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Democrats Demand McConnell Bring Senate Back Into Session to 'Protect USPS and Our Election'

I second those suggestion!

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McConnell…He’s flesh and blood, not superman. Like superman though, McConnell and every one of his associates are not human


Interesting piece Politico is running on the topic. It “explains” everything DeJoy has done so far. Is it true? Who the hell knows, but if so, this could just be giving cover to both wings of our single party for a lack of bail-out money, if not it’s the dumpster fire we first thought.



Thanks for the laugh Roberto. Much needed in this time of “chaos”.

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But that will never happen because the dirty little secret is that the prefunding requirement was actually passed (by voice vote so no records were kept) with support from both parties - Democrats and Republicans. Just like Obama putting Social Security on the chopping block in an attempt at a “grand bargain” with Republicans, the Dems say “screw you” to the working class “and now vote for us because you have no where else to go”!


Not human!?? We have vastly bigger problems then Trump, we have an ALIEN INVASION!!! Paging Ellen Ripley!

Then, the fucking Democrats do what a true opposition party does, call on the “People” to unite against the criminal GOP and hit the streets demanding they all fucking resign, immediately. Trump, McConnell, DeJoy, and anyone complicit in the "felony of obstructing the U.S. Mail."

Yeah, we’re getting to the “Pitchforks and Torches” time, and it’s all hands on deck.

It “means” that voters from both parties benefit from vote-by-mail.

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Citation(s) required.

This is still way NOT NOISY ENOUGH –

If Democrats are truly trying to save the Post Offices we need to see much more
dedication to it – and a lot more NOISE.

If GOP feels a breeze going in direction they don’t like they are shouting everywhere –

They have no humanity, sorry but if it was a joke maybe I could laugh. I remember during the 45 year christian backed fascist campaign how the right wing media made what they called “bleeding heart liberals” to be the worst possible thing a person could be. Basically the accepted idea was that if you had human compassion, empathy, if there was even a tiny trace of humanity in you, then you by definition were a joke to be humiliated denigrated and defeated. It didn’t surprise me then that right wing sociopaths, CEO’s and overt fascists all chimed in, and it shouldn’t have surprised me that every single christian chimed in as well, but it did.


Feedback appreciated.

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Good read. Thank you.

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I get a daily email from the Onion with a list of satirical articles; I usually just read the headlines and move on. Because of timing of delivery the next one I open is often CD, and I’m sometimes 2 or 3 headlines in, thinking, well that’s not very funny. Neither is that one… before I remember it’s not the Onion any more.

I think CD should make more of an effort to provide funny news like the Onion does. Corporate Democrats demanding procedural changes that would stop actions that are after all central to the Republicans’ naked power grab–that’s pretty good.

You mean something like this:



Yes, that’s it exactly, thanks, wings. What follows is most of today’s harvest from the Onion. I was especially struck by the fact that there really was only one joke there, and it was continued by this, the first article on CD’s list today. It seems to be a theme running through every action taken by anyone these days.

Trump Online Store Begins Selling Decommissioned USPS Mailboxes So Fans Can Own Piece Of History

Monkey Got A Little Carried Away Pounding Ground For Minute There

Congressional Democrats Threaten To All Wear Same Color If Trump Loses Election And Refuses To Leave Office

Short-Staffed NASA Sets Up Shifts For Everyone In Country To Take An Hour Looking Out For Asteroids Headed Toward Earth

Congress Sends Unemployed Americans 40 Million Boxes Of Saltwater Taffy From Vacation

High School Adds Cardboard Students Between Distanced Desks To Maintain Normal Feeling Of Oversized Classes


Nah. That might be too extreme. What if the GOP retaliated by unfurling their golf-pants?

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I’m still in recovery after reading Benjamin Madley on the great California genocide. White killers would commonly do things like sit down to share a neighborly meal with indigenous Californians, then at a signal from the Captain all rise to shoot everyone in sight. They’d leave grain laced with strychnine as gifts for people starving on the rez. They (in my case, we Californians) have a record of treating non-whites like non-humans. Driven mad by white-supremacy, we lost our membership in the human race long ago.

An American Genocide by Benjamin Madley


As your party continues to offer Seinfeld Presidencies (hat tip to David Michael Green), please expect worse than Trump in the future. Next up, President Ted Cruz.

And as a representative of a party that lost to Trump once, and may yet again because they’ve learned nothing since, you have some brass ones calling others morons. Now run along and enjoy replaying that inspiring Kasich speech.


After reading the linked piece (thanks for that) - it seemed to make light of DeJoys/trumps USPS agenda and many claimed actions to sabotage the service - both trump nd dejoy are extremists and cannot be believed, IMO., I checked the author, jack shafer who seems to have some odd political views and history that may color his writing - maybe not to be trusted for his accuracy - the “monkey fishing” hoax he let slip a case in point, among other aspects. .

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