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Democrats: Don’t Go High or Low. Go Big and Bold


Democrats: Don’t Go High or Low. Go Big and Bold

Robert Reich

Donald Trump says the midterm elections are a “referendum about me.” Of course they are. Everything is about him.

Anyone who still believes the political divide runs between Republicans and Democrats hasn’t been paying attention. There’s no longer a Republican Party. The GOP is now just pro-Trump.

Meanwhile Trump is doing all he can to make the Democratic Party the anti-Trump Party. “Democrats,” he declares, are “too dangerous to govern.” They’re “an angry left-wing mob,”leading an “assault on our country.”


Reich sez: “When everything and everyone is either [pro- or anti-Trump], there’s no room for neutral expertise, professional norms, good public policy, or the rule of law.”

Similar to modern U.S. governance with the parenthetical in its original form: [Republican or Democratic].


After Democrats went “big and bold” during the 60s the 1% went big and bold to assure that the Democrats would never go “big and bold” again.

After turning Ralph Nader into a pariah by the mid 70s, the 1% started dismantling FDR’s New Deal with the 1978 decriminalization of securitizing mortgages. With Saint Ron Trickledown installed on the throne in 1981 and the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation, the “co-optation machine” became fully functional.


The Democratic party establishment go big and bold? Yeah, right. At a time when being politically correct is unpopular with the majority of voters, the ever politically correct Obama still has difficulty even mentioning Trump by name when he criticizes him. Jimmy Carter warns us not to go too liberal with Medicare for all for fear of losing those elusive swing voters. Big and bold and the party establishment are a contradiction.


Obama never mentions Trump’s name because he knows that his 8 year presidency set the stage for Trump ascending the throne.

Not to mention that Obama has always been so focused on quoting and comparing himself to Saint Ronald Trickledown that he rarely mentions any of his other predecessors, especially his Democratic Party predecessors.

Although Carter clashed with Ted Kennedy on health care reform during the 70s, overall Carter ranks among the top ten percentile of all POTUS from the perspective of the 99%, a distinction that none of his 6 successors come close to.


Good point in this article…it’s all about Trump! What we really need to do is find a way to “ignore” him. Never say his name. Never say his name. Never say his name.


This seems very similar to what takes place in Russia where everything is blamed on the US and Europe.
Whether the US or Europe actually did anything at all is irrelevant. I think the aim of Trump is to uplift his white supremacy supporters as the good people and characterize liberals as the bad side. There is no attempt to work together to make the American political system work, only to destroy the system and replace it with a fascist dictatorship which apparently millions of Americans are eager for.


A Big and Bold O’Bummer — That’ll be the day!!!   If chicken-shits O’Bummer and P’Loser couldn’t bring themselves to “Go Bold” in 2009 – when their party controlled the national government and a big majority of Americans were pushing for the Banksters and War Criminals to be held accountable – isn’t it a bit naive to expect the DamnocRats to “Go Bold” now, when a big majority of Americans have gotten wise to their com­plicity in the total takeover of our country by the 1%?


Carter? Seriously? A man who made the Southern dominance in our national seem safe? Who pave the way for a like minded Southern Democratic Governor? A nice guy, I suppose. Nice to the Shah, anyway.


Racism has never really been an issue with CD commenters. It was just a distraction in 2016, “identity politics”. The identity here is and always has been safely white.


They were so bold that they let the bankers and health insurers write Dodd-Frank and Romnobamacare.

That took real guts.


Most voting choices come down economic issues. Liberals “forget” that Democrats took the lead in the war on the poor (much of their former voting base) in the 1990s, ending actual welfare aid and taking the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security (targeted the disabled). In doing so, they split apart their own voting base. The Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent.


Yes, it took another 20 years for middle class liberals to fully embrace our class-based capitalism, splitting apart the former Dem voting base. It took Obama era liberals to verify that this split is permanent.


When the chips are down, you can always count on Reich to push for the lesser evil not matter how evil. As long as there is a D behind their name there is no limit to the depths of evil he will support.


Except for the greater evil? Huh? Not to argue pointlessly, but there’s a logical fallacy there.


If the DamnocRats had offered a half-decent more-lesser evil instead of an arrogant slightly-lesser evil, it would have been a lot easier to defeat the RePooplicken’s obviously-greater evil . . .


It seems to me that many people have lost their way.We do not trust anyone or anything.Some people do not have a problem with this. I DO. I am tired of the emotional terrorism of the right and some not very effective solutions on the left. I think that we all should stop and listen to our hearts and decide what matters. Do unto other what we would do to ourselves. Naive and simple but sometimes is that not the best thing to do.Rage and anger are self defeating in the long run.I will not allow the sins of my fellow men and women guide my responses to tje trail of this here and now. I will vote as I have always done,for the party that cares the most about the least of us.


What we need is an alternative to the conflicting ideas how government should relate to the economy. Government offers a vision of equal individual rights for every citizen, while the economy offers little opportunity for workers to have an equal voice when shareholders rule according to how much $ they invest, which is necessarily unequal. But workers DO invest—at least their Time, skill, and energy, which may also be unequal, but which should count toward some degree of “ownership.”
Thus, every kind of investor, whether of money, time, and/or skill, should be given a voice in the management of their enterprise, and compensated according to a fair return on their investment. This already true of Co-op companies, where workers are also shareholders (and often customers). It’s time to lift the Co-op economy from obscurity and make it mainstream, uniting the interests of all investors in a business, instead of pitting monetary investors against worker investors!


To observe that some on this forum, the eco-socialists, will by their doctrine oppose ‘restore wage growth’. They believe that we should be intelligently de-growing the economy, and lowering the standard of living and humanity’s footprint on the planet - of everyone particularly the rich. All to sustain the planet.
– I know a parent whose time is occupied with shuttling the kids to soccer practice, taekwondo, and more. No. In a eco-socialist world get rid of the car. If you can’t do things on foot (or bicycle) then those things shouldn’t be done.

(I will also remark on a carelessness in phrasing. It is not “get health insurance to all Americans”; it should be “get health care to all Americans.” There is a difference.)