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Democrats 'Fooling Themselves' to Think Wall Street Giveaway Will Bolster 2018 Chances, Progressives Warn


She got 4 million more votes than her major primary opponent and had every right to run. Those votes and people matter, right? If it makes you feel better, it’s Sanders that appears to be running the so-called Washington primary now.


BWilliamson, Duopoly apologist.

Hanging out with Hillary lately?

You and Lrx are chums, I bet.


Tell us more about your Seth Rich evidence. You recorded all the Hannity shows, right?


How often have you said this stuff? How, a year and a half after the election, are you still blaming progressives? Yeah, SOME progressives were wrong about certain things, some people that werent progressive but said they wete were wrong about certain things, but we have been proven correct on most of the major things we debated then, and the people that made monumental mistakes then (which dwarf the mistakes that people with no power made) continue to do so. Like her VP pick. Perfect example as to everything wrong with Clinton and everything wrong with corrupt party leaders that rigged things in her favor. Those people are the ones using organizations like the DCCC to continue on with more self serving bullshit.


Yeah, she had a right to run, those in charge of the party had no right to do what they did, and they are still.making the same stupid mistakes for the same exact reasons. These rotten people have been using the DCCC to make horrible and self serving decisions. I wonder too that if Trump and those in power did to Clinton what she did to Sanders if you would accept the fact that he got more votes. Besides, even if the party and media didn’t do what they did, they are the ones in need of reflection. They were wrong, they continue to be wrong, they refuse to and they have power.


Sorry, Hannity who?


T o KC and BW: please point to instances—oh hell, just one would do—when O’Bummer made the least little bit of fuss about the Rs stonewalling Garland’s nomination. You’d think that if SCOTUS appointments were important to him, he’d have made an issue of it from the Bully Pulpit ©, naming and shaming, building public pressure…you know, how leaders lead?



What did “they” do to Sanders? Did Sanders make any mistakes in the campaign? Did he turn off any voters all on his own? As much as I hear about “Russiagate” around here as a way of avoid HRC responsibility for her loss, I find the lack of introspection on the progressive side interesting.


They only have power because “blind faithers” give it to them.

In a couple generations, they’ll all be in the ground.

I’m putting my money on the youth in this country.

Hope they don’t listen to their folks.


I agree Obama took a dive. He didn’t fight at all to get Garland into the process to get him onto the court. Obama could have gone on TV ranting and raving every night about how the Repugs were not doing their job. He could have threatened doing it by executive order. Those are my ideas. As president, Obama should have better ideas on how to get his candidate on the court. But just like all the Democrap establishment, they never fight back.


If the democratic party had any standards, Sanders wouldn’t be allowed in.

IOWs the most progressive candidates would be run outta town. Pelosi means it when she says “Congress isn’t ready for single payer health care.” (read: she doesn’t support it.) That’d be the litmus test.

"A 2016 Gallup poll found that 58 percent of Americans favored replacing Obamacare with a federally funded health care system. The Washington Post reported in April 2017, “A recent survey from the Economist/YouGov found that a majority of Americans support ‘expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American.’ Similarly, a poll from Morning Consult/Politico showed that a plurality of voters support ‘a single-payer health care system, where all Americans would get their health insurance from one government plan.’ ”

One of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ most popular policy proposals during his presidential campaign was his push for a single payer health care system, and his proposal’s popularity has increased since the presidential election. However, the Democratic Party has largely ignored voters’ calls."


Mitch McConnell absolutely refused to give Garland a hearing—he was up front about it. Obama did speak about it, but he had zero power to force the issue. McConnell bet on a Republican president winning and he won. Obama is not to blame for that. Plus, how motivated would McConnell have been if Obama went on TV raving about it? McConnell derived his power via conservative opposition to anything Obama. Opposition is why and how he kept his caucus in line. Raving on TV would’ve achieved what exactly?


The only way the democratic party will change is if voters change their registration. Sure, vote for the democrat if you must (there’s often no other choice, no vote is just as good), but don’t gift them your full faith and support – make 'em earn it. Something they haven’t done in more than 50 years.


After Obama won his first term in 2008 the world stood by with bated breath waiting for the magic to happen, even the Rs were mute. On Day 1 Obama walked in the door of the White House and got rolled. From there on out he’d rather be liked rather than do what was right.

I voted for Obama, once. The self-professed “one we’ve all been waiting for” was no different than anyone else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen (or read about) such a let down in US politics than Obama. JC, the Obamas left the White House with $60 million book deals, what’s that one year’s work. And Obama still goes out and does half a million dollar hour-long speeches to the privileged class. He fell right in line.


Let us not ferget: Half of the Dems are not the Dems of “The Berners”, but 1 out of every 2 are wall street sell-outs (that probably were planted on purpose starting with the wall street orchestrated coup at 1948’s Dem convention, that installed Truman over Wallace as the prez nominee). And to those of us out here in babylon’s culture of “consumerism” and war, who perpetuate the myth of the Dems as always being “bad”. Just unflinchingly and carelessly parroting the propaganda of MSM (Main Stream Media) that the Dems are this or that is at the very least misleading to the casual reader here.

The Dems will lose to a fascist? Scary, if yer black or brown or a poor white. Most poor whites have little or no clue of about what is to happen! Those of us poor folks who do get it, are scared shitless.The Dem party has been co-opted to LOSE! Because thousands will divide their votes between alternative choices or write-ins. A continuation of unrelenting militarism and class-racial-religious divisions are being engineered by the proteges of the '48 wall street bankster coup leaders, who intend on owning all of us, and enrich themselves.

The way out of this is to organize. It’s almost too late. The Dems (the sell out half) must be taken over. How? Love. Respect. Peace. Honor. **The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival ** was started by Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and TODAY continued by Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II. The Moral Revival will uplift all People from the current rampant, immoral degeneration, engulfing indigenous and colonial peoples alike. Capitalism cares for no one, only profit. Even the current regime of occupiers in our Oval Office, in the SCOTUS, and in both houses of Congress can be uplifted to regain their moral bearings. Are We the People ready to stand together? With the Poor? With the Homeless? The Elderly? We are Black, Brown, Red and Yellow. We are Gay, Straight, Trans, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Spiritualist and just plain Alive. The Dems cannot lose or we are up the creek without a paddle! BUT NOT THE DEMS of wall street THEY MUST repent. Or we all go down the immoral “rat hole”. Sorry, rats! lol


So, you want me to spoon feed you information you already know? Are you arguing that the DNC and the Democratic Party didn’t massively tilt the scale towards Clinton? I liken what you are doing to the flat Earth society. We can pretend that the question as to whether or not the Earth is flat is still open because some people still question it, but most people that inhabit objective reality know the score. The fact that you want to pretend that nothing was done during the primaries and that that had no effect is fine. Delude yourself, but it makes you look silly to anyone outside your bubble (i.e., most people).

Sure, what the hell does that have to do with what we’re talking about?

Sure, some of it was for good reason, a good portion of it (from Democrats mainly) was pure fucking nonsense. Some on the left (people like Paul Street) criticized him for working within the Democratic Party, for his foreign policy stances, etc. Some criticized him for not focusing enough on foreign policy, or non-economic issues facing communities of color. Some called him and his followers sexist, misogynous, Bernie Bros that wanted unicorns and rainbows. From your side of the fence, it was largely the latter, which is why people like your still comically blame the left for a damn thing that happened in the 2016 election. I remember that I was told that we should have supported Clinton because of how tested she was. Fast forward a couple years and the Democrats are blaming her loss to the most unpopular major party nominee in history because of some Russian Twitter bots. If it wasn’t for the left today, your party would be completely dead anyway.

This is pure projection. What does the left have to do in regards to introspection? Did the Democrats nominate the most unpopular candidate in the party’s history? Did she lose to the most unpopular major party nominee ever, despite countless advantages? Did the left not warn you? Did they not support that rotten candidate more than Clinton supporters supported Obama in 2008? Is the left not giving your party a second life, despite the horrible people running it at the national level? Did the left have any power at all in 2016? What exactly should they reflect on KC?


Yeah. McGovern was such a piece of crap.


An executive order. No jurist would accept such an appointment to the Supreme Court even if Obama were utterly ignorant enough to try it.


Sometimes the difference gets to be so big that they start to look alike.


The youth vote and the Women’s vote are the last chance we have to save whatever is left of this being a democracy.