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Democrats' Embrace of Corporate Cash Isn't Pragmatic, It's Ideological


Democrats' Embrace of Corporate Cash Isn't Pragmatic, It's Ideological

Jake Johnson

Democrats were once ardent opponents—at least in word—of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which has, as the New York Times editorial board noted, "thrust politics back to the robber-baron era of the 19th century." They were also proponents of the view that corporate money, no matter the intentions of those receiving it, is inherently corrupting.


Yep, Bernie is just "Senator Sellout" now.


You don't know any of that.
You presume to be thinking for Bernie and telling us what Bernie will do after the election. But that may not be what Bernie will be up to at all after the election.
It might be wise to hold your fire and leave your condemnation of Bernie in abeyance for the next 6 or 8 months.


The Democratic Party is a disaster, but we need to keep in mind that Jeremy Corbyn's faction is turning the equally ideologically damaged UK Labour Party back around to a worker's party. So the only solution may not be building a new party entirely from scratch. Sometimes, it is easier to build within the shell of the old. This may be Bernie's idea - although Bernie is not a Marxian leftist like Corbyn is.

Then again, the UK has a substantially larger real-left compared to the US's almost non-existent one, so Bernie is probably as far left as we can hope for right now in US politics.


Not to mention the behavior of Hillbots praising all the right wing newspapers that are endorsing Clinton.

I visited Spokane WA this week and noticed that city's daily newspaper The Spokesman Review noted that in its 123 year history the only two Democrats it has ever endorsed are 1) Bill Clinton in 1992, and 2) Hillary Clinton in 2016, confirming that the Cllintons are the only Democrats who are Republican enough to get a dyed-in-the-wool Republican newspaper's endorsement. This endorsement confirms that its not just Trump being a loose cannon that is driving these endorsements, it is the Clinton's steadfast pro-corporate ideology.


You and I profoundly disagree on this issue.


Why did you just blow your original argument completely out of the water?


I note with some humor all those D party loyalists crowing that the Republican Party is destroying itself as the Trump dumpster careens down Pennsylvania Avenue. What the Democratic leadership apparently hasn't glommed onto is that they have successfully destroyed the future of the Democratic Party. By choosing the oligarchy over the grassroots energy of their natural base they have sealed their fate. They may (probably will) win this election, but they have lost the future electorate.

For all of the reasons so simply stated by JJ here, most Americans see Hillary Clinton for what she is, what she has become, and more importantly what the Democratic Party has become. Maybe I'm engaging in wishful thinking, but perhaps the days of business as usual are coming to an end.


The percentage of US voters identifying as Democrats has steadily decreased since 1960, with the sharpest declines occurring during Bill Clinton's first term when he shoved NAFTA down our throats, and Obama's first term when he rammed relabeled the GOP "health care reform" down our throats. Today Democrats hold fewer national and state offices than at any time since Woodrow Wilson was POTUS. Tell me again, which party is destroying itself ?

The percentage of US voters identfying as Greens has steadily increased since Bill Clinton became POTUS.

Take your pick,,,a domestic party in decline or a growing global party ?


All of the energy that went into Occupy (hell--even Occupy Denver was awesome) needs to be in the Green. It can be done. That withheld energy is about to overflow.

In the next election, I'll bet Green gets a load more millennials. But we need Green on local, state by state, town by town now. Grassroots (real, not a Koch creation) is the way forward. It brings people together like a magnet. It is contagious.


Remember, Bernie awakened a hell of a lot of people to the fact that, as crooked as the Oligarchy's (0.001%) owned and controlled D and R puppet show is, that there is an alternative.
* Millions of people rallied to Bernie's cause and he would have been an easy winner. However, after generating all that energy, at the last minute, he kissed the Red Queen's, er, ring, and told his followers to vote for her.
* Hopefully, few of his followers will drink the cool aid. There is an alternative that could give We the People a chance to win our country back.
* If the millions who followed Bernie up to his sell-out, and the millions of people who are totally pissed at losing their franchise due to all of that vote tampering by the duopoly, and the millions of people that are totally fed up with Demopublican sock puppets would vote for Dr. Jill Stein, she might well win and we could get our country back. Even if she didn't, the numbers would make the Green Party a strong alternative to the status quo.
* She is being dismissed or ignored by the MSM, which is owned and controlled by the same 0.001% that owns the government and about half the world.
* If you are having a hard time making up your mind, just remember that the "lesser of two evils" is still evil, and there is little difference between the two that the 0.001% have given as a choice of sock puppets for the next four years.
* If those of conscience, who have said they will vote for neither, will cast their vote for Jill Stein, perhaps we will have a chance to change things. Whoever you think is the lesser of that evil pair is, if either one gets in, your children are going to wind up as cannon fodder in the ever expanding wars of the Fourth Reich. Either one of them may well push Russia or China into a nuclear war. If that happens, there will be few left to worry about such things.
* I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein, Green, 2016 and beyond, because "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"


Indeed the New Deal would have never happened if 10% of US voters had not been voting for socialist or communist candidates during the 30s, thereby giving FDR and Congress cover to throw a few crumbs to the 99% to keep the US from going commie.

With 98% of US voters voting corporate DPA or corporate GOP in 2012 while the six better qualified third party candidates split the other 2%, the duopoly has zero incentive to toss any crumbs to the 99% and every incentive to destroy what little remains of the New Deal.

Don't be a spoiler by voting DFA or GOP and denying the 99% their due...vote Green.