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Democrats 'Fired Up and Mobilizing' After Narrow Kansas Loss


Democrats 'Fired Up and Mobilizing' After Narrow Kansas Loss

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Republican Ron Estes narrowly survived the special election in Kansas on Tuesday, which was seen as a first test of the resistance movement's power to oppose the Trump administration—but the GOP is hardly celebrating, and Democrats remain undeterred.


The establishment-dominated DNC declined any meaningful funding to James Thompson's campaign... Says a lot about their priorities. They do not included defeating right wing policies if it means someone progressive (and backed by Bernie sanders) wins a seat.


Hello Nadia Prupis and Everyone, I think that this is whistling while passing the graveyard. The Rethugs need to keep results close to stay in power while a real count would have them lose most of the elections in a real system and phony one we are stuck with!


Do you have a source for that about the DNC, cmac?

To me that is the important question - which the article almost completely glosses over. Why was Thompson supported 'almost entirely' by small donors? Is the DNC going to support vaguely liberal candidates associated with Sanders, or is all their support reserved for the standard corporate hacks?


Gee what a surprise, the Dems suffer another narrow loss (as usual or so it seems) yet we are told that they are fired up for a 'narrow loss' in 2018! Oops, I meant to say that they are fired up to win in... um? Wait a sec! Weren't the Dems already fired up to fight and win because of what is going on with the Trump/Republican conservative machine?

My fear is to someday read a future headline that says >>> 'Dems suffer a narrow loss to the Fascist Party and vow to fight to restore the constitution to active status in the next election!'


A close loss in a heavily Republican district in Kansas seems like reason to believe better things might be coming for the Democratic Party in 2018 although something as to be done about the gerrymandering which virtually assures many Republican victories. The Democrats must do better in state level elections to really turn things around in the next decade.


Better things might be coming for the Democratic Party, but it won't happen as long as those in charge stay in charge. Their newly elected head promised a "50 state strategy" just a few weeks go, but apparently the 50 states don't include Kansas. Losers! The same thing will happen in 2018 and 2020 with the same people in charge - and without a strong, progressive third party.


What shinola; the DNC did nothing to support James Thompsons campaign, more obstruction and now apparently your a DNC apologist.

Its all political theatre to them, the DNC is committed to business as usual. Plausible deniability and poll driven tactics to hedge their bets on the long game... they doubled down during the primary's, they've defended their atoccious performance at the polls and stunning electoral losses again and again.

They want exactly what they want, and figure if they sit back passively and let enough average people suffer under an equally corrupt republican administration, they'll garner the electoral support in the next midterm election cycle by default, and retrieve enough seats at the table to proceed without making any changes in the establishment neoliberal economic policy platform that both parties want!


Kansas is virtually enslaved by the Republican party probably with the aid of the Koch brothers. While I'm sure there are many progressive minded people it is overwhelming a backwards state which is reflected in the leaders they have chosen. I had to drive through the state a few years ago and I was stopped by a state trooper who said I was following too closely. He proceeded to interrogate me as to where I was going, why I took this route and what the purpose of my trip was. He was way out of line. I guess it was my California plates. Anyway, after that nut gets done and gives me a warning ticket I am driving about 100 miles further and this state cop pulls out of the median and pulls up right next to me and drives right next to me for about 2 miles. The first cop asked why I didn't take Interstate 80 instead of 70 which was actually closer to where I was going. I guess because I had California plates I must have been a drug dealer. Anyway, it left me with a bitter taste for this state. I can only imagine if I was black what could have happened. They need a major brain washing in that state.


Q: Why doesn't Texas fall into the Gulf of Mexico ?

A: Because Oklahoma and Kansas suck.

The DNC prioritizes growing their corporate money income stream over winning elections.

The more the Party loses elections, the more money they can shake out of their base, allegedly to fight the GOP, but actually to keep the base emotionally attached to the Party. They know that if a partisan donates only $1 to the Party that partisan is far less likely to ever vote GOP or for a third party.

The corporate money pays the Party's bills. Donations from the base keep that base loyal.


Hi, Yeah, I first read about this in Vice (https://news.vice.com/story/dnc-isnt-even-trying-to-win-competitive-congressional-race-in-kansas), but it has been reported by other sources, e.g. The Wichita Eagle (http://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article140972328.html) and Observer (http://observer.com/2017/04/thompson-estes-special-election-kansas-democratic-party-progressives/), etc.


and I'm betting on the standard corporate hacks... :~(


Wow... thanks!

This is the real story CD should be running, not some drivel about how Democrats are 'fired up and mobilized' after losing... like Democrats haven't been losing all this time. Looks like this Kansas seat is indicative of how a lot of other races are going to go - unless the DNC is too embarrassed by this loss.

"...However, the bigger story is how Thompson ran a formidable campaign without support from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). This lack of support likely stemmed from the DCCC’s strategy to abandon rural America and their disdain for candidates who embrace Sen. Bernie Sanders’ progressive agenda.

New DNC Chair Tom Perez said during his own campaign, “A 50-state strategy is the only way forward. That starts with rural outreach and organizers in every zip code.” However, he already broke this promise with the first congressional election Democrats ran under his leadership. Perez made the excuse to the Washington Post, “There are thousands of elections every year. Can we invest in all of them? That would require a major increase in funds.” His response fails to acknowledge that the Democratic Party has a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee devoted solely to funding and supporting candidates for the House of Representatives, of which there are not thousands of elections for every year. Perez and the Democratic Party also didn’t capitalize on Thompson’s surge in the race by fundraising on his behalf.

In contrast, Republicans—sensing the race could be close—devoted substantial resources to Estes’ campaign. Sen. Ted Cruz and Vice President Mike Pence made appearances on his behalf, and Republicans added $100,000 in funds at the last minute to his campaign."


I agree. This is a key story. I don't mind the "fired up and mobilized" story to some degree, but all that mobilization is for nothing if the DNC, DCCC, and even some "liberal" media, etc. are going to be obstructionist and prevent both a progressive option and a winning option in one stroke. But, like all the attention to the Russians (a super dangerous death-warmed-over rehash of the Cold War for DNC narrow self-interest), the focus is not on what matters most.


This morning, Glenn Greenwald re-tweeted this from Sen. Chuck Schumer (last night):

The scorching he got in the replies from progressives is some topnotch entertainment!

I can't find it now at Schumer's Twitter feed; could he have deleted it? :sunglasses:



Absolutely. And the message here is that citizens intent on effecting change are going to have to go it independently of the establishment Democratic Party, which is as much a barrier to and enemy of progressive government as the regressives. They could have pulled this off but they chose not to act. Why? Easy. It's because they are as anti democratic as the fascist elites who dominate the Republican Party and hence must be treated accordingly, i.e., circumvented.


Missed this. Thanks for your posting. As an upstate New York resident I share the view of many that Schumer is full of shit, a gutless hack who cares about Wall Street and Israel and not much else.


Absolutely true.


I don't believe for one millisecond Estes won this election. The GOP is STEALING ELECTIONS all over this country. There is an ocean of empirical evidence pointing to startling inconsistencies, regarding the exit polls and vote count. We cannot fix Washington, until we capture the people rigging our state elections and throw them in prison.