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Democrats 'Fooling Themselves' to Think Wall Street Giveaway Will Bolster 2018 Chances, Progressives Warn

Democrats 'Fooling Themselves' to Think Wall Street Giveaway Will Bolster 2018 Chances, Progressives Warn

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Do Democrats actually believe that rewarding Wall Street will help them win re-election?

"There's no way that any vote in a red state or a blue state that supports Wall Street like this is a benefit at the polls."
—Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America


'On Monday, 16 Democrats and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) voted with the GOP to end debate on the deregulatory measure—labeled the “Bank Lobbyist Act” by Warren and other progressive opponents—effectively ensuring its passage later this week.

As CAF’s Richard Eskow observed in an article on Tuesday, “These 16 Democrats have collectively received $24,488,961 in campaign contributions from savings and investment firms and commercial banks.”’

The return on investment (ROI) for American politicians is surely among the highest in recorded history. Whoring for dollars is the current version of the world’s oldest profession.


This is just the latest in a series of illustrations as to why we need to overturn Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United.


Along with a host of other rulings giving corporations constitutional rights intended for human beings.

On another note, this certainly opens opportunities for a real challenge from the left, or for Republican candidates to break ranks and go populist on this one issue. Either way, it won’t make much of a difference in the long run, as the entire system is rigged to benefit the uber-wealthy and their corporations, even with regulation. After all, regulation exists to allow dangerous things to happen, and the best regulation only minimizes impact.


Whew! I’m sure glad there is such a huge difference between Democrats and Republicans!


Heidi Heitkamp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway. But try to convince your friends that Warren Buffet is bad for American democracy and you’ll be roundly ridiculed and dismissed because “Warren Buffet is a good man who’s trying to do good things.” Warren Buffet’s BSNF Railroad is the largest contributor to Judy Woodruff’s PBS Newshour, and occasionally he appears with her for some good ol’ time televised fellatio.
The billionaires own the best PR firms too.


“Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” - Obi-Wan Kenobi

The corporate/banker/wall st sellout DINO Dems have much to answer for. They are complicit to - critical to - the selling of America and the dominance - the rule - of money and greed as the obscene evil goal of society and government.- the vulture capitalist parasite model of life on earth, not a sustainable future, egalitarian society and governance, or wisdom, truth, morality, integrity, and honor, or justice for all, now a lie repeated dutifully by fools and liars…all those qualities replaced by greed, deceit, self-interest pathological lies as the dominant model…and none so corrupt, ignorant, lacking in moral compass and intelligence as the hideous creature inhabiting the people’s house - the white house!

As GuildF312S writes, we must reverse the destruction Citizens United enlarged and “corporate person-hood” both SCOTUS rulings the foundation of the continued and increasing subversion of democracy by wealth, making some people much more equal than others!


There’s a solid Court majority against overturning those rulings, a majority that can and will do much worse. I remember being told prior to the general in 2016 that discussing the Court was pushing “fear voting.” Well, progressives who said this will see that there were legitimate reasons to fear. Oh well.

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“These 16 Democrats have collectively received $24,488,961 in campaign contributions from savings and investment firms and commercial banks.”

That’s the real reason why these Democrats vote for such legislation…it has nothing to do with being “Red State Blue Dog” Democrats. Oh, when, oh when will the Democrats figure out that times, they are a changin’ and these Repug Lites are going to be on the way out, regardless of what states they represent. What is needed is a real effort to educate even the uneducated about where their self-preservation is at–and then give them representation that proves it instead of this (what seems like a) non-ending stream of neoliberal representation. WE NEED PROGRESSIVES IN CONGRESS!!! And if the DNC doesn’t get that, they won’t be getting my votes anymore. Enough of this bought-and-paid-for Congress.


I remember many progressives arguing against nominating Clinton for those reasons. If Trump was such a threat, and if the right wing could do so much damage, why nominate such a deeply flawed candidate? We were ignored and talked down to. Once she became the nominee, it was out of our hands. I mean, look at her damn VP choice. Yes, some progressives were wrong, but most of us were correct, and the errors of some progressives pale in comparison to those that pushed for a rotten candidate and the type of people that have been running the national party and the DCCC. They, after all, actually have power and look at what they’ve done with it.


Obama’s failure to elevate Merrick Garland to the court looms larger than ever now—or did he just take a dive in the eighth?


Here, here! and Hear, Hear!! I second that emotion. Franklin Roosevelt CLEARLY ARTICULATED the Second Bill of Rights before his untimely death. He admitted early on to an inconsistency in actions , refreshingly honest, faced with the uncertainty of the Great Depression, but as time passed his vision became very clear. Today’s Democratic Party seems to be playing both sides of the stream.

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Wishing the Democratic Party wasn’t owned by the Corporations, and then supporting it with your time and money and your vote, is insanity.

Send a strong message. Change your party affiliation now. Dump the Duopoly.

Green isn’t just the color of money.

The Green Party has the most progressive party platform in existence.

Read the “Green New Deal.”

Register as a Green Party member and find integrity in a political party that puts People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.


“…seems to be playing both sides…”

It’s more definitive than that Ed.


He did “elevate” Merick Garland. The Senate refused to even hold a hearing on him, though he previously was praised by Republican Senators for his jurisdictional integrity.

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Yes. The only thing that mattered was Killarys push for universal nuclear annihilation. Trump would save us from that.


How was that Obamas failure? “Progressives” here at CD claimed that talk of the importance of the Supreme Court during 2016 was just Democratic Party scare tactics.

Join the Green Party and you can sit around with a few others and talk about how Clinton killed Seth Rich, right PB? Much more fun than actually engaging in politics.

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The choice of Kaine demonstrated that the cautious, unimaginative Clinton didn’t want to appear too progressive in the campaign. It was downhill from there.


She got 4 million more votes than her major primary opponent and had every right to run. Those votes and people matter, right? If it makes you feel better, it’s Sanders that appears to be running the so-called Washington primary now.