on the tarmac? I will never vote for this woman.


It is hard to see the Democratic Party being the party of the working class again. Presently it seems to be largely the party of African Americans, Hispanics, feminists, environmentalists, and government employee unions. The Republican Party now seems to be the party of the working class, the so-called Reagan Democrats. In any case, not surprisingly the Democratic Party is evolving as I guess it always has. It used to include southern conservatives. As long it remains the party of environmentalists I think that I will stick with it.


It pains me to say it, but, given the repub establishment's clear disdain for Trump, why haven't we heard stories of election fraud and other skullduggery in their attempts to keep him from gaining the nomination? (Or is it just me who hasn't heard such stories?) It seems like the election-process malfeasance this time around is overwhelmingly a Demo-party thing.


Moyers and Winship have my respect and appreciation for years of service to this country. Thank you.
This article explains with out reservation why so many in this country are saying they just won't vote for Hillary. She is not just any candidate. She has a history that is horrific and what she and Shultz have done to the Democratic party is equally as sick and hugely, obviously, corrupt. (They share election office space in many states).
The position in this article that those two need to open the party to include other voices is correct. We hear all the time how Bernie supporters should come into the fold and vote for her. We feel like they should return to the party of the people and quit fixing elections.
The Dem party in Nevada changed rules on stage, lights on, and bald faced deleted 56 delegates for Bernie. Course the official story is that Bernie's people tried to change the rules. NOT TRUE.
How much more are we supposed to tolerate and then go vote for the one's taking away our right to vote for whom we choose? I won't. I'm not as afraid of Trump as I am of them and this is why. Dem's do atrocious things and get a pass when if a Republican did it the country would go nuts. For example putting social security on the table, expansion of wars and drones and spying on us. If Trump tried this as "W" did it would never fly but Obama did it with hardly a whimper. No thanks, I'll take my chances.
Go Bernie!


good lord.
Democrats can't unite because they shouldn't unite!
You have a massive schism between large chunks of the rank and file in terms of the political needs and desires each chunk prefers. And they are not compatible.
It figures Moyers/WInship (and Holland) would focus on the politics of personality when there is clearly a profound split within the herd. Unified parties are quickly becoming punch lines--people's lives are at stake now and the reality is that poorer Americans cannot afford to wait for promises that are never, ever delivered by either party.


Good for you! It's a great feeling and one I experienced when I changed my registration years ago.

As an independent, I can participate in my state's Democratic Party, which was a real boon for Bernie this year. I usually don't care too much because most Democrats who actually make it to a primary are interchangeable with each other.


He's going to need a big treasury to take out DWS, the only other democratic candidate I can think of who deserves to lose more than Clinton. https://timcanova.com/


" It is hopelessly corrupt and deep in the pockets of the oligarchy."

Exactly! That is why I have called the democratic party the fake opposition since the 2008 Clinton/Obama campaign.


Prioritizing the flow of corporate cash into the Party's war chest over winning in November, DWS is fullfilling the mission charted by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) when it was founded in 1985.

If the Party does replace her, her successor would be expected to maintain the same priorities. It will be a case of the Who's "meet the new boss, the same as the old boss".


And, these people aren't the working class? Let's not forget the AFL-CIO, NEA, et al, and the hundreds of locals that provide democratic foot soldiers in campaigns that have remained loyal to the Democratic Party, only to watch it support free trade deals. Most recently the Democratic Party was instrumental in the creation of and fast tracking TTP, TTIP, and TISA agreements.

I concur that it will never be the party of the working class, and it has not been for a very long time.


True, but DWS deserves to be punished and so does the next chair if that person follows her footsteps, and the ones who came before her.


Get over it. without Bernie,the democratic party is finished. Never,ever Hillary


No one has mentioned how dangerous the redundant MSM narratives are.

They play the following themes repeatedly (without any "fair and balanced" challenges to any of them):

  1. That Bernie Sanders is attacking Hillary Clinton (many of us notice it's totally the other way around)
  2. That Bernie Sanders is harming Hillary's campaign (for the undisputed--in the mind of her supporters--throne)
  3. That Bernie can't win
  4. That the race is already decided and Sanders is just a Nader-like pest or problem
  5. That Sanders can't accept the fact that he's losing (no mention of all the tricks being used to give Hillary all sorts of unearned and unfair advantages)
  6. That Bernie knew the rules (about the super delegates) and NOW he wants to change them

Because the MSM favors the Status quo pro-business (and pro-war) candidates, it has the POWER to shape the collective consciousness. The miracle is that more than half of voters have done their best to escape the duopoly trap by self-defining as Independents. However, when important preliminaries refuse to admit this sector, it's obvious that the Presidential GAME is rigged.

Furthermore, there are precedents that vote COUNTS can and will be manipulated to produce the Desired Outcome. (Desired by the 1% OWNERSHIP Caste.)

Obvious examples include: the way voting rolls were cut in Florida (in 2000) to eliminate thousands of eligible voters under the claim these persons were felons; added to the way the Ohio vote count (in 2004) showed major discrepancies due to easily hacked computer controlled touch-voting screen machines; added to the Supreme Court aborting any meaningful Florida vote count (in 2000) in order to INSTALL the failed son of one of America's most corrupt dynastic families, the Bushes.

NOTHING will escape these maniacs. The fight is ON. People ARE fed up. Right now, the illusion of an exciting circus (a/k/a election) is underway; but if anything goes too far "off script," the elites are ready to use whatever metrics they can to secure THEIR girl.

One doesn't show fealty to the MIC for 3 decades with equal shows of homage to big banks and big business without major payoffs. And loyalty.

The Clintons proved they have no souls. They serve the Deep State covert masters well.

All over the world people are rebelling against the status quo because they've experienced a diminishing of social benefits, lower salaries, and greater threats from environmental blow-back (i.e. Global warming based earth changes).

What's notable is how the human TREE is splitting in two with some people gravitating towards the old macho authoritarians who talk tough against the weak, disenfranchised, downtrodden, and those who are other than white or male... and then there are those pushing for Socialist agendas of greater inclusion along with a fairer sharing of the resource pie.

These trends--the great Split Apart--can be seen in Brazil, the Philippines, Spain, Greece, the U.S., Argentina, Ukraine, and no doubt elsewhere.