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Democrats Can't Run And Win On The Fact That Trump's An Idiot

Democrats Can't Run And Win On The Fact That Trump's An Idiot

John Atcheson

Democrats are marching, lemming-like, towards disappointment in November. They seem to think that all they need to do is point out that Trump is an idiot, a plutocrat, a liar, and that he probably colluded with Russians in the 2016 elections, and they’ll win.

They’re wrong, and here’s why.

This election will be about turnout, just as 2016 was. And telling everyone how bad the other folks are, didn’t work then and it won’t work now.


Very well said!


I’m sure that when the Democrats vote for an immigration bill that saves DACA in exchange for funding Trump’s wall, turn out will increase.

Turn out by Trump voters.

Does anyone believe that the D-Party cares about anything beyond big donor money?


Trump knows Machiavelli.

Throwing money and support to the power, the police and the military, has garnered their full support. The police sought the help of Trump fascists in a Berkeley demonstration to arrest anti-fascists. In California no less.

Meanwhile weak, outraged Democrats demand, disarm and ask for more small donations to compete with a system rigged by oligarchs.

Direct Democracy


Perhaps not.

However, Democrats may be able to run and win on the “fact” that Trump is a “Menace To Society.”

And, by "society " I mean, every single human on the planet.


Of course Democrats have to run on issues but to me this election comes down to only one issue authoritarianism vs democracy. The Republicans by supporting Trump are no longer supporting democracy and until now it was always a given that all major parties support democracy. So I think voters who want maintain democracy in the US should ignore all the other issues and vote straight Democrat. The Republicans have had their chance to stand up to Trump and defend democracy and they caved as party. Votes need to vote for Democrats even if voters are pro-life, hate big government, can’t stand liberals, and have never voted for a Democrat in their lives. When they vote this time around they should stand up for democracy and vote for Democrats.


While they are not more progressive than Republicans and only wish to point out that Trump’s ridiculous, why would it matter?

In 2008 and 2016, Clinton could not run on, say, an anti-war platform because her record made that unfeasible. That was not a failure to attend to rhetoric, which she managed quite well in her day. It was just too big a lie to pull off in the face of such evidence.

To have Democratic candidates who run on progressive platforms, you need different Democrats.


There is one fundamental truth in the article - You have to give people something to vote for, rather than against. This has always been the problem with the LOTE strategy. Saying “Trump is an idiot” (although I think that’s denigrating idiots everywhere…) is only going to get a response of “I know. So what?” If the Democrats expect to tap into sufficient voters, they have to give people a reason to vote for them, not just against Trump.

I don’t really expect them to come up with a reason (as opposed to rhetoric, of which they will generate plenty)


Especially one who will say, “We fight wars for the corporations and the wealthy, not freedom and democracy.”


Best comment so far today, Kajsa.

if Democracy is under threat, then how come you’re telling us how to vote?


Bill Clinton’s New Deal-busting POTUS track record confirmed that 21st century democracy would look more like 20th century fascism than 20th century democracy.


More Latinoas are leaving than arriving. The wall is to keep cheap, uneducated american labor inside the wall and on the job.

$250 passports help with this project as well.

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“The fact is, the majority of Americans know Trump is unfit to be president, but if they’re not offered a substantive alternative, the passionately ignorant minority will control the elections once again.”

You think western representative democracies are not bombing the life out of Earth? Who thinks the legacy of snuffing biology on Earth goes anywhere but to us and european style representative democracy?

Our educated upperclass betters will offer us better candidates? Soon, I hope.


Obama & his Democrats tortured Chelsea Manning for 2 years, then held her prisoner 3 more, and they chased Ed Snowden & Julian Assange to the ends of the earth as part of the largest war on Whistle-Blowers since the Red Scare of 1918. They drone-killed a US citizen & his 16-year-old US citizen son, with no legal trial in any recognized court. They bailed out the banksters. They expanded the war against the Afghanistan people. They started new wars in Syria & Libya. They beat the drum for war against Russia. They read our emails & listed to our phone calls, & they paid trolls to snoop on online conversations…

So…how in f__k’s name can anyone say voting Democrat would promote democracy?


And here we go with a new LOTE argument…

I have a better idea. Let’s all vote for a third party candidate like Bernie, instead of a Dumbocrat, or someone else who is not a bought-and-paid-for member of the Establishment Pepsi/Coke crowd. If every Dumbocrat loyalist voted for this person, instead of their Pepsi brand candidate, and finally gave up the LOTE BS, the Duopoly would finally be over and real progressive change could have a chance finally.

Yeah, think I’ll go for that instead of wasting my vote, thanks.


You have that exactly right kajsa52!

I certainly do not, and I think we should get rid of the electoral college.

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I believe that also- they are making a career about being losers and hiding behind big donors.

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they don’t care. they care about if they can fund raise on Trump. And buddy, they can. Big.

You’ll eventually figure this out, Atcheson. Or not.