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Democrats Don't Just Support Medicare for All, 84% in New Poll Want Party Leaders to Make It "Extremely Important Priority"


I can’t reply directly to Monckton, so I’ll reply here. It was indeed an ingenious system that our founders created. It was designed to keep people in North Dakota from being over run with the ideas and desires of those in California when they don’t want anything to do with those ideas. That doesn’t mean that California can’t implement the ideas they come up with. They just can’t impose them on others. And they have to suffer the consequences if those Ideas don’t pan out. De Blasio, just declared pretty much the NYC would have universal healthcare. I don’t live there and it’s not my business. If the people of NYC like the idea and want to pay for it, so be it. The consequenses whether good or bad are theirs and theirs alone.


Who’s for going to DC to picket the DNC?