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Democrats Condemn 'Shocking Abdication' of Responsibility as Intelligence Officials Scale Back Election Security Briefings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/30/democrats-condemn-shocking-abdication-responsibility-intelligence-officials-scale

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DNI John Ratfuck has sold his soul to the soulless GOP ideology of “Maintain Power and Control At Any Cost”

He must be removed ASAP.


Yet another weekend end run around reality , I guess they figure what we don’t know won’t hurt us ,for now , when will those ‘shocked” Congress critters get some juevos and do something about it?? I’m not holding my breath ,we will soon see just how “rigged “ the election is


sigh—but America, didn’t react when the BIG Iie from Bush and Co, came
as in Bush 2 and his"weapons of mass destruction?"
The government lied, Iied, and Iied and how many peopIe in the Middle East and how many Americans died for nothing?
PeopIe are shocked that after seeing that Bush 2 and Co. Iied , they are shocked that peopIe in government Iie? THAT appears to be what they mainly do!
Oh and Dems, that “Shocking Abdication” of your responsibiIity for IRAQ???
It 's never too Iate to be HONEST---- so Dems, Take your “shocking abdication,” and Iive with aII those dead peopIe. BY not acting, you gave away your power—good Iuck ingetting it back!


Ye shall not know the truth, and it shall not set ye free.


Its not an Abdication of Responsibility it’s a conspiracy to obstruct


“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to be stolen.”


Every election in our lifetimes was rigged, but to an increasing degree particularly since about 1979. The extent of the interference is actually made worse by intelligence meddling, not improved by their monitoring. Intelligence, to be clear, is not on our side. There is no entity, no organization which has made political manipulation a point of pride more so than the US intelligence community, and ever since Carter fired hundreds of them for corruption as soon as he was elected they, went immediately into high gear focusing their efforts on manipulating US elections assuring it would not happen to them again. Reagan was their first victory, Bush too - a former CIA director himself. Before turning their focus on US elections, they had over half a century manipulating elections in foreign nations - hell it was practically all they did, and largely with the same result, allowing only the most ruthless and corrupt persons to rule in any nation in which they intervened worldwide. The hypocrisy of complaining about Russian interference is astounding, when Ukraine’s anti Russian government itself is fully the result of US meddling and manipulations, and on the part of democrats too.


Just a reminder - It’s today

People’s Convention 2020
August 30

  • Dr. Cornel West
  • Sen. Nina Turner
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Sen. Mike Gravel
  • Danny Glover
  • Chris Hedges
  • Jimmy Dore
  • Ryan Knight

What drives 95% of those who vote, to continue to support the same two parties, that lie, deny, and murder in the names of all Americans?

We are a fucking insane nation of “Masochistic Monsters” addicted to voting away our freedom to Elitist politicians that have only one goal in life.

To have more. For themselves.


Good one there Diesel Dan.

Scaling back security briefings is a euphemism for keeping secrets.


We don’t want to hear the complete degradation of the left, or the democratic party.We have some very good democratic congress critters, and more to come, and from the past.
a short list:
Sen. William Proxmire
Sen. Feingold
Sen. Baldwin
Rep. Pocan
And our 8th district assemblywoman Amanda Stuck whom I’ve followed since she was an activist and is now running for congress. As far as I’m concerned her claim-to-fame is her being part of a coalition of left-right folks that want to work together, when possible. Hard work these days.

“Shocking, undemocratic, authoritarian, immoral, evil, unprecedented, unconstitutional, etc.” I’ve become numb to the headlines telling us how outrageously wrong Trump and the GOP are. Seems they can do anything they want and there is no party of resistance anywhere in sight, so the headlines of outrage are followed by impotent nothingness and no longer have any impact on me. I’ve come to accept that every day will be a shitshow that is beyond my, or anyone’s, ability to do anything about. The US is a failed state.


Sí. Los EEUU es un país fracasado.

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*****************Hi PonyBoy:
I first began to wonder about America, after finding Howard Zinn and the," PeopIe’s History of the United States," . Sigh—and probabIy the only time America wiII ever be that "shining city on the hiII is when somebody nukes us! : (

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You’re going to help me with the translation there T. I only speak English. I’m an American you know. I speak one language and, decidedly, not that well.

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LOL. Well, at least you won’t write “shouldn’t of” or “should of” or “could of” or some other illiterate claptrap.

País = Country
Fracasado = Failed

Agreed. That is all. A dumb comment from me to say that I agreed with you.


Or get off of.

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BTW. Good luck everyone.