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Democrats Gather in Chicago: Elite Party or Party of the People?


Democrats Gather in Chicago: Elite Party or Party of the People?

Jeff Cohen

Despite being led by one of the most erratic and least popular presidents in modern history, the Trumpian Republican Party dominates U.S. politics.


" Despite being led by one of the most erratic and least popular presidents in modern history…"

So says 5 38 who gave Hillary an almost 3-1 chance of winning-which to give them credit was a better call then The NYT who gave her a 90%+ chance.

But you guys go on whistling past the graveyard.

I saw a poll this morning that shows blacks approval of President Trump is up to 31%!!! But those that live by the polls…

Others that show President Trump ahead of Obama in approval at the same time in either administration. Hmmm, but again…


Nate Silver at 538 gave Trump a 30% chance to win:

He was actually criticized for those numbers being too favorable to Trump.


His election day prediction was 71% for Hillary-26% for President Trump.

My point wasn’t the exactness of his prediction but how far off he was yet the very first sentence of this article cites 5 38 as the gospel truth and goes off from there.

He’s not but like I said, if you want to believe even more polling, knock yourselves out.


“This country needs a serious opposition party that can defeat both corporate power and the GOP”.

Without this statement being fulfilled, the repug’s will win again. So far the core of the Dem. party has resisted, rather than run with the merits of this statement. I have zero faith that they will straighten the coarse of their ship even before 2020.


Shorthand translation of this article:

Progressives are making demands again on D-Party leadership.
Even though they’ll get next to nothing,they’ll vote D-party anyway.
Then they’ll scratch their heads and wonder why the D-party never changes.


Did you read the link?


No but I went to the 5 38 site and read their election day prediction-if your link confirms that, fine. If not, what can I say other then the exact number wasn’t my point?


Some people think saving Medicaid expansion is more important then vanity crusades for the platonic ideal of progressive politics. Plus, if you participate in a primary and lose, it sort of undermines the process to temper-tantrum yourself into losing the general. Most candidates differ by matters of degree anyway.


Two years of Trump and the same old push by a sizable portion of the progressive movement in this country to hitch its fortunes to the rotting carcass of the Democratic party. I’ve been to this movie, again and again, for decades. it always ends the same. Knock yourself out, though.


I will believe there is hope for the Democratic Party only when I see an article telling us that 1) there is a new 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction, and 2) the DNC has enrolled.


…and why we have the most expensive and exclusive health care in the world, despite the ongoing efforts by Democrats to make sure that corporations (who donate to them) never cease to experience windfall profits from our illnesses. Believing that a handful of regulations stuck onto an unaffordable insurance policy that disallows 30 or 40 million people health care is hardly what I would call progressive.

A comment on an article in the New York Times this morning called out all those “third party” voters who refused to see that the Democratic Party has been the party of forward-looking social change “since FDR,” while refusing him/herself to see that Democrats are not only in the forefront of opposing change to the corporate model of health care, but are also chipping away at every opportunity at FDR’s signature accomplishment, Social Security.

We still have two corporate parties, and nothing has changed since the nineties, when the Clintons introduced us to the “Third Way.” Based on reported turnout in recent primaries, nothing will change, any time soon.


Yeah, and that ‘matter of degree’ has slipped under a dime’s worth.

And for the last time, I didn’t vote for any Democrats in the MI primary.


Why does it seem like the only way to change them is to beat them over the head with a club?
They’ve lost 3 straight national elections, the power of the people is behind real change, dramatic change and progressives keep winning. Yet they continue to shoot themselves in the foot and prove to be untrustworthy. They cannot give up those corporate dollars. Why???


NO! we the people just need to get rid of the two party system. It is a monster just wait for one side or the other to win. Cause it’s one in the same. GET RID OF THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM!>


Why? I think it might be because of this happening all the time:

“Following his reelection defeat, Tom Daschle (D) took a position with the lobbying arm of the K Street law firm Alston & Bird. The firm was paid $5.8 million between January and September 2008 to represent companies and associations before Congress and the executive branch, with 60% of that money coming from the healthcare industry. Daschle’s salary from Alston & Bird for the year 2008 was reportedly $2 million.”


It has one: THE GREEN PARTY! But the fake opposition party continues to be the more effective evil party!


Bold has become a weak word.


“ Elite Party or Party of the People?”

Is this a serious question? Mine is…


Independent green socialists are beginning to realize they are twice the size of blues and reds combined.

Forget passé war parties. Think green. Live green. Vote Green.

If there is no candidate on your ballot that might as well be green, write in None of the Above.