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Democrats Demand McConnell Bring Senate Back Into Session to 'Protect USPS and Our Election'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/democrats-demand-mcconnell-bring-senate-back-session-protect-usps-and-our-election


And when Trump, McConnell and DeJoy tell the democrats to FO, what then?


mcconnell hasn’t stopped laughing about Merrick Garland yet …


Their feelings will be very hurt.


Credit to Pelosi for calling the House back for the USPS.
Wonder effective she will be in the proceedings, and what salient points will she able to score?

Watching anxiously.


One thing among many that is messed up about so-called democracy in the US is that one person can decide whether or not the senate is in session - hardly democratic.


Or you could send them a letter and we know where that would go - the circular file. Or send an email…which is easy to delete. I’m sure lobbyists have special numbers and email accounts that get right through and has people in the office rolling over themselves to respond.

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That’s the demos, they’re more interested in making sure everyone votes for the LOTE than saving millions from starving or sleeping in parks.


The House really needs to put forward legislation repealing the idiotic 2006 prefunding requirement. This would free up capital the USPS desperately needs to modernize.


If even one American is so stupid so as to think that the answer to the ongoing Coup is Mitch McConnell, then we are even worse off than I already thought, and I already thought it was completely hopeless. Honestly with weeks to go before the staged election, now were supposed to believe that McConnell will magically fund, and over-fund the post office, replace all the sorting machines and mail boxes already removed, have all the personnel restore all personnel to their previously held positions, and have everything running efficiently before the November election, well every person who thinks this is completely and irrevocably insane. We are not suffering from some recent act by a tyrant today, what we are seeing is 45 years of criminal neglect on the side of every government institution and serving member we have had for over 45 years with only a tiny handful of exceptions. Democracy itself has been completely dead in america since the first lobbying firm opened its doors in Washington DC. Now Were looking to Mitch McConnell to fix it… there are few in all of American history as much to blame as he, I hardly think he is the answer now. Even calling McConnell in at this point is a sham designed to divert our attention from any real solutions, which must be acted upon immediately.


State lawmakers have also called for local law enforcement to investigate. Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs asked their attorney general to investigate whether Trump and DeJoy’s actions violate an Arizona state law that prohibits anyone from knowingly delaying the delivery of a ballot. In New Jersey, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. made a criminal referral to New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, asking him to examine whether or not Trump and DeJoy breached state election laws with their actions. Pascrell said, “What trump and his crony are doing is criminal. Period.”



With all respect and credit given to Eddy Izard
“Stop! Or I’ll shout stop again!”


LMAO Fresh bullshit from Breitbart?


You forgot the close out to your comment, but I’ve got you covered:

“I’m a right wing hack and I approved this message.”


Democrats demand this, Democrats are outraged by that.
And to “unify” the electorate behind their message, they’re going with the usual:

“We’ll try to be everything to everyone and thereby nothing to anyone.”
“Sure, we’re feckless and corrupt – but at least we’re slightly better than Trump.”
“Vote LOTE, cuz you got nothing else, suckas.”


Exactly so Ernestine.
It also seems a good idea to restore the USPS function to be small banker to the people. The USPS, IMO, is a critical part of The Commons a bedrock part of society for the “little people”.
I also strongly believe the Glass-Steagall Act should be - must be - re-instituted and updated if needed to protect the nation from predatory, casino/gambling TBTF banks that should be broken-up.

" The United States Postal Savings System was a postal savings system operated by the United States Post Office Department, from January 1, 1911, until July 1, 1967 - The system accepted deposits from the general public, but did not offer full [banking services. Instead, it redeposited the funds to designated banks at interest. It took one-half percent of the interest to cover administrative expenses and passed on the rest—around two percent—to the customer."




Not “only” are Republican politicians seditious - with which they are getting away- but they also oblige their Democratic counterparts to use their time to…preserve the 200+ year-old United States Postal Service.

Republican politicians could not care less that the first Postmaster General was none other than Benjamin Franklin. They (DT) can molest the flag all they want, but their true colors are on full display.


A modified quote from Homer Simpson
“Shut up , dumbocrats. You tried. And you failed. The moral of this story is ‘never try’.”

Yep, and after four years of psycho Trump only a grade A moron would want to give him four more years. But then America seems to have an unending supply of those types.


Meh. No one here is looking to McConnell to “fix” anything. We just want the bull-headed old fart to get TF out of the way.