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Democrats Cave in Secret Budget Deal with Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/21/democrats-cave-secret-budget-deal-trump

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5 no votes by Democrats and 3 no votes by Republicans. Pretty bleak.

Note to Bernie and Liz: I know you are both busy campaigning, but it would have meant more to me if you had shown up to vote. Wouldn’t have changed a thing, I know, but you can vote, we can’t. Just sayin’.


I immediately tune out when any commentator uses this “Democrats cave”, “Democrats have no spine”, frame.

You can only cave if you actually stand for something different in the first place. Example #35460 that style notwithstanding, Democrats don’t fundamentally stand for anything different than Trump.

Ralph Nader, of all people, should know better.


This was also part of the NDAA. The Dems are now waging economic war against Germany.


When I asked a staffer with the House Budget Committee what is being done with loads of money, she replied that “we have it under study.”

In other words: none of your damn business!


It’s neoliberals, all the way down!


It is a grave mistake to think that Democrats “caved” in voting to increase spending on weapons, war and the dangerous expansion of weapons to space in violation of previous agreements. It wrongly assumes that Dems are less aggressive warmongers than Republicans when history shows the opposite to be true. Nader should know better.


And those who can’t see that are FOOLS and incredibly programmed.
(Some of those are on here and this comment may drag some out.)


Hi Unmentionables:

I guess America will implode faster than I thought. Now that Emperor Trump has gotten a gaggle of electeds to go along with his many insane plans------I have little hope left for that democratic republic that Ben Franklin warned us about being able to keep.
I was thinking that we’d devolve into city states like ancient Greece—but then, that’s probably not right either, as that would make the Praetorian Guard even more powerful. Although, maybe the states will be renamed----let’s see—hmmm oh Raytheon, General Dynamics—although hmmm Being—maybe no one will take that one. : )


Trump and our cowardly congress was too late to create another one of his notorious onerous sanctions to divide Western Europe from Eastern Europe. Nord Stream 2 is 90% complete and with the agreement signed by the European Commission and Russia this week Trump has been effectively neutered for 30-days.

Feel free to illustrate to the contrary, by all means.

I was AGREEING with you.

Oh. Okay, I misread, sorry.

US Warmonger budget means untold deaths, abroad, but also here, since that money is gone for needed social services. US Congress is a Crime Against Humanity. Death throes of Empire, I guess…


My God! When are “progressives” going to wake the fuck up?!?

The Democrats didn’t “cave” to the Republicans. They’ve been working hand-in-glove with them for a long time. Why? Because they are both card-carrying members of the exact same oligarchy, who figured out a long time ago that it was more effective to work together and pretend they are different. The impeachment crap? A dog-and-pony show designed to “demonstrate” for the public that there are “differences”, so they will keep believing in the fucking farce of a system. And right on cue, we do.


It’s worse than that. At the top levels, they are actually working together to further their identical oligarchical agenda while pretending for the sake of keeping control, by making us think we actually have a choice. Americans think that we live in a democracy if they give us the right to vote every so often. What they give us is the illusion of choice, but we are too dumb to figure it out. And they get to implement their fucking, anti-populist agenda carte blanche. Brilliant scheme, because almost none of us know that we are being gamed. And most of those who do don’t care, because they know that, at this point, the system is so entrenched that we couldn’t do a damn thing about it, even if, by some miracle, enough of us could wake up immediately.


Thank you Ralph Nader

How about my long-time-upwardly-mobile Democratic friends that think they have a better health coverage than their low income Medicare friends. They have the same Medicare options as the person with little or no discretionary funds. Their coverage is paid for by previous employers and so they can choose the best coverage option available (fewer co-pays, etc.). But the medicare options are the same. What they are really saying is because their medical coverage was offered as part of an employment package they will not give up their elite status for a HR 1384 Medicare For All because they “earned” their status. Plus the long-time-upwardly-mobile can not envision a health care coverage that would be as good as their elite status: even though the coverage offered on Medicare is the same for all.


“Astoundingly the Democrats also caved in on Trump’s wall! After blocking Trump’s funding demand for the wall for three years…” What if the elite Democrats (are they Democrats or right-wing Republicans?) move over and let the more progressive earth-friendly Democrats into positions of earth-friendly power could we use funding for the wall to build solar arrays? That would make me happy!

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That miracle being a massive revolution, but I’m afraid not enough of us will step out of our comfort zones to make it happen, until it’s too late.

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Yes $22 billion for a wasteful military budget is profoundly sad. But when progressive Democrats are elected couldn’t the $22 billion be focused on keeping US from reaching the rapidly approaching climate-catastrophe? Instead of being angry war hawks we could start thinking about implementing peace on earth.