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Democrats Don't Just Support Medicare for All, 84% in New Poll Want Party Leaders to Make It "Extremely Important Priority"


MLK Jr.'s dreams, and other peace dreamers for a restored planet, surely believed in Single-Payer as a prerequisite for a peaceful and productive world community. It follows surely as night follows day.


The “looking out for #1” bunch misses the point entirely. Looking out for people and planet IS looking out for #1.


Last evening at the Health Over Profit teleconference we were all on the same page on this issue. I admire Margaret Flowers for her organizational skills and staying the course. Events and grass roots pushing are on everywhere. Solidarity!


Nowhere from him but this is from H.O.P.E:





And this is where it starts, doesn’t it? MLK, Jr. did not just appear out of the blue pushing black folks toward their liberation–he was the collective summoning of millions of black people out of their collective consciousness. And it was him who pointed out that people lead.


Interesting. Competing options for health care for all. It’s hard to trust at this point.


Something will pass. Congress is too bought out by the insurance companies not to pass it.

Republicans need health care too. yes, I’m in Seattle, but it’s only the one Libertarian friend I know who doesn’t want health care for all.

I want healthcare for all. I also want the insurance companies out of it.

Expand the existing Medicare. Don’t eliminate it. Don’t let the gov only pay insurance companies - from our taxes. Make them pay providers as they do today.


I was only referring to HR 1 which has nothing to do with health care (so it is a distraction to this story, but gandolf brought it up and I had something to say).

There may be some health care bill passing before 2021 to work around the edges. There won’t be anything remotely like what we want in the mix before that.

I’m with you on no private insurance middlemen whatsoever. I haven’t made up my mind on allowing or not allowing for-profit providers.


I hate people like this. I assume Ryan is smart enough to know we can’t all actually be millionaires - some people have to do the work (or nobody is a very happy millionaire). It’s different than saying we should all want to do well in math class - that is at least physically possible.


The total wealth of the U.S. is actually pretty close to a million times the total number of U.S. households. So reduce wealth inequality to zero and you’re there. I doubt that’s what Congressman Ryan envisions though.


Thank you for the links dara. I guess with all of this really great news, I wish I was back growing up in the 50’s and early 60’s.


Still waiting for some data from you showing that people across the ideological spectrum don’t support single payer. You want to dismiss people and call them white trash, you want to claim this or that about Americans, feel free, but the facts don’t back up your claims. Fact is, Pelosi offers nothing to working and poor people in places like West Virginia. It makes sense to dismiss large parts of the country, she offers them nothing. No reason the left should. You certainly haven’t presented any facts justifying anything you claim here. You don’t want anything to change, and you are okay with things as they are. Your generation saw things getting progressively worse and not enough people supported needed changes, people like you and your arguments won, and things got progressively worse as a result. You still don’t want anything to change, but I am sure you will argue that you are just “realistic”. Maybe you will be honest about opposing these things. Thank god King wasn’t “realistic”, and neither were the people that got us the 40 hour work week, Social Security, or people like Douglas in Canada that got them single payer.


Yeah. The same is true of the NHS systems in the UK, the anarchist parts of Spain in the 1930’s, social democracy in Sweden, Social Security and Medicare here. Same is true of things like safe working conditions, the 40 hour workweek, child labor laws, environmental laws, the right of women in regards to voting, etc. Right now, people have imagined systematic alternatives, some have imagined alternatives here that exist and work well elsewhere (single payer advocates), and some support things at the micro level that they want to spread, like Ellen Brown with pubic banking and Jessica Gordon Nembhard with cooperatives. Plenty of real world examples of what Robin Hahnel calls “experiments in equitable cooperation”, and plenty of things that exist in theory that are realistic in practice too. Putting those things in place is hard work and involves lots of work and struggle, always been the case.


Lee Stanfield’s analysis, “Weaknesses of S1804” is absolutely excellent! I doubt if he’ll be able to get journalist credentials for the 2020 DIMKON circus.

I, like many others on this site, acknowledge the tremendous work that you are doing to protect and promote HR 676. Thank You Sister and Always



Not necessarily in that person’s lifetime. Nancy Pelosi will not be here to deal with the hell that awaits people in 40 years or so in the absence of radical changes. That is why, in economics, they always debate the costs for future generations of our activities now, debates over things like discount rates. I agree that we all exist on the same planet and have nowhere to go once it hits the fan, but there are lots of profits to be made between now and then, and most of the people that will profit from the system won’t be around to pay for the costs they created. How they rationalize this to their grandkids is the real mystery, but the human mind has ways rationalize things like that.


I so want a vote in both the House and Senate on Med4All as a line in the sand to force Democrats to have to finally show where they stand.


But as the Great Leader of Dems will decry “it shall never come to pass” so suck on that.


HR 676 is not medicare as we know it. HR 676 is National Improved Medicare for All. It does away with all premiums, deductibles, and copays. It also provides coverage for dental and vision. It does it more efficiently and economically than any market driven plans out there. Check out the research. It has been studied for decades and the numbers are there to back the above statement.


The CBO has already done the studies as have several states. The evidence as to the economic advantages are already on paper. The Kocks recently did a study in hopes of undermining the economic advantages and their study validated the already standing studies that reveal real economic advantages.


Sound reasoning. People that can not afford ObamaCare or TrumpCare can not afford ‘Medicare’. Actually, the plan is ‘Medicare Advantage for All’ … a private insurance rip off system currently peddled to retired seniors as pie in the sky … till you get sick.