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Democrats Demand Trump Rescind 'Irresponsible' Order as States Lose Access to Crucial Covid-19 Data

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/19/democrats-demand-trump-rescind-irresponsible-order-states-lose-access-crucial-covid

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From (another maddening) article:

“Led by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), 46 members of the Senate Democratic caucus sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence and Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Deborah Birx demanding that the White House reverse its decision to divert Covid-19 data from the CDC to an HHS database run by TeleTracking Technologies, a private contractor.”


How many more of these toothless “demands” sent to utterly insane, cruel people (in this case Birx/Pence) asking (expecting?) them to change can we take?

Stop it! Just stop it.

FFS— Birx is the one who pushed for this! You think sending a letter to Pence and Birx is going to help this?

This is a conservative subculture of evangelical Christians who have found a foothold in the Trump administration clustered around Mike Pence’s office. Along millions of other evangelicals, it appears they really believe in Donald Trump.


Birx spearheaded the administration’s recent decision to have hospitals send information on coronavirus patients to a new federal database, a source involved with the process told CNN, bypassing the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency Birx has often complained about to colleagues. She has also been a forceful advocate for the President’s push to reopen schools, forming a working group to create new guidance after the President criticized the CDC’s initial recommendations, calling them “too tough” and “expensive.”

Birx has become a frequent traveler on Air Force 2 alongside Pence, touring the country with charts and graphs and meeting with local officials to walk them through her data. This week, Birx spent much of her time meeting with Southern governors in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama to assure them it is safe to bring children back to the classroom.


“Democrats demand”. Then they cave in. And call it a bipartisan fuckup.
And history repeats itself.


Patty Murray is just another DINO. Patty has been a corporate stooge for Boeing for too many years.


Thank you for pointing that out. All corporate stooges that are posing as if they are “trying to help people for the greater good” should be called out whenever possible!

How does this (below) help the planet and most people----

Lobbyists are Sen. Murray’s biggest donors

In the years after Patty Murray first won her U.S. Senate seat in 1992, she received some of her biggest political contributions from women’s groups and PACs supporting Israel. Today, in a transformation that attests to the power of incumbency, lobbyists top the list of Murray’s donor groups.

and this–



Maybe she will let magaman play with nukes in exchange

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I’m reasonably sure the “Democrats” demands are not even remotely expected to be acquiesced-to. If Dems remained silent they would be rightly accused of dereliction or outright complicity (even if they are)- some of the “demands” and other criticism of this malignant irresponsible regime we are hearing are to forestall such accusations of negligence and some to whip-up supporting public, many who will sooner or later see the trump regime from its rotten top to the ugly bottom as enemy and threat, and rightly so.

Castigating Dems for “demanding” this or that of the trump regime is not warranted, it must be done as silence is far worse.


Appreciate the links and your reply even though it just corroborates what I already knew.


Little outrage from Congress maybe because they’re on vacation spending all that money from lobbyists, the mainstream media acts like it’s concerned but really their only concern is advertising dollars. The undercover Nazis are invading Oregon. Your state will be next. And then free speech after that. Of course, for the young people, voting is not that important. Meanwhile, this donut and coffee is pretty tasty.


DC simply cannot manage anything.
War, illness, finance, etc.
The system that works best is very simple, indeed.
Each county health department has a spread sheet, continually updated as tests given, results, hospitalizations, cures and deaths are learned and recorded.

The counties submit their data twice each day to the state public health dept.
The state health dept submits their data to CD, HSS, Washington Univ. in Seattle and any other responsible party.

There, you have data flowing.
CDC software is not up to date. Replacement come in this coming December.

Pence is going to take the fall, not Trump.
Last weeks prediction is 200,000 american deaths by Thanksgiving. About 170,000 were preventable.


The fact that this alone does not warrant Trump’s removal indicates (to me) that we are truly on our own.


Problem: the bus is headed for the cliff.
Solution: paint the windshield black.


You consistently make excellent points Emphyrio—thank you.

Your words get me thinking. . .

Silence and/or apathy make things much worse and in many ways can make one complicit in criminal behavior (what is happening from our gov. is, imo, criminal behavior).
With that said, I am concerned about presenting false hopes and wasted efforts when clearly much more needs to be done----more than letter writing to the abusers. And they are abusers.

Again, I will (as Mary Trump has done) compare the government of the u.s. to a dysfunctional, malignant, toxic, damaging family ------ I believe that is an apt comparison.

You would not tell a victim of abuse to write a polite letter to their abuser asking them to stop abusing and expect the abuse to stop or the abuser to finally “get it”.

If a therapist asked victims of abuse to do this ( “Just write them a letter and tell them to stop”!)
This would be irresponsible/unethical and potentially very damaging.

What is happening here seems like yet another smoke screen of action that will lead nowhere but further down the path of oligarchic, highly damaging dysfunction from a system that tosses out false hopes to people, trying to make people believe that the dems are actually going to do something to stop this madness.

Silence related to witnessing abuse---- and in the case of the u.s. witnessing the fascist/oligarchic takeover we are experiencing---- is truly horrifying and unacceptable.

But words and actions taken are important too.

Words/actions from someone who is being paid by Boeing are not words I trust.

And good point from Barton:


Indeed. We need only to recall the public statement of then-CEO of CBS (Les Moonves), who (again publicly) stated that “I know that Trump’s hurting America, but he’s great for the ratings.”


I would have greater respect for Democrats if Monday morning they all rally in Lafayette park in front of the WH and do a “lie in” (as in lay down) at the two front entrances so they all can be arrested and taken away to jail. This would be a statement of at least some commitment to their “demands”. Their constituent lives are at stake, after all, and it would also make for some real “good news”.


This line explains it all- “The absence of the data will make it harder for health and public officials, as well as the general public, to understand how the virus is spreading.”


All you write is accurate Caroline, especially that more -much more - needs to be attempted and accomplished to resist the malignant treason and greed-driven crimes of the trump regime.
My comment really just focused on politicians that are in a place (I think) they must respond, as they have a constituency. Dems have different motives sure, but silence cannot be condoned from them or the various groups or experts in the face of such hideous actions we are seeing from trump and/or his sycophant tools. “False hope” is hope none the less for some.
There have been more than a few issues recently that brought letters or other “demands” and none of us think that will do a damn bit of good forcing action by trump & co, but as I wrote if Dems and the various groups or clusters of opponents to trumps actions don’t have any choice but speak-out - only one form of resisting, but it should be backed-up by actions as you accurately write. Peace. Keep the faith!


‘Irresponsible’ doesn’t capture this one.
This is ‘calculated’, making it more ‘sinister’ and ‘evil’ than simple irresponsibility.


…and thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands MORE will die than would otherwise happened. And that much death will surely tank the economy afterwards. Unless they plan on not allowing anyone to notice the numbers of funerals.

The larger problem is that the ‘elected’ republican cabal is aiding and abetting in this premeditated massacre.


Hard to conclude otherwise.