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Democrats Don't Just Support Medicare for All, 84% in New Poll Want Party Leaders to Make It "Extremely Important Priority"


Exactly. There is no Advantage to Medicare Advantage. The ONLY solution is HR676 National Improved Medicare for All. No hearings necessary. The studies have been done and the evidence is already in.


Labor is Yarmuth’s biggest single contributor, by far. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. He’s long been a proponent of single payer so I am confident he’ll play a fair hand in considering the issue.


All those studies assume a system we don’t have yet, and that’s a problem. If we adopt a system absent restraints on provider side payments, it will be more expensive. If we adopt a system absent drug price controls, it will be more expensive. This is why Yarmuth asked CBO to examine “design and policy considerations lawmakers would face in developing single-payer health system proposals.” He wants to know the universe of issues Congress has to consider to move legislation forward. That seems like a good thing.


Here’s a very good recent summary of healthcare in different countries. Notice how the US trails in just about every category.


Sorry, didn’t know you were waiting…
A good source (although I can’t vouch for the quality of their surveys) for health related polls is the Kaiser Family Foundation.
The latest data shows a slight majority support single-payer insurance. This, however, is not meaningful unless it is properly interpreted.
A proper interpretation goes as follows. A popular majority in this issue “must” be adjusted by two factors, a) the bias imposed by the Electoral College, and b) the power of an advertising campaign against the support for single payer. Once you account for the EC bias and the “socialistic” aspects that will be used against it by Republicans, your chance of passing a law that implements single payer is next to zero. It doesn’t matter that you have a majority in CA, you “must” have majorities in the white trash states, and that is not realistic.
You can’t leave out the power of propaganda when a national taboo is exploited - in this case the taboo of “socialism”.

By the way, you will witness today and in the next few days the power of a taboo used in propaganda with Trump’s manipulation of the media in the context of his “national emergency”. He will force a humiliating defeat on the Democrats because the Dems challenged him on National Security, one of the biggest taboos in American society.


Yes, you make claims all the time that aren’t backed up by data and I have been asking your for some time for anything to back up what you are saying. Almost everything you type comes down to, “The left can’t do anything it wants, Americans are too stupid and right wing”. 4 out of every 5 comments from you. You have now provided a poll showing majority support for single payer. Other polls show a majority of registered Republicans (last time I checked, ideologically very right wing, “white trash” as you would call them, wonder why they don’t support the same people you do) support single payer, polls show a large percentage of self identified conservatives support single payer. Single payer polls higher than the ACA and the right’s alternative, with everyone. The most popular programs in the country are the public parts of the system. The VA, Medicare and Medicaid are all more popular than private insurance, by a wide margin. I also don’t know if you missed it, but there has been a decades long campaign against “socialized medicine”. Seen those old Reagan videos where he warns against this with the passage of Medicare? Did that work? Is Medicare unpopular because of that propaganda? The Republicans (about 25% of the population) get almost all of their propaganda from right wing sources that are dead set against single payer, lie all the time, and that propaganda doesn’t seem to have worked, now has it? Why? Because the reality of the present system and the alternatives are now too stark. The right is against expanding Medicaid. When those ideas are put up to voters directly, in “white trash” states like Idaho, Nebraska and Utah they voted to expand Medicaid. Maybe the “white trash” are more enlightened than you are.

Again, if people had your mentality, we would never have realized progress. If you are opposed to single payer and the policies of the left, come out and say so, be honest and argue for inferior and less popular policies. If you do support those things and are just jaded, step out of the way and stop trying to convince people to give up like you have.


We’ll see.


As I said, you must “interpret” the polling data, not just look at the percentages. Survey data are conditional on the circumstances of the survey, and if you don’t properly interpret such data, you get totally wrong inferences, like “Trump can’t win” (a conclusion by Sam Wang at Princeton), “Most Americans would support universal health insurance” (your conclusion), “The sun rotates around the Earth” (common conclusion based on not properly interpreting the observations), etc.
I made a lot of money in 2016 betting on Trump’s victory by properly interpreting the polling data, and expect to repeat that feat in 2020, but on a much larger scale.
The campaign against “socialized” anything is just part of the brainwashing Americans undergo on a daily basis throughout their lives, it has been like that forever.


Once again, there is more than just polls on supporting single payer nationally, where polls now show strong support of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. About a quarter of the public now identifies with the Republican Party, more people refuse to identify with either than do identify with either of the major parties. There is the popularity of the public parts of the healthcare system relative to private insurance. There are the polls (some of which are done at the state level) on single payer versus alternatives. Single payer now polls better than the alternatives in most parts of the country. There is the voters expanding Medicaid in “white trash states”, along with voting against right to work laws, raising the minimum wage, among countless other things you say are impossible in “white trash areas”. And since Medicare exists, is popular, and far more efficient than private insurance, kind of hard to demonize the expansion of the program.

And it obviously doesn’t work well, which you seem to miss. Like Chatanooga didn’t run from a publicly owned internet system because they have been told the idea is socialistic, and it works well. There are moves around the country towards re-remunicipalization of formerly privatized public services and public utilities. There is broad support for socialist programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and strong opposition to any explicit moves to privatize the programs. There are privatized examples people like you have been pushing for, like Chile’s system. People can compare the two and see which is better, the socialized system versus the privatized one. The VA, Medicare and Medicaid are all more popular than private health insurance. People support traditional public education and largely oppose school privatization. They support expanding worker ownership. People in North Dakota really like the Bank of North Dakota. People in Alaska aren’t opposed to getting a check from the Alaska Permanent Fund. So, despite that propaganda, they support lots of socialism. Don’t pretend that you are the one armed with data. The data on this stuff doesn’t support your argument.

I also, on this site, argued that nominating Clinton made a Trump victory far more likely, contrary to many of the claims of the center-left, Clinton types that said her victory was far more likely than Sanders. Literally, no data to back that up. Nationally and in key swing states, he did better than she did versus Trump in every poll, over the last five months or so of the election. He remains the most popular politician in the country and his policies have become more popular in the last few years. Kind of obvious that turnout could plummet if you nominate the two most unpopular candidates in history to go head to head. He did far better than she did in most of the “white trash” parts of the country too. Lowest turnout for a presidential election in 20 years, the largest drop off in voting came in black communities in states like Wisconsin. Shocking, when you have a corrupt center-right Democrat running a tone deaf campaign against a historically unpopular candidate in Trump, that turnout would collapse and she could lose. Trump entered office with support from less than a quarter of the voting age population, she got about 26%.

But again, just come out and be honest. You oppose the left for ideological reasons, you maybe oppose it for class reasons, and you want to avoid discussions on policy and how popular the things you support are versus the ideas and policies of the left.


The 50’s and 60’s were a trip my friend, I thought they’d never end…


And, as Ronald Wright sez: “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”


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Our corrupt congress will find a way to protect the useless Insurance industry.I have faith in that.


Yes I have a health insurance policy that I payv$139/mth which is all I can affort since my income is at the poverty level. Unfortunately, my co-pay is $60. And after I pay the $60, I cannot pay for the medicines. I get very little for the policy and always have to decide to see a doctor or just die from lack of medical attention. I’m leaning towards just dying. It is easier.


Why are you wasting our time posting inane comments about such a serious thing?


With an eighty plus demand rating by the general population if the Democratic Party doesn’t pick up this issue as a major campaign plank they aren’t worth voting for! The only possible reason for such neglect is campaign bribes.